Opposition party preparing for next general election in 2023


The leader of the main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP), Harold Lovell, says the party has started the process of preparing itself for the next general elections, a few days after it suffered a near total whitewash in a general election in Antigua and Barbuda.

Harold Lovell

Lovell, who was among the casualties when the ruling Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) won a convincing 15-2 victory in the March 21 poll, said the party needs to do “deep searching and we have to make certain we are prepared for the next election”.

The UPP won just one seat in the election down from the three it had following the 2014 general election. The other seat was won by Trevor Walker of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM).

Lovell, who has not been named among the Opposition Senators in the new Parliament, said “the process of getting ourselves on track for 2023 or when it (general election) is called, that process has started”.

He said that the party was also seeking to determine just how many votes it had accumulated in last Wednesday’s general election, noting that its figures are different that those put released by the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC).

“The Electoral Commission has posted it at 14, 440. So I have been in touch with somebody at the Electoral Commission drawing their attention to the fact that our numbers are different to theirs. We will try to have that remedy over the next day or two,” he said.

He said the party had a person from one of the key accounting firms here “double check it for us and that person came up with just over 15,000”.

Lovell, who led the UPP into a general election for the first time on Wednesday, has not indicated whether he intends to step down following the defeat.

But Barbados-based regional political scientist, Peter Wickham, said his absence from the senate, is a wise move by the party.

“The names I’m hearing sound like they are reflective of a level of political maturity. I think it is wise for Mr. Lovell not to take up a seat, and I think it probably signals a concession on his part that he will not be part of the UPP’s politics going forward,” Wickham told the Antigua Observer newspaper.

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  1. Why is Lovell still the LEADER of the party?? He needs to “un-link” himself from the party.


    The party needs to kick him to the curb like a cheating ex.

    He is just BAD NEWS any way you look at it. BAD NEWS. Time to atleast superficially disassociate himself from the party

  2. Harold is still in denial. How long will it take for him to accept that he has no credibility with the electorate? As long as he remains associated with the party it will continue to be a failure. The guy needs to go as far away as possible from the party and allow credible people to start the re-building process.

  3. everyone will lose once or twice in their lives,but most people will give up their dreams foever. when UPP is in power,they was facing global financial crisis, even US notcould handle it.so dont blame UPP for the global financial crisis.in addition,harold lovell is a very responsible man,he take the blame of losing the election to save the fame of his party.eventhough UPP lose the election,but it still supervise the APLP to pertect the interest of people, you know the political arena need balance ,that is the essence of democracy.

    • He did NOT take the blame. He is only SAYING that. How can he take the blame, but still clutch at straws? He said the election was bought, ABEC didn’t have the correct # of votes for the UPP, the DNA undermined them etc.

      The man is a SORE LOSER. It sucks to lose, but self-honesty is important when that happens.

    • Pleaseeee Bruce -What nonsense. I have a different opinion than most anyway,that is the UPP is finished, with or without Harold Lovell.. DEJAVUE-PLM.

  4. Lovell just doesn’t get it!! Harold Lovell as leader is the main reason the UPP was bludgeoned and put on life support as evidenced by the election results. When will he realize that he is NOT a leader and will NEVER be PM in this country?? How much longer will he fool himself and continue to believe that he still has a chance in the political arena?? Does he not have any honest “friends” around him who can “keep it real” with him? When will he take a good look in the mirror and say to himself “I was wrong”? Perhaps a therapist can help him to get to the point where he recognizes that accepting responsibility for wrongdoing AND THEN turning away from such is the best course of action. Lovell now is a good time to take a vacay with wifey and cry your eyes out between her breast. It’s ok to breakdown- 5 stages of grief. You seem to be stuck in DENIAL. Hurry up and get to ACCEPTANCE so that you can heal and move on.

    UPP will die a natural death if you continue as its leader
    UPP will die a natural death if you continue as its leader
    UPP will die a natural death if you continue as its leader
    (repeat x100)

  5. Why do you need an Accounting firm to add 16 #,s together? And where did the Accounting firm get a little over $ 15,000? I added on paper and Mr Lovell,the UPP got 14,457 votes.What did u do add Walkers votes to yours?Or was it the DNA? Either that,or you really cannot count.

  6. The best thing the UPP can do is remove Harold “Failure” Lovell as its leader. As long as he is there the UPP not going anywhere. Furthermore he needs to retire from politics on a hold. Go enjoy your pension.

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