OPINION: Religious Traditions And A Lost People



We are aware of the fact that we are creatures of habits. Even when we remove the “h” from the word ‘habit’; we still have a bit. We further  remove the letter “a” and still have “bit”. Then we take away the letter “b” and we still have “it”.

Just goes to demonstrate how difficult it is to break a habit.  Habits can be good or bad.
Traditions become our pattern of life.  We grew up hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling, smelling things a certain way and we simply accept that is how they ought to be without questioning their origins or even more their legitimacies.

The same applies to politics. A person grows up in a home that traditionally supports a particular party and remains loyal to that party regardless of whether or not that political entity is actually serving their interest.  It is just a typical mindset of the human mind:  the fear of change.

When we consider such popular Western Christian holidays as Christmas, good Friday, easter, etc:  we grew up in societies that observe these and we simply continue the practices without doing any investigations to determine if they are really Christian or otherwise.

At this time of the year, much of the people acknowledge good Friday and easter Sunday/Monday.  Even the secular world may pause from their secular activities to celebrate these events.

It is amazing how on these religious holidays, many would go to religious services, abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages and then on the very next day after return to the old way of life.

This is certainly not how the Christian Bible portrays the lifestyle of a follower of Jesus Christ.  The Christian life is RADICAL. It permeates EVERY aspect of one’s life. Not just some days but every second of the Christian’s  life should be about  imitating the Person whom he/she calls Master.

Unfortunately, most of the Christian world has lost the TRUE CONCEPT OF CHRISTIANITY.
The professing Christian world has adopted a Waterdown religion that has no Godly effect on their lifestyle.

Christianity calls for drastic and radical change. That was what Jesus Christ did when He lived on this earth. He was a revolutionary. He radically changed how the religious leaders of his day practiced their religion. For this  He was so hated by the religious sects of his day.

Most of the professing Christian world need to dig deep into history and learn about the likes of Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Tyndale, John Huss and others. These reformers were radical in their quest to validate truth. The made great sacrifices for the faith that they accepted.

The present day denominational congregations like the Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists; etc; would be greatly surprised as to just how far removed they are from the what their founders believed and taught.

These reformers fought fearlessly against a system that was and still is hell bent on suppressing the truth.  A system that for almost 1 260 years tried its very best to prevent the ordinary man/woman from having personal access to the Bible.

Most professing Christians today prefer to listen to what a preacher says rather than taking the time and effort to study (with a prayerful mind) what the Bible says.  To allow the scripture to interpret itself rather than fallible man.

The Bible states that in the last days knowledge shall increase. Indeed we are presently in the last days.  Definitely knowledge has increased. However, with increase knowledge there is no evidence of increase wisdom. The wisdom that would lead to healthier lives, loving one’s neighbors, alleviation of sicknesses, poverty, crimes, wars, etc.

Instead, we see the opposite happening all over the world. The Christian Bible teaches a religion that is a lifestyle; that would radically change this world just as Christ turned upside down the time in which He lived.

Most of the Christian world will be shocked to know that the majority is deceived. Then again, why should this be so since Christ Himself warned that there would be many deceivers and the many who will follow the deceit.

The preachers water down the teachings of Christ.  They cause the people to follow traditions of man and reject the simple commandments of God.

As you reflect on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ:  do some introspection:  Some pertinent questions that we should ponder and seek answers to are:

1.       Why am I here?
2.      What really happens after death?
3.      Why does God allow suffering?
4.      How important are the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to me?

We are living in some serious and amazing times. Humanity gropes in the dark for light; searching for hope from the physical tangible things of this world.

A Master Creator has set before us two paths in this life and pleads with us to choose His path.  No bribes, no compulsions: we are given that dangerous blessing of free choice.

Look around us; observe the choices we have made and the consequences.  It should be pellucid that turning and going the other way (God’s way) would present different ( and better) results.  However, mankind’s heart is evil and loves evil. Hence, the majority will continue to go down the wrong path even to our demise.

Yet there is still hope.  The death and resurrection of the God man provides this hope.
The choice is ours to make:  To accept this hope or reject it.

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  1. You are right concerning the traditions of religious people, which frequently run counter to the simple teachings of Jesus. Yes, Jesus was radical and revolutionary by all standards. His platform (Sermon on the Mount) could be a part of any socialist manifesto. He challenged the entire social and religious order of His day. His message was not about some pie in the sky when we die, but was a call to peace and justice and equality in the here and now, and life everlasting. Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ forever.

  2. Mixed up moods, and attitudes won’t work! You feel me…

    I’ve being saying this for many, many moons!

    …habits, become #Norms!
    …norms, become #A Way-of-Life!
    …a way of life, defines a #People!
    …a people, defines a #Culture!
    …said culture, will predicate!
    …this CULTURE, will dictate!
    …the directions, said PEOPLE take
    …for, life is cyclic
    …never neglect nor reject this logic!
    …this is the #IT, of Our HABITS
    …as, TIME is left in its own wake!
    …wake up! Get up! Stay awake!
    …for, the #C.H.R.I.S.T sake!

    I negus Ras Tafar I…Saint Selassie I
    Rules Israel.

  3. That’s y dey have so many denomination in the world 🌍 today dey lost Sunday worshippers is wrong the world 🌍 can’t accept it

  4. Why do people always assume that other people, especially Christians, are just blindly following traditions handed down to them by their parents? Isn’t it possible that those persons have already considered other options and made a conscious choice to continue with those practices? E.g. how do you know that they haven’t experienced God’s presence, love, comfort, peace and even approval following their particular tradition? Perhaps those persons find the traditions and special holidays helpful with staying focused on God, taking time away from the daily distractions related to the struggle to survive to instead ponder deeper aspects of existence, life and death… Perhaps they already considered all the different arguments put forward by different Christian and non-Christian groups and decided that, although they might not be super experts on Theology, God says that His focus is on the heart not on outward appearances so as long as their heart is in the right place, all is well… Perhaps they read the Bible through a long time ago and came to a different conclusion than you did… Perhaps, they already heard the answers to your objections from their own church tradition and we’re satisfied with the reasons given… Perhaps you just never took the time to ask them why they follow their beliefs before jumping to the conclusion that they did not have good reasons for that… Personally, I have heard all of the arguments and counterarguments from multiple religious traditions, agnostics, and even atheists since I was a child, read the Bible myself since age 16, visited multiple types of churches apart from my main church over the years, and found them all quite lovely with a few differences of opinion that don’t seem to be as important as the essential beliefs… No need for Christians or atheists to assume that Christians are mindless followers. Maybe try talking to someone instead of making assumptions about them…

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