OPINION: Join me in changing Gaston Browne’s job title to ‘former Prime Minister’


As we approach the election on January 18th, I stand before you to urge you to join me in changing Gaston Browne’s job title to “former Prime Minister.” Mr. Browne needs to be qualified to lead our country. We deserve a prime minister who has demonstrated moral integrity, sound judgment, and inspiring leadership – attributes Mr. Browne lacks.

Mr. Browne is “uniquely unqualified” when it comes to the economy. He is “temperamentally unfit” to unite our country. We cannot trust him to do the right thing, and he has shown utter contempt for the values that make Antigua and Barbuda the gem of the Caribbean.

Election day is one of those pivotal moments when we, as citizens, need to determine who we are and what we stand for. Over the past two decades, the politics of division, resentment, and paranoia have unfortunately found a home in the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party. You should still be concerned and want to see a restoration of honesty, decency, and lawfulness in our government.

It’s not about choosing between the UPP or ABLP. It’s about choosing a fit leader and being prepared to serve as our Prime Minister for another five years. Mr. Browne is “unfit” and “woefully unprepared” for this role. On January 18th, let’s vote him out and choose a better future for our country.

I urge you to vote for a leader with a demonstrated history of ethical conduct, strong moral character, and the ability to bring people together. Let’s choose a leader who will tirelessly unite our country and lead us toward a bright and prosperous future. Together, we can make a difference.

From: Corruption Fighter 

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  2. Here’s the evidence, the proof and one of the most beautiful sights that Harold Lovell’s UPP is on the march to one of biggest win and turnarounds in recent memory. Just beautiful citizens of Antigua & Barbuda:


    If you can’t log on to this remarkable UPP video of the masses then watch it on YouTube titled:

    ‘UPP Rally Speech …’

    … and then send it to your friends!

    • *YouTube correction:


      It’s 12 minutes long, but highlights the verve, vibrance and velocity of the wanton change for all of us living and working in Antigua.

  3. *IT

    Sorry folks, I’m so excited at what’s happening with just days to go to the General Election. Yippee!!!

  4. ANR become Outlet newspaper now or wha ? Shouldn’t have to have your political opinion contantly influenced by media. No matter what the tory you can always read about Gaston in the comments. Stick to news plz.

    • You obviously wasn’t around (even 18-24 months ago) when the correspondence, especially the editorial letters which were virtually 10 to 1 in favour of the ABLP government.

      I for one complained vigorously at the time about this.

      The political opinions and balance is so much better now from ANR @ Ras Menelik Elijah – maybe, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this matter …

  5. Let us hope and pray that 2023 is the year for change because GOD knows that we really need a change from this wicked Gaston Browne labour party.

  6. The vast majority of Antiguans are now convinced that Gaston Browne job title should be changed. It certainly will change after 18 January, 2023. Some are even hoping that it will not only be former Prime Minister but also former Member of Parliament.

    • Antiguans deserve competent leadership. Realistically speaking, can you honestly say you have confidence in serpent, Peter redz or Gladys Potter presiding over the affairs of a small island developing state with limited natural resources, navigating a volatile and complex global environment ? We have seen ablp take this country through every crisis you can imagine, and there candidates have educational backgrounds and leadership experience. Governance isn’t a joke. The UPP is evidently incapable of attracting intelligent and respected candidates, as all of the senior stalwarts jumped ship, clearly for a reason. The only hope that UPP has is a merger with the DNA and to attract some capable candidates for the next time around.

      • With all that education that you spout of Labour candidates. What has that brought you and the nation. Before you go vote. Please! Look yourself in the mirror after you wash you face and brush your teeth(if you have water) and don’t have to go outside with you cup full. Ask yourself are you better off today, you family, friends, enemies, the environment , the direction of the country than you were 8 years ago? Who is reaping the benefits and letting you know that they are better off? Are you proud to walk around, drive or tek bus and see progress in the development of Antigua and Barbuda.

        Think critically! You have the capacity. You no dunce! The country needs redemption. That is what UPP is telling you.

      • Anybody can govern Antigua. They need only to find qualified people to help make decisions. They can draw from the Senate or public at large. I for one prefer a consultative government than one run by a dictator, who thinks he knows everything and treat his ministers as puppies.
        Antigua has a problem. The labour government has reduced politics to such level, that a lot of people won’t dutty their names to get involved in what we call politics in Antigua. Just like the place stinks, a just so the Labour Party politics stink.

    • You will never be AG. The likes of serpent, Peter reds and Gladys do not have the mental fortitude or intellectual capacity to navigate the type of complex global economic and political environment that awaits. Antigua needs candidates that have educational and leadership backgrounds. Upp is severely lacking that, the stalwarts who made sense are long gone. A merger with DNA is the last hope quite frankly.

  7. I only wanted to enrich myself and my family and decieve the people. Harold will be a better leader than me, but will still love to govern for a next term. I promise water in 14 days, 500 homes in 500 days. I have caused government workers to be out if job for months, which creates hardship without no stimulus. Workers are still owed overtime money yet we called the election trying to use tax payers money to campaign. Asots knows about my ways I said he is corrupt but I shouldn’t talk, I have to appear righteous to in the eyes of the public, only if the citizens knows

  8. Gaston Browne stays as prime minister, sorry I cannot go back to paying income tax, and we cannot afford any mass layoffs like what happen to port works and the voluntary separation package which turned out to be a disaster.

  9. I am Gaston Browne and I certainly approve of this article 100%. RED DEAD!!!!!!!

  10. Join the MAJORITY in kicking harold loveLIE to the curb!! retire the IMF bloodhound!

    Elston Adams……………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Gregory Athill ……………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Lamming Newton ………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Malayka parker …………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Bruce Goodwin………….……..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Colin Browne ……………………… jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Colin Derek ……………………… jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Anthony stuart …………………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Joanne Massiah ………………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Dean jonas …………………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Winston Williams …………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Wimoth Daniel …………………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Mervyn Richards ………………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Phil more Benjamin ………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Errol Cort ………………………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    John Maginley ……………………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Hilson Baptiste ……………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Chanlah Codrington ………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Clephane Roberts ……………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Dr. Edward Mansoor ……………… jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Donna Chaia …………………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Trevor Young………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Kyron Simon………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Chaniel Imhoff………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Lenworth Johnson………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Luther Lee………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Anderson Carty………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Elmore Charles………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Bishop Dorsette……………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Jamal Frederick………………jumped off SINNKING UPP SHIP
    Kema Benjamin………………jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP w/Lovell as captain
    Cortwright Marshall…………..KICKED OFF SINKING UPP SHIP

    • @ Hmmmmm.
      There are those who surrendered and gave up politics because they realized that labourites would never vote UPP.
      They only vote color and don’t care about the country.

      Then, admittedly there were some rotten elements in the UPP who are now with ABLP.

  11. UPP’s Kingpin/Spokesperson/Ambassador/Bruce Goodwin

    “The first suggestion would be that we SEARCH THE COMMUNITIES and ALL THOSE NON-NATIONALS, and we can get to them through the immigration system who are not working, who are not gainfully contributing to our economic system and our social system, they should be repatriated. They should be SENT HOME NOW without any further adieu!!!

    As I say we have been very welcoming. They have come here. They coould never have achieve in JAMAICA And GUYANA what they have achieved here in Antigua. I know Jamaica very well, I have lived there. I know GUYANA very well, I have travelled there on many occasions. IF YOU KNOW THE AMOUNT OF PAUPERS IN JAMAICA and in GUYANA”


  12. Gaston Browne is the most astute and succesful prime Minister that Antiguan has ever seen. He has led the country to significant economic growth, notwithstanding major exogenous shocks such as climatic impacts, the health pandemic and global financial instability. We have seen a housing revolution, a monumental investment in education, UWI five Islands will bare significant dividens to us all in the coming years, we have seen an investment in RO and desalination plants to remedy the water situation, we have seen hundreds of jobs created through the hotel and construction sectors and Barbuda is being transformed into a self sustaining tourism powerhouse. #NextLevel.

    • Yes Patriot I agree with you on one thing, he was certainly the most astute and successful in enriching himself beyond the imagination in 8 years.

    • Patriot
      He has gotten extremely rich , done his time, made his contributions. Now is time for him to go. We don’t have a god amongst in Antigua.

    • @ Patriot

      Your name demeans you.

      Do you live here and experience the hunger and starvation in the island?

      Were you on island on 08/08/2021 Tear-Gassing by GASTON and CUTIE?

      Did any of his ministers condemn him?

      Have you driven on the roads? Is the environment beautiful to behold?

      When last have you bathe?

    • @Patriot
      Barbuda is not being transformed into a tourism powerhouse. How many hotels they building over there? Barbuda is being transformed into a plantation with the foreign owners and the native servants. For this we give credit to your astute leader. The native servants at one time owned all the lands. Your astute leader gave them all away because he does not like to see black people own anything.

    • @Patriot, name one thing that the local citizens of Antigua can say made their lives better during the last 9 years or so under Gaston Browne. I know they can name a few things that made their lives worst. No water, higher cost of living, including gas price, food price, not getting paid on time, watching the Chinese and other investors taking all their lands. Watching Gaston, his wife and son dominating our lands, enriching themselves. I listen to Gaston Browne saying his son was getting only 20,000 a month from one government contract. How many other contracts does his son have? Antiguans don’t want to see Gaston competing against other farmers. Gaston has access to water, lands and anything else he wants to cultivate his farm and personally reap the benefits and he did all of this while he is Prime Minister. What happen? We look stupid? Gaston made sure that he gave his wife land portfolio so he can help himself to whatever he wants, and we must sit back and accept this? Explain Gaston’s unexplainable wealth? What, we look stupid? Gaston does not know how to conduct himself, once a vagabond, always a vagabond. WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOOSE. GALANG GASTON DICTATOR BROWNE.

      A word to the good people of Antigua and Barbuda. Please remember, a vote for any ABLP candidate is a vote for Gaston Browne.

  13. Antiguans deserve competent leadership. Realistically speaking, can you honestly say you have confidence in serpent, Peter redz or Gladys Potter presiding over the affairs of a small island developing state with limited natural resources, navigating a volatile and complex global environment ? We have seen ablp take this country through every crisis you can imagine, and there candidates have educational backgrounds and leadership experience. Governance isn’t a joke. The UPP is evidently incapable of attracting intelligent and respected candidates, as all of the senior stalwarts jumped ship, clearly for a reason. The only hope that UPP has is a merger with the DNA and to attract some capable candidates for the next time around.

    • “… The only hope that UPP has is a merger with the DNA …”

      It’s funny that you mention this @ Patriot.

      I said the same said thing around a year or so ago. However, times have changed so much since then, and the UPP are now more than capable of going it alone now.

      As the saying goes boss: “A WEEK IS A LONG TIME IN POLITICS”

      Just ask your mate Gaston ‘Tump You in Your Face’ Browne … 😂😂😂

    • @ Patriot

      Gimme a break- no crisis was worse than the economic crisis during UPP’s second term. Maria has experience, do not the technicians in the ministry train them, they were not born with the skills. I would rather put a commoner in office than to elect the ABLP cabals who are in it for their self-enrichment. That’s why the country is so broke. Such high educational people who cannot even manage the financial issues of the state. They cannot pay suppliers, they cannot provide proper public services. They do not even have money to fix roads and buy toilet paper for the hospital.
      With all the education and knowledge that the ABLP has they are still COGGING COGGING COGGING all the UPP policies- they have no ideas nor plans of their own.
      They are void of innovations. All they do is buy patronage with jam and wine, just fooling the people. This country is in a decline because of Gaston. I have never heard of so much scandal. Have you managed to pay the Depositor at Global Bank his US$10,000,000 – hell no because the country is stone cold broke and that’s progress?
      Gimme an aspirin.

  14. Growth is the improvement of your spending power. ‘Borrowing us out of debt’, is not growth. What is our national debt after 8 years? Let’s imagine we never had the CIP that the ALP vehemently rejected while in opposition! The World Boss afford to lose this election, he is fighting for his life and freedom. He is about the last person that the U.S needs to speak with concerning the Odebrecht matter. He has to win at all cost.

  15. Experience teaches, during the economic crisis UPP did an excellent job, they implemented the CIP which we marched against, and now we are benefitting from it that same CIP we used to pay off many debts.

    IMF was one loan with a low interests rate .we condemn the upp

    We Antigua lying party have over burrowed putting the country in serious debt if UPP go back in power we are in trouble for all the corruption and underhand deals we did.

    We took out all the money from the social security.

    We creates yamco as part of out self enrichment scheme .

    Gas price went high and now its close to election we drop the price.

    We have free shows to try and distract the population.

    Read is dead, it’s the only flag you could find flying around in the cemetery at this moment.

    We are a party that is greedy and has the most greedy PM in the Caribbean

  16. Well politics hot hot hot… I dare say we are a Democratic society… St. Paul say “everyman to dem own order”… We cannot force our beliefs on others as we have all had different experiences… We all know why we are going to vote and who we are voting for so cussing don’t help… Whatever it is at the end of the day… I get to live in this beautiful country where there are no bombs and guns governing us as a way of life… #wadadliforlife

    • Somebody said the other day they saw two huge Chinese helicopters flying into Antigua. What did they bring in just before election. Maybe more tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets and fire power?

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