OPINION – City boy Goliath Vs Country boy David


Opinion – City boy Goliath Vs Country boy David.


The recent by-election in St. Mary’s South not only resulted in a victory for Kelvin Shuggy Simon, but it also presents an intriguing dynamic in the leadership battle within the United Progressive Party (UPP).


Simon fearlessly went head-to-head with a formidable opponent in Gaston Browne and emerged triumphant.

Disregarding this significant achievement would be a misstep for the UPP.


During Gaston Browne’s ascension to prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, he successfully faced off against notable figures such as Sir Lester Bird, Baldwin Spencer, Harold Lovell, and as last year he took on Asot Michael, all of whom he emerged victorious against.


However, it is clear that Jamal Pringle lacks the tenacity to stand up against Gaston Browne, and his name does not carry the same weight as those previously mentioned.


We therefore, cannot overlook the accomplished feat Kelvin Simon achieved on October 24th, 2023. Gaston Browne intruded into a contest he had no rightful place in and was soundly defeated by the lesser-known candidate from the countryside.


This serves as the first significant loss Browne has encountered in over 12 years.


Considering Kelvin Simon’s impressive performance, his name must now be regarded as a strong contender for the leadership of the opposition.

Failing to acknowledge this factor would be seen as a strategic error on the part of the UPP.


By the same token, the ABLP must now look at the leadership of the party. It is said that Browne is his own advisor.


This a dangerous cocktail for the party to be following especially with the losses in January and 10 months later in October. This also can’t be left unchecked or unanswered.


Just as David brought down Goliath in St. Mary’s South, the upcoming months will undoubtedly provide valuable insight into the unfolding political landscape from both sides of both Red and Blue.


Isaac H

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  1. You sat down and put pen to paper and come up with this garbage. The man just solidify a seat he had before, now you want to put him as leader of the opposition. A day haven’t even passed yet and you’re putting Mr Simon, a first timer to Mr Browne who have won not only his seat over and over, but a back to back bk bk prime Minister.
    By the way what was so impressive? Beating Samanta back to back would have been impressive, but knocking down a just come man George, now the other way around would be something to talk about.
    Congratulation Mr Simon now let’s get cracking. By the way did anyone saw the clip with Asot trying hard to get through the crowd to congratulate Mr Simon and he couldn’t get through?

  2. The entire UPP seems to be running against one men only. Gaston Browne
    But it seems like when it comes to City West they can’t beat him.
    I guess their strategy is the smear the leader and let him lose face. But he is always getting ahead of them. They can’t get a good man down. And who God bless no man curse

    • @From the Sideline
      Does God love self enrichment thieves? While the country has gone to the rats and the dogs, the leader is bragging about his millions. How can politicians be rich in Antigua on an MP salary?
      Ask yourself if they don’t have to be involved in corruption.

  3. We need somebody strong to represent ABLP in All Saints East and St. Luke because Pringle needs to go and go fast. You will see how quick your so called friend the rasta teacher from Swetes that love badmind and bad talk he fellow villagers switch sides.

  4. A good shout to have the Honourable ‘Kelvin Shugy’ Simon as a future leader for the UPP. He outsmarted Gaston Browne; he waylaid Parliament; and discombobulated the judiciary – NO MEAN FEAT!

    He’s up to the task of running the country, looking out for the citizens; earning great respect on the World stage; and best of all, taking on the Prime Minister and highlighting his foolishness and current weaknesses.


  5. Strange the country is holding the Prime Minister’s Draught Competition and ANR has nothing to report about it. And guess what the opening game was to be between the Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Jamal Pringle. And guess what, on the day of the opening Jamal Pringle was a NO SHOW. He got cold feet. Knowing the PM would beat him very badly. Cause he cannot think. His brain is too small for that. But ANR is smart enough so they keep that out of the news.

  6. No wonder the UPP is what it is, the opposition. First of all the headline alone hinted to the BS, but after forcing myself to peruse the nonsensical article, I concluded that the writer is in the same class as the honourable Pringle and Simon at the same Uneverstudy of Antigua and Barbuda. See y’all at graduation in 28.

  7. If UPP is planning on having Pringle continuing as a leading figure in their party lord have mercy on them,Shuggy got back a seat he won in January and now leadership talk is being raised,UPP can’t so dunce,dem Boys Dey Do not have the intellectual capacity to lead a modern society 🤦🏾🤦🏾it’s the the reality of things,labor party know for sure who’s the leader in their camp,UPP I’ll just wait 👍🏽

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