OPINION: Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin is the absolute worst performing Attorney General


Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin is the absolute worst performing Attorney General and Public Safety Minister in the history of this poorly governed country.

How many promises can he make and break? Good Lord. In 2017 he promised to setup an anti-corruption division in the AG’s Office in the wake of the auction scandal. Where is it? Nonexistent.

In 2020 and 2021, he promised to create an independent police complaints authority as exist in Jamaica and Trinidad – a body staffed by civilian lawyers and investigators who would probe police misconduct fairly and receive complaints in confidence. Where is it? Nonexistent.

For years, he has presided over the disgusting edifice known as His Majesty’s Prison (HMP) and has made zero progress in the construction of a new prison, or even earmarking a site for one. Utter failure is his silent mantra.

Every year, Antigua and Barbuda’s name appears in a slew of derogatory lists for human rights abuses surrounding the prison. And what? Nothing from the AG? No action? No progress? No time line? Just absolutely nothing? This is the hallmark of Cutie Benjamin: nothing.

More than just a new prison, Antigua and Barbuda needs a proper correctional system with the capacity for convicted criminals and persons on remand to be properly separated. Those on remand should not endure the harder conditions, as they may yet be found not guilty. What has Cutie done to address this problem? Nothing.

Antigua and Barbuda needs a programme of labour to deploy prisoners to do community service. Bring them out for a 3 to 4 hours in the very early mornings under the supervision of armed officers and police dogs.

Let them occupy themselves cleaning, cutting, trimming, repairing, clearing and paying their debt to society in practical ways, instead of loitering in sickening conditions, abusing each other and lowering their humanity instead of elevating it. What has Cutie done? Nothing.

We need a purpose built or retrofitted facility to deal with juvenile or young adult offenders whom we do not want to place into the prison. Such a facility needs to be able to secure these offenders while engaging them in a mandatory programme to change their behaviour and uplift their thinking. What is Cutie doing? Squat.

Look at the disgusting state of some of the police stations. Isn’t cutie ashamed?? Just the other day, the government said it would cost XCD $2 million dollars to renovate the St. John’s Police Station. I was shocked.

That’s it? Just $2 million? So why wasn’t this done for so long? Why is these bush and rancid green moss growing out of the walls? Are you trying to tell me that the government could not, at any time in the last 9 years, find $2 million dollars to clean up St. John’s Police Station?

How much CIP money has Gaston Browne spent on the One Nation concert to give ignorant Antiguans and Barbudans free chicken and free music at the treasury’s expense? And Amidst all that wastage, you couldn’t find $2 million dollars to make sure the capital’s police station is not a dilapidated rotting heap?

Do you remember when the police had to protest some time back to bring attention to the fact that their premises across the island were disgusting and in some cases, not fit for animals? And the Prime Minister in fine fashion said something to the tune of, “We will buy the paint and supplies, but you’ll have to do the repair and painting yourselves.”

Do it yourselves? Where was Cutie Benjamin when the officers of Antigua and Barbuda were thusly insulted? We know exactly where he was. Doing nothing.

No one should forget as well, that the country still lacks a forensic laboratory – a hurdle which is hampering the swift resolution of investigations and court cases. And we are always reportedly in debt to whichever labs we use overseas. What is Cutie Benjamin doing about it? Nothing.

And what about constitutional reform? Jamaica and Barbados have active constitutional reform commissions that engage civil society on various questions of improving our system. What about Antigua and Barbuda? What do we have? We have Cutie Benjamin, a guarantee that everything will be promised and nothing will be done.

Cutie delivers on no more than 5% of everything he promises. Everything else just sits by the wayside like a brutalised, straved and dying canine in the searing heat of a drought. Unsurprisingly, this canine is wearing a red shirt.

The other issue with Cutie is that he sometimes he does things which are just clearly wrong, then he just brushes it aside like we are all stupid.

Do you remember in 2018 when they released the American woman whom they had arrested for ammunition, but did so with no legal basis whatsoever?

On this very news portal, it was reported, “Shannon Martinez served only one day at Her Majesty’s Prison after being jailed for one year by a local magistrate. Bullets were found in her bag as she attempted to leave the country.”

They claimed that they released the woman based on lawful provisions for “remission” of sentences. But a half-dead duck with one-third of an eyeball could read the law, and see that the woman could not possibly qualify for remission of her sentence.

She needed to have been pardoned by the GG. But for whatever reason, they didn’t go to the GG. Instead, they just opened the gates of the prison and said, “This is a lawless country, and our people are docile, so you’re free to go.” And Cutie Benjamin defended that rubbish. Shameless.

In a civilized right thinking country, if a minister defended something so appalling, they would resign in utter disgrace. Something like that could not pass in Barbados, for example.

The other thing with Benjamin, is that he promises transparency and then delivers none, and ignores the issue from that point onward.

Remember when Delano Forbes escaped custody, and was on the run for a month? Remember how Cutie huffed and puffed to the media when it happened, and said that he would “demand” a “full report” from the police, and that this report would be made “public”? You ever see any such report? Of course not. Lying Cutie.

Did Cutie put his foot down and ensure the police hierarchy released such a report? No. Did Cutie launch his own ministry-led review of what happened and make it public? No. What did Cutie do? Nothing.

Remember the August the 8th protesters that were shot at, and tear gassed? It was a blatant use of excessive force, sloppy command of the situation, and it sparked an actual riot. Should the people have been there? No. Was their casue worthy? No.

But did they need to be met with a riot squad and tear gas? Of course not. And what did cutie say? He said he would review and investigate the incident. Did we hear from him after? Not a word.

What has he done since? Has he launched a review of the police use of force policy? No. Has he implemented a police oversight board to set higher standards? No. He has done absolutely nothing and has done so with the utmost precision and patience.

Look at the state of local government in Antigua and Barbuda. We have virtually no local government divisions or localities save and except the Barbuda Council in the case of Barbuda, and in some ways, the SJDC as relates to St. John’s. Other than that, we have no formal structure for local government in this country.

The result is that anything that anybody needs to get done in their community, they need to run to a cabinet minister. Does that make sense? Does that make any sense???

Cabinet ministers are supposed to be concerned with the nation on a whole, and not consumed with each specific local issue in each corner of the islands.

Constituents have no Local Council, no Parish Chairman, no localised authority responsible for coordinating the upkeep of their roads, green spaces, waterways, draining, disaster prep, school zones, commercial parks, coasts, etc.

MPs in this country are like miniature Italian dons poorly governing their tiny patch of Antigua. What is Don Cutie, the man responsible for legal reform and law in the country, doing about it? Absolutely nothing.

So what is his purpose? Why must we suffer this imbecile who is nothing but a monument to ineptitude? Does someone need to poke him with a stick to make him move and uproot him from his political lethargy??

Does he need something in the morning to get him going? Give him coffee or something. Give him a shot of adrenaline at 6 am each day. Do something to get him going. Please, Mr. AG, let’s get something done. Anything. Get anything at all done Mr. Benjamin, and the people of Antigua and Barbuda will be happy. I swear to God almighty, you are useless man.

Deceptive and worthless. Have some pride. Do better.

Sincerely, -Ernest J. Farfingbottom

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  1. Outstanding opinion piece sir.

    I wholeheartedly agree with every word, syllable, sentence and paragraph. Especially when you also highlighted that terrible day on August the 8th (Teargas Sunday) when vulnerable women and children were engaged. Terrible!

    I could not believe how it was allowed to take place, and people like the attorney general hasn’t explained or even apologised.

    Bizarre to say the least!

    A forthright and incredible piece of writing that hits the spot.


      When will you stop making yourself FOOL / BIGGEST ARSE . You oppose everything that the ABLP is doing. What a FOOL !!!!!.

      • I thoroughly enjoy getting under the skin of the ABLP acolytes and Gastonites. Wonderful!


        • Sidey, what’s your take on the ABLP’S take down of women and children on Teargas Sunday?

          I don’t think you’ve EVER responded to that TERRIBLE day in your government’s history – why’s that Sidey?

          Cat 🙀 got your “SELECTIVE” TONGUE 👅


          Again, game set and match 😁

  2. Writer I agree with you in terms of answers needed re the status of those prior promises. However, why would you compare moneys invested in a concert to funds that should be used to fix or build a jail? You are aware that carnival is highly subsidized by government? We push those festivals because in many ways they increase economic activity. You are well aware that during the festival periods more moneys are spent by attendees on drinks, haircare, nailcare, new garments etc. This then means government treasury benefits due to our consumption taxes. Based on the artist (eg Koffee -) coming, we have persons from nearby islands visit in order to attend the show, hence increasing business especially for small hotels. Please note that since 2020 a fee has been charged for the One Nation concert. Hopefully a reporter who attends the cabinet briefing will pose your questions or a MP will utilize them during the question to ministers.

    • @Have Mercy September 21, 2023 At 5:25 pm
      Justin Simon has cost our Treasury more money then any other AG. Almost every case he lost in court. So. I cannot understand the writer calling Cutie Benjamin the worst AG Antigua has ever seen. Just the monies we had to pay APC alone tops it all. And then HMB and others. He was a total waste of time if you ask me. Makes you wonder how he got the title of QC m-now KC.

  3. This person is a genuis. I want to meet this writer and give him a standing ovation.

    The sad things is, the writer is speaking about someone I considered my rolemodel, and nothing the writer says I can truly and om good-faith dispute.

    While driving today, I was thinking that Antigua and Barbuda needs more administrative agencies and procedures so that folks do not have to run to ministers for everything.

    I was thinking about the Promises that my Dwayne George made and was thinking, he should nor have done that because numerous previous politicians did that but nothing was done. It is not like he is the governor of that constituency where he collects that constituency/state taxes and can independently make those improvements.

    He have to wait for the central government, the only government, the prime minister, to decide if that specific project was one that they ate willing to do.

    So, writer I agree with you, about more local entities and local governments with more power. I believe in Aministrative law, that is where you apply for something from a government agency and if they tale too long or violate your administrative due process rights, there is that administrative law proceedings that you can quickly get redress.

    When a government agency delay your licenses or erroneously deny you, you have that administrative law judge or hearing officers that you apply to reconsider or reopen or outright appeal that agency’s decision.

    Thus writer is a God sent because everything you wrote about today, I thought today about early but today while driving, it just hit my mind so hard.

    Nobody should need to go to a minister of government to get decisions on the merit and in a reasonable time.

    Whoever you are writer, please do contact me. I am not sure how you can but I am inviting you too. Thank you.

  4. Listening to Parliament and I heard SERPENT with His presentation. Serpent my Family and I voted for you in the last election but your delivery in Parliament so far is very very DISAPPOINTING. You showed that You were not prepared . You did not understand the bill that was on the table. Very disturbing Serpent. Will listen to the next Parliament for to see if you improve.

    • Stinking Dirty Liar. ALP supporters will abstain from voting if they are displeased with the party for whatever reason, instead of showing support for their opponents. You have been exposed so don’t try changing the subject with your LIES and the record has shown that your votes weren’t needed either.

  5. I concur: and wholeheartedly amplify the flow, eloquence and profound tapestry of conscious insight of the Author’s slant: as per, the ineptitude of governance to deliver necessary service expectations, to be render to the governed, with transparency and accountability. Sweet sounding quotes, suger coating reality with sound and furry with disguise contempt; symbolizing nothing. But coming from the stuffed suits in Governance: It is not what we aspire to attain; as members of an enlightened civic society, domicile here: Nor do we need puppets MPs or AG dangling from strings attached for political expediency: Good progressive Governance, that service the needs of the masses pro-bono; with vision of the future; and not self aggrandizing buffoons posturing to enhance there lack of pragmatic mantra, with their morbid sense of charismatic charm. But then, I left sailing from Antigua in 1967 and return in 1995, only to see that Tanner Street remained that same, and, stagnated in time; as though we are satiated by the status quo. Who is in charge and, responsible: I cringed; as I thought of the mantra of Governance of the people, for the people, by the people: with vision as not meaning leeches and elites: as the Cabal Governance, that practice here. How can anyone lead without making stride. Thus: The fish gets rotten from the head. It’s The System. Yo! With vision of creative enrichment; and not servants giving service and, answering to the people. But we like it so, eh!? And the blind made not a sound.

    • Maybe, @ Handit2me, those of us with independent thought, should start-up some sort of THINK TANK to oppose and counteract bad governance from ANY political party.

      And then similar thinking people like us will ensure that there’s total TRANSPARENCY in the use of our tax paying dollars that benefits the country as a whole, and not the few who disguises it and then syphons it for their own self-enrichment purposes.

      Whether the above opinion is true or not, you only have to look around the country and witness that something is amiss in the way our taxes is being used and implemented.


      • @Brixtonian September 22, 2023 At 8:44 am
        🙂 🙂 🙂
        Now I know you are a real clown.
        Why not resurrect LUMP.

        Anyway, I need not respond to your silliness

  6. Perfectly written a standing ovation, not onky Benjamin but the whole useless ABLP government need to resign and let the nation rise from the ashes

  7. Excellent.. well written -Ernest J. Farfingbottom.. i applaud you.. there is nothing that you mention that was made up and or sensationalized … you hit the nail on its head consistently throughout … i actually enjoyed reading this… Big up and stay bless…

  8. You guys have 4 1/2, (Four and a half) years more to go to pray for this government to resign. I hope you guys have the stamina. Cause this is a marathon. And the last miles are the heaviest.

    • ‘This government to resign’, you say. We all know that won’t happen while there is creative enrichment to be exploited. Dirt poor one day, cheques bouncing like rubber balls the next, and multi mllionaire thereafter. Spouse and son on governing boards, who the heck would give up such ill gotten gains except someone with a grain of integrity? The author has written the best piece I have read in these columns ever, hands down. All that’s needed is for his detractors, the usual suspects, to dispute/refute the points made. Guess what; they are dumbstruck.

  9. I agree with this article completely. Well written, well articulated and immaculately structured.
    What an apt description of Shamu Cutie Benjamin. I’ve heard Bass and Carty trash him as being inept,incompetent and criminal,not to mention lazy. Just look at the man.
    Then we have the kiss 💋 a$$ Labourites, having nothing valid to rebut the writer, but attacking others with their blind stupidity.
    We who are capable of logical thought must bind together to remove the whole band of ALP jokers.

  10. Cutie is the worst!
    Take a look and see how he act in parliament, like he lord God almighty!!
    Very pompous and grandiose!
    In my opinion mr.benjamin needs to lose some weight, he looks a little unhealthy..

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