Opposition Leader Pringle to lead off the Budget Debate

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle

Debate on the Appropriations Bill, 2023 commences on Thursday, March 9, and it is anticipated that the presentations will be colourful, lively and informative.

Leader of the Opposition Jamale Pringle will lead off the debate by responding to the presentation by Finance Minister, Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Damani Tabor, the public relations officers (PRO) for the United Progressive Party (UPP) says that the Party recognizes the issues which compelled the electorate to elect more of its candidates and vote against the failed Gaston Browne administration and as such the newly elected members will be championing the people’s cause.

Tabor says that there are still not enough adequate jobs, the water crisis continues unabated, and there is still an out-of-control cost of living, all of which will be forcibly debated during the Budget debate.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the House of Representatives Sir Gerald Watt is also anticipating an exciting parliamentary session this term taking into account the composition of the House.

There are eight members on the opposition benches – six from the UPP, one from the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM), and the independent member Asot Michael, the representative for St. Peter.

Sir Gerald says that he will continue to allow some bantering while maintaining order in the House.

However, he says that any personal attacks and accusations which cannot be proved will not be allowed, even though parliamentarians have absolute privilege in the House.

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  1. Poor Guy …..Just cannot wait to hear Him pronounce His words. Hope He memorizes what D Gisel Isaac trained Him. No notes allowed .

    • @PETE…rasclath idiat u be.
      Vere C. Edwards will tell you so, here, there or anywhere.

      A…while, your idiotically attacking Pringle for his accent, word pronunciation etc, do you pay meticulous attention, to the MANDARIN which the Nation’s Contracts, development schematics etc are written and printed in?

      B…language is one of the most cohesive component, of one’s Culture, therefore, if Pringle has an accent and pronounces the Harlot/Queen/Slaver language, contrary to how her indoctrination’s dictates, WE THE PEOPLE, don’t give a Phuck.
      Do you PETE, harass the Serians, Lebanese, Dominicans, Italians etc the same way?

      So, your RED HERRING(tinkah, dan Raycan of own) which ABLP a feed U, a goh soon bring, fire dey a Muss-Muss Tail. So, tudee dat #IDIAT…

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

      • Just as predicted yesterday. I have been listening to Pringle in Parliament this morning. My Blood pressure HIGH and I had a HEADACHE. This Guy is out of His league and I am Surprise that my Friend VERE EDWARDS is supporting this NONSENSE. All the years Pringle in Parliament He has not learnt a thing. UPP call the Convention and get rid of this Guy. Pringle is National SHAME.

        • @PETE…please be advised, I am supporting a language which is unique to Us, as Antiguans.
          MP Jamal Pringle has being duly elected by the majority, of Constituents, in the Constituency of All Saints East and St. Luke’s. Vere Cornwall Edwards will let them decide, and determine, the quality of Pringles presentation(s).
          Personally, I view a #Jamal_Pringle like a Sir Issac Vivian Alexander Richards, whose SPIRIT could not be broken, by the entrenched culture, of CLASSISM and RACISM within West Indies Cricketing Culture, towards, #small_islanders. Sir Richards took his unorthodox style, his confidence, abilities, tenacity and steadfastness to leave and indelible mark on West Indies and International Cricket. To this day, that ‘Moment in, of #Time’ cannot even be replicated much less advanced upon, by those cricketers of today which have the best of everything from equipment to coaching, and still performing like High Schoolers at, the International level.

          So PETE, VERE EDWARDS will never hide behind a pseudonym to state his truth, and in this case Jamal Pringle has the UNORTHODOX STYLE, and SPIRT of Sir Richards and we all know where such can take you, especially, in the Indoctrinated World of Hypocrites.

          By the way, PETE, please don’t rope me into your “friend_zone!”
          What you can do for me however, is as Audley Joseph suggested, get rid of the pseudonym and stand in your #Real Spirit and truth.

          I use Ras Smood, which came from my Nickname as a teenager! My grandfather and father were both nicknamed “Goldie” for their skills and touch especially, in the World of Carpentry. This is still very much a part of me to include taking a project from the NTP – Notice To Proceed all the way to giving the owner(s) a U&O – Use and Occupancy Permit.

          The #Jumbee_Picknee is the balancing of my being in life’s ether, through the Powers of #Mami_Wata & #Papa_Elegba.

          The Vere Cornwall(Bastard Surnames) EDWARDS & LAKE are as a result of my Grandparents respect for Vere Cornwall Bird Sr., and of course the BASTARDIZED SURNAME, through the policies of the Church of England and its Judiciary.

          Now, PETE and not for your sakes, but for honesty, transparency and possibly comradery to #FREN_A_MEE could you do the honor, one which I hope you truly accept, and tell us, me your given name BASTARD or LAWFUL.

          Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
          De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

          Vere Cornwall Edwards.

          Mek Gaston Browne kno…Fire dey a Muss_Muss Tail, him tink a cool breeze,
          And, him goh need, Plentee Wata fu put out de fire!

  2. It should be an ‘absolute privilege ‘ to represent voters in a professional, respectful and mature manner.
    Please can every MP personally lift their rhetoric to decent levels that serve as a positive example for society, especially those youth who resort to violence instead of dialogue to right a perceived wrong.
    Every MP has an expectation of professional DUTY from the general public, please let this more politically balanced house demonstrate that uplift from today onwards.
    Please work towards COMPROMISE, TOGETHER for the betterment of citizens lives, not just your own.

  3. No time for politics. Why is the Ministry of Health hasn’t taken action against that apartment complex that has its waste water running on Lauchland Henry drive? It is grossly unsightly, a health Hazzard and downright nasty!!!! How can this be allowed? The water is filthy and has the road leading down from Canada place looking all dirty. Is this what we call the next level?

  4. Go for it Panther, stick to the facts, remain focus with your agenda, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by ALP under hand comments.

    Ask pertinent questions using: Why, When, Where, How, What.

    I would like to know where the government got their facts from to show that our economy is booming.Where are the evidence to suggest growth in the economy, how does the government justify their proposed plans for assessing illegal immigrants skill set for employment. What provision are in place to address our youths that have been unemployed for years and can’t find work.?
    When will the government allocate funds to rejuvenate local Neighbourhoods that have been neglected for decades? Take no chucks from ALP. The public has got your back Panther.

    • Just as predicted yesterday. I have been listening to Pringle in Parliament this morning. My Blood pressure HIGH and I had a HEADACHE. This Guy is out of His league and I am Surprise that my Friend VERE EDWARDS is supporting this NONSENSE. All the years Pringle in Parliament He has not learnt a thing. UPP call the Convention and get rid of this Guy. Pringle is National SHAME.

  5. A TOTAL EMBARRASSING 😳 DEBATE by Mr. Pringle. He gone from picking up dead darg to PICK UP CORN 🌽

    • Yet he’s the honourabe Jamale Pringle, and ur a Deranged NOBODY. So, on behalf of Mr Pringle, you can kick rocks and pound sand…..

  6. So I wasted 3 hours and 22 minutes of listening to NOISE. Up to now I’m still waiting on Honorable Jamal Pringle to DEBATE BUDGET!!!!

  7. You know in a democracy; we must respect the will of the people. And yes, even Pringle knows that the ABLP will never win that constituency. No matter who is running. And since he knows that he is making no effort whatsoever to improve his debating skills. Being now in parliament for nine years, I don’t think the Speaker still has to point him to certain standing orders. Simple thing that when someone stands up on a point of order, he must sit. The speaker will rule whether or not the point the person makes is valid. And you can disagree with the speaker, however the speaker has the final word. The speaker gave him so much leave and leeway that he was able to read his speech. And he did so for over three hours. What was he trying to prove? Perhaps to show his delivery skills. That whenever he is elected leader of the party, the pathway to becoming the Prime Minister, he would be statesman like enough to deliver a long speech. No matter of the content. The person who helped him write that speech really did him a disservice. I totally lost interest after one hour. From time to time, I turned back to ABS TV to see if he was still speaking and couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. But that is life. And after lunch little Maria had already taken down all his arguments. His speech was filled with contradictions because it was much too long. And the speech writer should have cross referenced that. But I believe the people behind Pringle deliberately set him up for failure. On the other hand, Mr. Lewis had a more direct and content filled presentation. I particularly like his analysis and taking the PM to task with his own words and analysis. In particular the one where the PM said that the past three years growth rate average of 8.2% was unprecedented. And Lewis took the growth rates from 2009-2011 and said that was higher than 8.2%. It shows how one can debate figures. I really hope the UPP at their next convention recognizes that Lewis would make a much better leader than Pringle for sure. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the team delivering their maiden speech.

    • @From The Sideline…

      …here comes trouble!
      …here comes the danger!
      …for, even though he may not have being born in a manger
      …and, not recognized as a saviour
      …he still has a lot, of flavor
      …sweeter and hotter, than Peggy mouth pepper
      …they call him Asot,
      …and, when he fires his shots
      …they ricochet and hit you like a Shot_gun’s buckshot!
      …so, Gaston you can run, but you can’t hide
      …’cause, Asot Michael is coming for your backside
      …to whop you, with the truth of #RAWHIDE.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

      Vere Edwards

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