OPINION- Banks: the legal platform of financial piracy and barefaced robbery!!! 


Banks: the legal platform of financial piracy and barefaced robbery!!! –


For some time now I have been meaning to voice my disappointment and disapproval of these so-called institutions called Banks.

Decades ago everyone felt safe putting our money in the banks. It was a way of keeping our monies secured and also accumulating interest on our savings.

It was a way of being able to acquire loans and mortgages almost problem-free because of our established relationship with these banks and also the security of knowing that we are protected.

In recent years we are left to wonder what has now contributed to this drastic decline in the banking industry.

Banks are now used as the legal platform for exploitation of the public!

They charge you for everything. From cheque books, clearing of cheques, issuing of bank statements, wire transfers, credit card deposits and a multiplicity of other transactions.

Their interests rates on our savings have almost become virtually non existent while their interests charged on our loans and mortgages have skyrocketed.

For the simple man’s acquisition of a loan or mortgage, it has become not only Herculean but sometimes impossible, while  for the super rich,  it’s a a walk in the park!

Why do we need these banks?

On the contrary, if we decide to forget about the banks and do our traditional form of domestic savings and backyard banking, we are subjected to interrogation, arrests and possible imprisonment for money laundering if we are found with excessive amounts of cash. What the fxxk is this?

We work our asses off and try to have a mutually satisfying relationship with the banks whick do not give a hoot about us!

A personal interaction with the bank is like making an appointment with the president of Russia! To open an account, you have to make an appointment.

To call the bank we are subjected to recorded monotones and insepid, senseless instructions by some non existent person on the other line! You wait for an eternity to get the opportunity to speak to anyone in the bank that has our money!

There is no one to complain to and even after you reach someone, there is no satisfaction or practical explanation given .

I have been Banking with Ecab for more than 25 years ! It was previously named Bank of Antigua and I will give up anything to have the Bank of Antigua era revisited.

This current batch of financial pervs are tearing our hearts out! I am tired of the bull shit!

You are a businessman and apply for a credit card terminal for your business and it takes forever before you can get it. I have been waiting over a month for a terminal and still can’t get it.

I lost over US$9,250 last year September with my Bank. I wired that money from my account in ECAB to a receiver bank in NY called community Federal savings Bank, as payment for a motor vehicle.

I subsequently realized it was a scam and a fraud. Reported it to the bank in New York asking that my funds be returned. They said I have to ask my bank to issue them instructions to have the funds recalled .I spoke to my bank who boldly and maliciously told me I have to pay them US$250 for them to do a recall of the wire transfer! To boot, they also said they cannot guarantee I will get back the funds even after paying them the fee.

A desperate me yielded to their exploitative demands and paid this ridiculous charge and yet have not received 1 cent of my money to date .

I made several attempts to contact the community Federal savings Bank and they refuse to even answer my emails much less telephone calls.

How can this be even legally conceivable much less possible? How can you be scammed in a bank? Banks require a barrage of paperwork, identification, and references if you need to establish an account. This means they have the information on every account holder .

So if you have been swindled through the bank, you will expect it would be investigated with alacrity and the offenders will be brought to immediate justice and you will get back your funds. Ain’t it? Well we are so fucking wrong.!

The last thing the bank told me is that they have the indemnity and are not responsible for my loss!!

They said I must inform the FBI. I did and that’s all what it was. My money is gone and no one held responsible! What kind of financial debauchery this is? Smfh.

I wish not to bore you with my superfluous dissertation but I must voice my anger and contempt for these illegal but legally sanctioned practices. A despicable paradox!

If you think the above mentioned events are bad, listen to this one.

I recently did a wire transfer with ECAb bank to a merchant overseas. Ecab confirmed the wire was successful. The overseas merchant has indicated to me that even after 10days that they did not get the funds.

I took like over an hour calling about 10 different numbers to get someone in the bank. When I did get through to the bank and explained the problem, In bold presumption I was told by the Bank’s employee that in order for me to get any further updates on the wire transfer I made with Ecab, which cost me $100, I have to pay US$200 for them to investigate why my funds have not yet reached the destination bank! Can you believe this utter bullshit? Well it’s true.

I hung up my phone in disgust in order not to vent the expletives that were about to spurt from my mouth!!!

What is wrong with these banks? How can this barefaced robbery be tolerated in a society that is suppose to render justice? I think we all know the answer.

Laws are crooked, the system is crooked, and the legislators are forever the perpetrators of clothed criminality.!!

Tek y’all money outta da banks!!!- Mark Caesar 

**Disclaimer: The views expressed in this opinion piece are those of the author, Mark Caesar, and do not necessarily reflect the views of ANR or its publishers. ANR provides a platform for diverse opinions and encourages open discourse on various topics. Readers are encouraged to critically evaluate the content and form their own informed opinions. ANR does not endorse or validate the accuracy of the information presented in this article.**

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  1. You need to have your head examine and do due diligence on persons you want to do business with and stop blame banks. Where is your responsibility in all this?

  2. one day I will be able to share my nightmare journey to becoming a homeowner… one day. when people have suicide ideation, people say you’re weak but not everyone can carry the load. one day.

  3. You guys need to get up to speed with the changes, and latest technology for doing cross border transactions that the banks do not want you to know about.

    Main stream media and the banks programmed most of us to believe that cryptocurrency is a scam, there are bad actors in all financial sector, and the banks are not excluded, in this world unfortunately there are legal and illegal scammers.

    I am not a financial adviser, and I do not have any financial background, I am just sharing what I have learned from doing my own research.

    There are systems that run on the blockchain rail that allow you to do cross border transactions in any amount within 3 to 10 seconds for less than a penny, that is both messaging and settlement.

    The current SWIFT system the bank use only does messaging, the corresponding banks does the settlement, your funds have to go through about 5 corresponding banks before it reaches its final destination, that is the reason the bank policy is 3 to 5 days for settlement, and that is why it is so costly, all 5 banks have to get a piece of the pie.

    DYOR on Ripple XRPL, XRP or stable coins like USDC or USDT, USDT and USDT are pegged to the US$ $1:1$.

    DYOR on a reputable platform like Coinbase Wallet etc.

    Sorry for your experience with the bank son.

  4. So you don’t vet the ppl you are doing business with but want to blame the bank fir being scammed make it make sense r

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