OPINION: If he nuh bang me he nuh love me


By Makeda Mikael

The biggest wrong handed down from the deadly days of slavery was wrapped up with love.

Can you imagine that! Just like Rape and Incest, beating up your woman instead of knocking down Massa became commonplace, so much so that after a terrible ‘raasing’ (bang up) the woman’s shamefaced response to others who teased or commiserated was, ‘If he nuh bang me he nuh lub me!’

Handing down violence as love results in a culture of violence and deceit, and will take the same time to dismantle as it took to build.

We are the people created from Africans kidnapped, enslaved for four hundred years, abandoned penniless and landless on the Caribbean islands all soaked fertile with the blood and sweat of our African ancestors, all buried in unmarked graves, as if they were never here!

The culture of violence and love is apparent in our violence against each other, especially among our own people and within families. This failing in virtue and caring which became so established in our slavery days and nights has continued today in our political lives and even in governance, where our people are cussed daily by our leaders, as being ‘deracinated imbeciles, in-breeders, charlatans’ and other disgusting names.

Clearly the regular Friday night beating which was a plantation expression during the days of suffering is now a Saturday afternoon event where Antiguans can tune in for the entertainment of hearing who get ‘bang-up’ and who get dog-tagged.

If we remember that the tongue-lashing is just an expression of plantation love by our Maximum-leader, the abused women in particular will know that ‘a lub he lub you,’

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  1. If my child op her blasted mouth to me I cut she rasswol wit one guinep switch. Dat don’t have nun to do with massa days. This woman need to shut her mout, leff you man if he ah bang you skent

    • The column clearly addressed a sad part of domestic abused women psyche, that was not addressed. You are a sick, sad and dumb individual. You are justifying abusing your own child if they open their mouth? I am scratching my head to understand your sick remarks. I hope this article is appeals to the lawmakers to help women living in the bondage of abuse, and get them supportive services too improve their self esteem. You on the other hand, needed mental help with your anger issues, and abusive tendencies. 😒

  2. This time the old lady is right! Nonetheless, WHO IS SHE??? I hope she’s not one of the rich and elite, because you can’t trust that bunch.

  3. Her take on the #Habits which molded, and continues to mold Our culture is very enlightening, interesting and provoking. I can appreciate what she’s doing.

    Now, I’d like to get her take on the #BASTARDIZATION of our culture through the church.

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