Opposition Leader Questions Gov’t Unemployment Numbers


Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle is questioning the rate of growth and unemployment figures outlined by Prime Minister Gaston Browne in his 2020 budget speech.

Pringle told the budget debate today that “there is no evidence in document to support the theme” of the budget speech which is “growth and development for the benefit of all.

“We have not seen any of these growth,” he told the Lower House.

He said the 6.2 percent rate of growth measured in the economy last year “has been beneficial to only a few persons.”

During the budget speech prime minister Gaston Browne put the rate of unemployment at eight percent.

However, the opposition leader argued that the number is a false misrepresentation of the actual rate of employment.

“Where outside of the public sector these permanent jobs have been created,” Pringle asked.

“This is totally fabricated,” he said adding that the “minister has offered no credible evidence to support it.”

He told the Lower House that the prime minister cannot continue to use social security registration to determine the rate of employment.

“Registration numbers are not employments numbers…it does not mean persons are employed or contributing,” Pringle argued.

He said people who are abroad and not paying Social Security are still on the register.

According to the opposition leader, based on the scheme’s own website, the number of active contributors is down.

For the  last three years include 37960, 350075, 34866 for 2017, 2018, 2019 respectively.

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  1. My heart bleeds for this young man. I was happy when he was sworn in as Opposition Leader and had high hopes for him as a salient political leader in our nation’s future. His “presentation” today in the Lower House was an embarrassment to say the least. Came across as very scatter-brain, clueless and confused. Maybe the education system failed him? Even the basic verb tense were a struggle for him. Can his support base come to his rescue?

    • I have never heard Mr. Pringle make any claims of being a Shakespearean scholar! None of the ABLP except for possibly Lennox Weston are anything better than average in their command of the English language…Mr. Pringle got his points (good, very pertinent ones) across and that IMO is what counts.

  2. @ WOW
    Jamal Pringle has gotten worst . I watched Him Parliament today and was ashamed . Off topic.He was rehearsing what He was given to read. WOW.

    • Maybe that’s why he came across as so disjointed. Because he was simply regurgitating what he was fed. Some are even alleging that he was being fed his lines through a bluetooth device.

  3. I listened to Jamal Pringle presentation. Mr. Pringle did not debate the BUDGET . He was on Personal attacks. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Who is sleeping with whom. WOW.

  4. While Mr. Pringle was speaking, the camera panned to the gallery. It showed Damani Tabor, Shawn Nicholas, Richard Lewis and the Senator who has overestimated his importance/intelligence. They apparently came to SUPPORT Mr. Pringle. The irony is that the support he truly needs is NOT being given to him by the party he represents in Parliament. Damani and Shawn have enough experience in the parliament to assist Mr. Pringle with his debate and public speaking skills. As others have previously opined, one has to wonder if his own party has set him up to fail. Did the UPP hatch a plan to undermine Mr. Pringle so that Lovell could run in ASE&St.L next election? There are countless issues where his conduct in parliament is concerned:

    -subject verb agreement
    -diction and clarity
    -critical thinking
    -how to begin a speech
    -ethos, pathos & logos
    -how to conclude effectively
    -how to speak when you’re on the block liming vs. Representing in parliament
    -how not to tangle yourself like young kiddy tied out to feed on wild tamarind
    -presenting evidence to substantiate claims you put forth
    -etc, etc, etc

    The only difference between now and when Mr. Pringle first started is that he seems to be more comfortable speaking and for a longer period of time. This is good. However, what is not good is the quality of his debate. Even worse is that he has capable people around him, but that doesn’t seem to matter (to them or him).

  5. The poor fella. He seems like a nice enough guy, but he’s really out of his element. I felt so sorry for him. It was sad. He probably won’t be running again.

  6. Despite the fact Pringle may not be the most eloquent speaker he made some salient points. He challenged the turnover of houses by National Housing, asked why sale of land has to also go through Cabinet despite the labourious task of applying to CHAPA, brought figures from Social Security’s own site to question our employment rate all of which are valid despite him not being the best speaker. As difficult as it may be sometimes we have to listen to the content and see past the delivery.

  7. Just heard Serpent on Observer Radio stating that Jamal Pringle was very good in Parliament today. Are you telling me that the BAR is set so low for Jamal Pringle that todays performance was very good. His performance was AWFUL. He was NOT debating the budget . He was arguing with Himself.

    • Apparently that is all part of the plan in the Opposition camp: make Pringle believe that he is actually doing a good job, when they laugh at him behind his back. As Pringle continues to deteriorate and look bad in the eyes of the public and his constituents, someone else will run in All Saints East and St. Luke.


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