Opposition MPs pepper PM Browne with questions ahead of Budget


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has made a major revelation during the question and answer segment in parliament today.

He gave an update about the Callaloo Cay project.

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    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yup season pepper and sugar. Big up to Jonathan Joseph for the endorsement to VOTE ALP like we did 8 years ago 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🙌

      • The Lands that are owned by we the people. Those lands are being given to scammers being presented as Investors. Are our Leaders that blinded? Gaston Browne professes to be so bright. However,he seems to be outsmarted by scammers in sheep clothing. He worked for a Piggy Bank known as Swiss American for 13 years. That Bank has a sordid reputation. I would be ashamed to be telling anyone that I worked for that Bank. Baruch Rappaport was highly involved into that Bank and its operations in Antigua. He was the one who paid back his ill- gotten financial gains to the UPP Administration from the IHI matters. By your company one shall be known. It takes one thief to know another. Thieves of a feather they flock together.

        • Didn’t the book say that bank was for drug dealers and money launderers? Do you think they had seminars on how to launder ill gotten gains?

  1. Pepper??? More like Jamale Pringle asking dumb questions 🙄😒😑 and still does not understand Parliamentary procedure…..or is it 🤔……lack of common sense 🤔

    Where is his PAID RESEARCH OFFICER, Gisele Isaac-Arrindell to assist him?

    Trevor Walker…..

  2. Pringle is much brighter than his “PAID RESEARCH OFFICER”. Pringle is basically a good and decent man. In fact he’s the best they got.

    • If Pringle is “ the best they got” den UPP SARL NO WAH. Pringle can barely string 2 sentence toogeddah. His debating skills have nose-dived. He was just a “ filler candidate” who the upp did not expect to actually end up becoming the Leader of the opposition. To this day, gizelle refuse to acknowledge that the likkle black bwoy fu Jean is the Opposition LEADER.

      Hang in there Pringle! Lovell soon garn and your turn will come. you and Richard Lewis who they continue to undermine because his wife is a yardie and upp detests “ foreigners”

        • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 black is beautiful. Pringle needs to take some remedial courses in Reading Comprehension and public speaking. Shawn Nicholas and Jackie Quinn have experience in communication yet they REFUSE TO HELP PRINGLE! One cant help but conclude that it is a strategy to trip him up and make him look DUNCE and EMPTY-HEADED!

  3. It’s not the Govt of Antigua that would be pursuing Callaloo Project on it’s own. It will be you. YOU.
    Just like you would be the one who will be taking over the Jolly Beach project. Doesn’t have anything to do with the government of Antigua and Barbuda. IT IS ALL YOU. JUST YOU. You don’t have money to pay the nurses, but to buy Callaloo and Jolly Beach?
    You are growing greedier and greedier by the minute, and that has a deranged look to it. Cleaning up that money is getting more and more desperate and you are running out of options. You are now existing in your own reality. God help us

    • crawl back into you hole LoveLIE and take your medication for downstairs. Limp limp limp. the medicayshun has terrible effects on the heart. Consult your cardiologist for more details

  4. PRINGLE still asking STUPID Questions. This Guy is NOT learning. Pringle should NOT RE ELECTED . He is a BIG JOKER.

  5. Most of you are so partisan.You could not see the forests from the trees. This Administration of Gaston Browne gave 30 Acres of our Lands to a Foreign Entity. Since that man from the UAE got those lands he did absolutely nothing to see. Not one damn brick was laid or one nail hammered. He used that Title Deed and got a loan against those lands from a Bank in the UAE.Now the Administration is trying to re-acquire those Lands from that Bank.I am now wondering how much of our damn Taxpaying $$$ would be paid to get those lands back.This reminds me of that matter of the late Prime Minister Lester Bird and Dato Tan. Where by the People Lands and Title Deeds were given to Dato Tan for stamp duties only.He was supposed to be an Investor.Instead he did absolutely nothing in terms of Investments.He did enrich himself by selling said Lands to another theifing Investor Sir Alan Stanford,now serving 110 years in a Federal Prison.What the hell is wrong with the Prime Minsters of Antigua and Barbuda and our Lands being given away to those so called NON-INVESTORS? Sets of damn thieves !!

    • Me for one don’t believe that Lester Bird ever gave away no lands to Dato Tan for no stamp duties only. Lester was no fool. Tell me no money or part ownership didn’t passed under the table. Our financial wizard Gaston Browne gave away 30 acres of land for nothing? Doubt it.
      Now Gaston said UPP sold acres of lands at Valley Church Bay for $1 and he took it back for $1mill do I guess he will just take back the lands at Callaloo Cay. Gaston, if we can believe what you are saying, where do you find these scam artists?

  6. So who is the investor that will be getting this one Hood opposite. Robbing from the poor and country and give to the rich. Just cannot come to grips with us doing business with a company name Western imperialist- know what that name means?


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