OPINION: Petty Prime Minister


Title: Petty Prime Minister BY Isaac H




Leadership is an art that demands the highest level of ethical standards, integrity, and selflessness.


Often, the strength and progress of any institution rely heavily on the quality of its leadership.

Ethical leaders choose a higher loyalty to those core values over their own personal gain, serving as a beacon that guides their organizations or nations towards prosperity. Unfortunately, not all leaders embody these principles.


This article discusses a situation where a Prime Minister’s pettiness overrides these essential traits, highlighting the dangers such a leader presents to the people and the nation they lead.


The Petty Prime Minister


Picture a Prime Minister who has risen to power with a charismatic aura and a promise of positive change.


One who self proclaims that he is the best ever since the independence of the nation. This leader, however, is characterized by an unwavering belief in their infallibility and an unwillingness to question their judgments or perspectives.


This Prime Minister uses the power vested in him, not for the greater good, but to settle personal scores, promote his agenda, spew oppressive malevolence in public forums  and secure his position.


The Prime Minister’s pettiness manifests in various ways. He refuses to accept constructive criticism or differing viewpoints, creating an echo chamber where only his voice matters.


In his eyes, disagreements are not opportunities for dialogue and growth, but personal affronts. He also uses his authority to intimidate, suppress, and destroy publicly those who challenge him, making them appear more interested in power than in public service.


The Danger to the Nation


Such a leader is a danger to the people and the nation they lead. His refusal to accept that he  could be wrong prevents him from learning from his mistakes, leading to repeated errors and potential crises. His inability to value differing opinions stifles innovation and creative problem-solving, limiting the nation’s ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic world.


Moreover, his use of power for personal gain erodes public trust, fuels resentment, and undermines the democratic process.


Dean Jonas has become the unfortunate poster child for the relentless malevolence exhibited by the Prime Minister.


With each passing day, it seems that the Prime Minister’s actions know no bounds, leaving a trail of destruction and despair in his wake. Dean Jonas, like many before him, has found himself ensnared in a web of political tit for tat and power games, facing the full force of the Prime Minister’s unchecked authority.


The Prime Minister’s actions, carried out without a hint of remorse or accountability, have left a deep scar on the lives of countless individuals. These victims, including Dean Jonas, aren’t just isolated figures; they are inextricably linked to their families and extended networks. The Prime Minister, blinded by his ambitions, fails to recognize that his actions have far-reaching consequences, extending beyond his immediate targets.


For every individual the Prime Minister has targeted and destroyed, there exists an intricate web of relationships and bonds. These victims have spouses, children, parents, and siblings who are deeply affected by the suffering inflicted upon their loved ones. The pain and anguish ripple through these extended families, creating an atmosphere of resentment and bitterness towards the Prime Minister and  by extent his administration.


But the repercussions don’t stop there. These family members, who have witnessed firsthand the devastation wrought by the Prime Minister, are not passive observers. They are voters, and their experiences have transformed them into vocal advocates for change. Armed with tales of the Prime Minister’s hostility, they act as loudspeakers in their communities, speaking out against the injustices they have witnessed.


Their stories resonate far and wide, serving as a stark reminder of the Prime Minister’s actions. As they share their narratives, they garner sympathy and support from those who have not directly experienced the Prime Minister’s enmity but recognize the harm it has caused to their fellow citizens. This growing chorus of discontent becomes a force to be reckoned with, as it mobilizes a segment of the electorate that is determined to hold the Prime Minister accountable for his actions and remove him from office.


In the grand tapestry of politics, the Prime Minister’s balefulness may have provided him with temporary victories, but it has sown the seeds of discontent and opposition that may ultimately prove his undoing. The interconnected web of families and their collective determination to seek justice and change creates a formidable challenge for the Prime Minister, as the consequences of his actions reverberate far and wide, transcending the immediate victims to shape the political landscape in ways he may not have foreseen.




Leadership is not about personal gain or maintaining power at all costs. It’s about embodying core values, fostering an environment where every voice matters, and leading with empathy and integrity. A petty Prime Minister who prioritizes personal interests over these principles poses a significant threat to the nation’s welfare. It is thus essential for every citizen to scrutinize their leaders, holding them accountable for their actions, and ensuring they uphold the highest ethical standards.

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  1. with a struggling economy, dilapidated infrastructure, inadequate water supply, trying to retain our teachers and nurses, perfidious investors & developers etc.
    Patriotic Antiguans, you must band together and practice what I call “Subtle Diplomacy” with others.

  2. Normally you will start with the lesser awards and move up to the more prestigious ones. Yesterday I attended the independent parade and honestly speaking I looked away and greeted a friend. I am not joking by the time I looked forward my friend told me that Cutie had already received his knighthood. That was done hurriedly to prevent the citizens of Antigua from showing our objections.

  3. Petty Prime Minister is an understatement. He is an immature punk. Trump Jr. So insecure. They need to increase his medication.

  4. The ABLP that I raised up known was so much different than now. Papa V C Bird has to be rolling over and having nightmares in his grave . Don’t get me wrong they still have a few decent MP around, but they’re all.keeping quiet like Jack me nimble Jack me quick. It’s time to get rid of the rude an arrogant PM,and put an MP who has integrity and will continue to work for the better of our Nation.🇦🇬🇦🇬. I can name a few.

    • @Mayan Martin, none of them are good if they see folks suffering from tyranny, selfishness, lack of innovation and other failure but do not stand up for the people. They are all no good for seeing citizens in need of help and do nothing.

  5. leaders are any person. However, a good leader is a person who can be fair and put others (those he or she is leading) in front and is able to sacrifice himself for the benefit of his or her people.

    This is why I constantly feel hurt based on what my experiences have been in Antigua. There are no leaders who have taken any steps to help me to help the people of Antigua. I do not want money or anything material. I simply wanted my firearms process to go through fairly and expeditiously because of the merit and national importance of my business.

    Every leader I went to practically ignored me or said they could not do anything for me. no good leader would ever use the words or think the words, “I can not do anything for you.”

    Leaders must, at all times, help citizens solve problems. This can be done by executive orders, laws, support, making administrative procedures, writing letters to government agencies and bodies, etcetera but good leaders cannot say or think they cannot help or ever ignore the cries for help of his or her people.

    Antigua has no good leaders. I know of good leaders who I sent messages to, and for about 1 year now, this leader has never once responded, but this is normal for leaders in Antigua.

    during my social and behavioral research that I did to predict who the winner will be in St. Mary’s South, based on these people’s way of thinking and living (my prediction was spot on, even the numbers were nearly the same, I said there will be a reduction of 32 but the result was 25, in behavioral and social science that is tremendously accurate), I discovered Antiguans do not want any good leaders, I discovered no matter how much a good person sacrifice for Antiguans they will not leave the bad leaders completely for the good. the good has no chance.

    again, you could have given the people, each person, and their children $2,000,000.00, sacrifice yourself for them, they will never leave their corrupt, selfish, bully, tyrannical, and dishonest leaders because the hatred, dislike, and animosity towards the other party blinds them.

    they also vote on tradition and not on who will provide progress, success, happiness, and harmony.

    These people fight, argue, and defend the political party they support when, in reality, it must be the political party who does that for the citizen. it must be the political party protect and help our family members achieve in life so they can help the entire family.

    in college, my motivation to succeed was my family, I said that as long as I made it, I am going to help them make it. My family crucified me for a political party that I have been begging for a year now to do something as small as having my license decided on the merit in an expeditious manner.

    with all the leaders ignoring my request or saying they can not help. People want leaders who are selfless and who makes the people’s problems their problems.

    If this was so, ABLP would either not be in power or they would be good leaders, but they are not. This also applies to UPP, they to are not.

    But the main problem is the citizens. They do not encourage or support or want progress or success or happiness. You can not teach them anything good or new.

    So they will continue to have the worse leaders in every aspect in Antigua. The social and behavioral science is clear.

  6. Your article is well written and do highlight some traits of poor leadership…but such leaders can be easily removed with two stroke of a pen [X] by the very people he leads.
    But what is sad in my fair country of Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 we allowed ourselves to be divided by politicians and their power grabbing attitudes where it’s self above country and party above country…with no exceptions.
    We tend to indulge, encourage, blinded and silent when our leaders and politicians of the party we support do and say all kind of unethical things but would shout in pen and voice to condemnation the very wrongs done by opposing party and politicians.
    Remember I said with exceptions…Red, Orange or the Sunshine 🌞. Let’s talk about petty leaders and leadership…the Selling of the nation’s passports was always a hot topic for opposition parties by which I mean party out of power… and the slogan: “OUR PASSPORTS IS NOT FOR SALE”….with the government in the sunshine and the encouragement of honest wholesome debates in our house of representatives….FIRED his Senators who upheld the campaign promise that Antigua passports is not for sale.. and quote: ” I APPOINT AND I CAN DISAPPOINT.”
    Was the leader Petty…after months of marching against Allen Stanford while in opposition…to tell his cabinet and the thousands who marched…That he will go back to the Polls if he doesn’t get the support to work with Stanford… Was it Petty?
    We as a people must remember that a Government serves all the people of the state…and the mandate should be Country first…because country is ALL the citizenry…until we recognize this obligation and hold our elected leaders accountable…We will forever have exchanges and not changes. And remember no exceptions.
    Enough said…

    • @Dexter Pelle, I feel vindicated. We practically wrote the exact thing in most areas. Thank you for that. Comfirmation.

  7. The author penned a great article, which accurately describes the PM’s uncouth behavior and the long-lasting ripple effects, but misses the fact that Dean is a politician and they are fair game. If he has a problem with his leader, playing games in public and on social media is not the best way to address it and Dean knows that all too well. The action while petty is appropriate. Dean should not have been allowed back into office, much less to be put in charge of Gender Affairs. The PM is just correcting a mistake at this point.

  8. There you have it. The 30 million dollar petty prime minister who sent home people to starve because they refuse to take the vaccine that can either kill them or cause them to be sick while he continuously enriched himself. Do you have a conscience sir? Enquiring minds would like to know.
    I will never vote for ABLP again as long as Gaston Browne is P.M. NEVER.

  9. I endorse this article. Gaston Browne forgets this thing call Karma, or in other words,”what a man soweth that also shall he reap ”
    He is a petty, narcissistic, incompetent wannabe leader yes, but what does this say about those who sit quietly, know how dangerous he is to the future of this nation and say nothing?

  10. The PM has been displaying those types of behaviours from the onset and people like Dean sit down and say nothing. I don’t listen to them after they are booted.




  12. We have alot of mentally ill person walking the streets of St. John’s and you know what’s worse one is leading the country, until we learn to put politics aside and get the clown out of town, there will not be no fair Antigua and Barbuda. The problem is no longer Red nor Blue Grabston is the problem

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