Opposition National Democratic Congress wins general elections in Grenada


Grenada’s main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) won Thursday’s general elections, according to preliminary results. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

The NDC has been declared victor in nine of the 15 seats with the remainder going to the New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

NDC leader, Dickon Mitchell in celebratory mood (CMC Photo)

Several government ministers including the Finance Minister Gregory Bowen, the Minister of Legal Affairs, Kindra Mathurin-Stewart, the Minister with responsibility for Forestry and Fisheries, Alvin Da Breo as well as the Minister for Infrastructure Development, Nolan Cox, and  Pamela Moses, the Minister for Information and Communications Technology, all lost their seats in the election.

The NDC leader, Dickon Mitchell, 44, who took over the opposition party in October last year,  defeated Foreign Affairs Minister Oliver Joseph by a margin of 4,414 to 2,742 votes in the St. David constituency.

Dickon Mitchell

Earlier, Prime Minister Mitchell comfortably won his St. George North West seat. Mitchell, who called the general election ahead of the constitutional March 2023 deadline, polled 2,211 votes as against 773 for Jonathan LaCrette of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In a message posted on its website, the NDC said “we are overwhelmed with gratitude and stand humbled before the Lord our God and you, the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

“Thank you from the bottom of each and every one of our hearts. This victory is not ours, but yours.

Now, the hard work begins, but, first, join us …at La Sagesse Playing Field for a special victory celebration.

“Together, we are moving Grenada FORWARD,” the NDC added.


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    Hurricane GASton is time for you to go! Get lost Gaston! You are now an irrelevance.

  2. Congrats to the National Democratic Congress and the new PM Dickon Mitchell on their victory. The people have spoken. Let’s all move forward with new hope for the future.

  3. There is something that we need to stamp out. That foreign governments interfering in elections of sovereign countries. Jamaican politicians speaking on political platforms in Grenada on the behalf of Keith Mitchell. Similarly the Dominican PM or any other Caribbean politician should be allowed to speak at any public political meeting or make political statements. If I were the new leader fir example after the election, I would openly rebuke those that did it and without an apology I would not sit on the table with that person or government. It is wrong and and should not be allowed. Antigua PM should not go on any platform in Dominica and St.Kitts to support any political party. So I am hereby sending out a warning to you corrupt politicians to stay out of Antigua politics and elections. Thanks !

  4. Sorry- Caribbean should NOT be allowed to speak at any public political meeting or make public political statements .

  5. Dave Ray the only hope we are moving forward with is to get rid of Gaston and the ALP next in Antigua.

  6. Grenada you did it congratulations .
    Tear gas Gassy , Ghost Minister among others your ⏳ is soon up.
    Filling your wagons with the country riches.
    A analysis of every deal you and your kinds sticky hands ever touch should happen.
    Your wife a Government Minister is conflict of interest in OD but as with a lot of things “the phrase only in Antigua”.
    It’s no mere coincidence what her portfolio is. Of all the ways to get rich today REAL ESTATE is STILL the number one way .

  7. Change is not only growth, in the business of, and for good governance, it’s a MUST in certain sectors or the branches which governs society.

    CONGRATULATIONS to the new government. I, must admit, that I’m no way close to understanding the Grenadian political culture. However, the vibe which I’m getting from the age of the Prime Minister Elect and the fact, that his party defrayed a seasoned Grenadian political machine, the People must see and want better management of their future. Time usually tells.

    In comparison to Our local politics, we need #CHANGES and not just for change sake, but for better management of Our scarce resources and better accountability for the monies being borrowed and spent to keep up with #Jones’.
    Yes, ABLP supporters will say all’s well but, there are many indicators which shows that somethings are out of balance. We need PARITY in Our Nation and this will only come about, even though it’ll be gradual, with time.
    However, there are INDICATORS which say, INVESTIGATIONS are needed.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee

  8. The difference is Grenada have a new group of young ,intelligent,educated and morally and politically sound group taking over the government. Guided by the older members of the party .
    I think that ABLP in Antigua if were not for the three old men ALP would be a far better option. I would like to see the change of political power in Antigua right now . However I do not see UPP winning with Harold as leader. Not one DNA candidate will get back their deposit.
    It’s not too late to have a change of leadership. Also Harold is not even in a sure seat which makes the situation even more complicated. These are some of the issues UPP must deal with to have my endorsement. I also think candidate
    Bowen is more baggage that Robin , Maulwin and Cutie put together. Replace him with Shawn Nicholas and promise him speaker of the house.

    • @Frankly Speaking…I can definitely respect, your perspective(S).

      You have a way, of speaking “truth to facts,” and they’re rooted in your, love for the Nation and its, indigenous culture and people(I know…a #Pandoras_Box).

      There is this #Vibe in me which is #rooted, in the Sir Andy Roberts and Sir Vivian Richards beginnings as cricketing stars, the unity, camaraderie and oneness of the indigenous people void of politics. I, see this spirit in, of, throughout Our Nation, as a saving grace. Not no gang color, no order(religious/political), no member of Parliament, no Gaston Browne, no Harold Lovell, no me, no you but the “cool calm Wadadli Spirit” of the indigenous people!


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