OPINION: All Saints West Primary Showdown – Burton vs. Newton


August 29, 2024, is set to be an unforgettable day in the history of All Saints West Primary.

The tension is palpable, the stakes are higher than ever, and the entire community is buzzing with anticipation.

Regis Burton and Lamin Newton, two candidates, are locked in a battle that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

The recently concluded St. Phillip’s North Primary election, where Randy Baltimore emerged victorious, has set an unprecedented standard.

Baltimore’s electrifying campaign and decisive win have left an indelible mark, raising the bar for what is expected from primary elections.

Now, all eyes are on the All Saints West Primary, where Burton and Newton are preparing to face off in what many are calling the competition of the year.

Regis Burton, a beacon of hope and inspiration, has captivated the hearts and minds of the community.

Known for his unwavering dedication to positive development, Burton’s campaign is marked by his charismatic leadership, innovative ideas, and a genuine passion for making a difference.

His promises of transformative education policies and community development have resonated deeply with voters, who see him as the embodiment of progress and hope.

Lamin Newton, a capable and experienced candidate, has also garnered support with his pragmatic approach and steady resolve. However, his history as a former United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate raises questions about his loyalty.

While Newton has attempted to distance himself from his past political affiliations, some voters remain uncertain about where his true allegiances lie.

Despite these concerns, Newton’s dedication to stability has won him a considerable following.

As August 29th approaches, the excitement surrounding the campaign continues to grow.

Supporters are rallying with fervor, creating a vibrant atmosphere that underscores the importance of this pivotal election in All Saints West.

The question on everyone’s lips is: will Burton’s undeniable qualities and grand vision lead him to triumph, or will Newton’s steady approach and experience be enough to sway the voters despite the lingering doubts?

One thing is certain – All Saints West Primary is about to witness an election that will go down in history, with Regis Burton and Lamin Newton both striving to prove they are the leader the community needs.

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  1. This is a poorly written article. It is noted that in every paragraph, Regis’ name was mentioned first. The description of both candidates’ characters showed conspicuous biases on every level.

    While I agree that Regis has many formidable qualities as highly educated, an entrepreneur and a nurturer of young enterprising folk (Nolan Hugh), Lamin on the other hand, has great qualities that are unique to him as well.

    He has run for political office and did extremely well. He is also from that constituency and has chosen to defect from the opposition because he has seen the light and has been maturating and matriculating on his educational journey.

    Since his defection, he has been an advocate for the advancement and the inclusivity of the Labour Party based on his experience. There is room for growth for the youth who are willing to expand their horizon.

    Because people cross over from the party that they believe does not serve the interests of the people, no condemnation should be placed in their direction.

    We must remember the Labour Party is a church. We welcome everyone. There should not any restrictions once you’ve pledged.

    For people to think that Comrade will go back to the UPP is completely ludicrous.

    For transparency, Regis is my cousin, but I’m about fairness in the process.

    If we want to have a fair fight, we should be unbiased in our strategy and allow the candidates to spread their message organically.

    Being born into a party should not automatically entitle you to more privileges than someone who joined recently.

    Crossing over can sometimes mean that you have made a prudent and mature decision to switch sides, based again on your youthful experience.

    Didn’t Sean Bird (who was born into Labour) win a primary in Rural East when he defected?

    Dr. Error Cort, Hon. Chet Greene, Hon. Medford Nicholas, Former MP, Dean Jonas, the lates, Reben Harris, Christopher O’Marde, Tanny Rose, Llewellyn to name a few, all crossed over and served with honour.

    Let the favourite of the voters win; not based on our biased articles. I support the sincerity and authenticity of the both candidates who have chosen to serve. May the process be guided with fairness.

  2. @Dave Ray…atleast u have sense…how many persons switched sides and it was never a problem but because it’s Lamin, it’s a big issue, I’m in All Saints West constituency and tbh, I’m not going to vote for any of them. Both red and blue are the same!

  3. While both candidates are capable of leadership, I will give Lamin Newton another opportunity to lead the All Saints West Constituency. As an experienced individual, he knows every nook and cranny. I advise the Prime Minister to designate Regis Burton as Senator or Personal Secretary to assist with Constituency Developments and the portfolio assigned to Lamin. Regis, being young, requires guidance before stepping into the spotlight.

  4. @Dave Ray It’s actually a fair and well-written article, both candidates pros and cons were noted, so the voter can come to their decision themselves It doesn’t matter if Burton’s name is mentioned first what matters is that both candidates are presented fairly giving their strengths and weaknesses. One weakness the article left out was Lamin’s mental blackout when asked about his plans for agriculture when he was a UPP candidate, made him look as if he was not a person of substance.

  5. Much kudos to you my adversarial opponent Dave Ray.

    Although though I do not agree with much of your commentary on this particular topic; but I do have to admire that this is the FIRST time that l have – at last – read something written by your good self, that was broken down in bite-sized sentences and then separated into paragraphs, which made the entire subject readable. Bravo sir!

    BTW, on the subject of the All Saints West primary — and just like Barbuda -, it will remain an ABLP FREE ZONE. Guaranteed!!!

    Yes, I know that the ABLP have to put up candidates to put up some sort of contest to contend with the UPP; however even you must realise it’s a lost cause.

    Again, UPP 🟨🟦🟨🟦 all the way Dave 👍🏾

    Hip, hip …

  6. Dave Ray July 9, 2024 At 6:58 am
    Dave can you name me one quality that Lamin brings to the table. Other then that he is constantly on the radio singing praises to Gaston Browne or Chet Greene. You know what we call that? Kissing Asses. He is in this for the wrong reason and his claim to fame is to suck up to Gaston Browne. Other then that he has nothing to offer. Apart from being appointed as Chairman to the CMC Board and some sort of consultant in the Ministry of Agriculture he has no education of some sort and cannot be compared to Regis who is a well educated and well rounded individual. And the minute Lamin was giving the power especially at CMC he let his ugly side shown. A typical UPP side of victimization and showing that he run things. I have been in leading positions in many companies in my over forty years professional life and I have never shown that sort of power that Lamin is showing. As Chairman he didn’t even wait to have a board resolution to go to the bank and tell them that he wants to the added as signatory to CMC’s accounts. He then told the banks not to honor any checks that doesn’t have his signature. These are not things chairs of corporations do. He just want to make himself the center of all things at CMC. Just like the UPP breads use to do when thy won the 2004 election. Dean Jonas had the same kind of mindset that he had to show his powers and that is why he could not work with anyone. And the employees at Agriculture had to ask the PM to interfere. And Lamin is showing the same. Lamin put in place at CMC that no matter where he is the accountant will have to find him to bring checks for him to sign. Can you imaging what that means for a business that sometimes need to have checks sign immediately. Especially when they have to clear containers. Well because of these new directives from Lamin the entire flow of the business is messed up. Cause containers cannot be cleared as quickly causing the supermarket to be out of products more often. Shelves are empty. In many organizations you make sure you have enough signatories so that if one is not available someone else can step in. I understand from the staff that Kimba is a signatory as well, but Lamin insist that only he will sign on the checks as long as he is on Island. I alos understand that his directors fees have trippled from the previous director Mr. Pilgrim. The General Manager is been totally stress out even though she has build up this company for years before Lamin came to be the Chairman. He now wants to take credit for that. And when you ask him what policies has he brought that contributed to the growth, he has non. I’m telling the people of ASW to be mindfull of what they are doing. Lamin doesn’t have the fylosophy of Labour. He is by nature a UPP. And as the saying goes a Leopard never loses its spots. Prime Minister Browne calls those Laggards on the UPP side that they are looking for money. Well he must be blind to see right under his nose, that all Lamin is looking for is MONEY. He has no real job other than what the party has given him. He likes the free trips to China and the per diem. And he like the two saleries that he gets from Agriculture and CMC. And he had so much to say about Giselle Isaac getting so many salaiers from government. People of ASW please examine this man versus your real home boy Regis. There is no comparison. Regis is a far better candidate. Far better eduated and he has been doing community work as far back as I can remember. Lamin would go beg for some scholarship for a few student and make a big publicity stunt about it. He goes and beg for a tv and a microwave and again the photo op follows and now even ABS TV. He does things for the wrong reasons. He is in it for the Money as I say. Vote REGIS BURTON people of ASW. Don’t be fooled by the LEOPARD Lamin. Lamin the Leapard.

  7. I think Regis is the breath of fresh air All Saints West needs. Lamin has too much baggage and we all think he is a deceiver. I cannot trust someone who came knocking on my door, cussing ALP to the T, but now want to tell me it’s okay just because he wants to personally benefit from the party. It makes me feel like he will always be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as long as he can gain from it. REGIS BURTON IS WHAT ALL SAINTS WEST WANT!!!! Young, bright, fresh, genuine mind who truly cares about us.

  8. @Belle:
    Please list the cons mentioned of Regis and the pros of Lamin? In my view, both candidates are formidable.

    And to the question of the mental blackout that Lamin displayed during his candidacy with the UPP; it shows the poor judgment made by the opposition to choose candidates who are unprepared to handle impromptu questions. He was young and inexperienced, but they didn’t see that before selecting him. That should not be a knock on him; it’s moreso to the discredit of the opposition’s choices.

    They made the same mistake in the last general elections as well with candidates who had passion but no capacity.

    Lamin has since matured, give back to school and has been surrounding himself with people who have the capacity to mentor him. He’s able to harness his speaking skills, has received opportunities to travel extensively to international countries to empower himself.

    In the Labour Party, we nurture our youth to reach their greatest potential.

    Regis has been tertiary trained in law and holds key positions in crucial areas in our country.

    We shouldn’t pigeonhole others for the mistakes or faux pas they made during their youth. People can evolve to bigger and better versions of themselves over time. 🚩🚩🚩

  9. @My Representative, Regis Burton July 9, 2024 At 11:59 am
    I second that 200%.
    Lamin is in it for the wrong reason. He always say he left the UPP because he supported the UWI Five Island Campus. But I don’t believe that is enough reason to leave the party. He just didn’t see himself reaching the top with the UPP so he is trying it with Labour. But one can see straight through him.

  10. @Less We Forget:
    Based on your argument, I would not trust you with a ten foot pole. The intricacies of the department’s business ought not be of concern to you. There is a team in place and other management officials who can present their case to the parties that can affect a change, if they are unhappy with his approach.

    Office gossip to discredit others usually has two sides. Your 40 years of experience has not taught you much about accusations allegations from second hand information. I know you’re a male, based on your poor skills in writing style. “Lest We Forget”

    You seem to know what happens on the UPP side, yet still want to decide who should be the choice of the people of ASW, based on your subjective views and apparent disdain for Lamin. I wondering which you vote for? Hmmmm.

    Lamin should be graduating with bachelor’s from UWI Five Islands shortly.

    It always amazes me when people talk and travel and per diem in conversations, what are they implying? Is it a jealous streak popping out?

    I admire a person who has found Christ and is willing to spread the message of this new life of grace and mercy with enthusiasm. While others who are Christians but no one that they are…because their lights don’t shine for Christ. I hope you got the analogy here.

    So, if he chooses to sit with the PM where his bread is buttered and he feels accepted, what’s so wrong with that? He’s only showing gratitude for the inclusion.

    We as Labourites, have to learn to be less bachanalian in our approach to new membership. We should embrace others who want to join and work as advocates for our party.

    Badmouthing others to get ahead is never a good quality to posess. It’s a character flaw. When he ran for the UPP, he received 1300 plus votes to Michael Browne’s 1600 plus votes. That tells me that people liked him.
    @My Representative, RB:

    Lamin has an assignment then, and he understood it. He now knows better. He was going by what he was being fed by the other side at the time. It’s called “confirmation bias”. He has since been converted.

    Let’s have a fair fight between the both young men. They both have their strengths. Who doesn’t have weaknesses?

    Our goal is to regain the seat.

  11. @ Dave Ray

    How much were you paid to write these pieces and EXALT LAMING- you LABARITES never cease to amaze me. GB does pay well.

  12. @problem is u cannot vote for everyone in ASW😂
    Foolish responses only come from…finish the sentence. Who can pay me to write on their behalf? I’m family to Regis. So, should he win, I would be just as excited.

    I believe however that villifying Lamin because he desires to serve in the wrong approach. I support none over the other.

    I am simply of the view that we should welcome souls to our party with restrictions. Is anyone more deserving of the privileges than the other? Why is that?
    Ask yourself the same question,
    “Who is paying you to write against the candidate?”
    All you guys talk about is money, which many of you don’t have.

    When you guys don’t agree with someone’s opinion, you have all kinds of names and categories to place them.

  13. Dave Ray is Gaston lappy dog … sit sit

    DAVE RAY wants to be so relevant

    Lamin …..will NEVER EVER WIN
    NEVER he is a traitor can’t be trusted plus USELESS jus like Dave Ray …Lamin is also a woman beater!!!!!

    Regis has class that neither Dave or Lamin can buy so campaign all you want throw money away like WILIKIES PRIMARY contestants

  14. @Dave Ray July 9, 2024 At 12:55 pm
    Dave you are trying to form an opinion of me based on my writing style. But I must say you will not be able to do so. You may take my comments about Lamin as very bias, but that is what it is. Very bias against Lamin. And I have set out why. And the reasons I gave you are not second hand knowledge and yes he needs to be called out. Because as I said he is just like Dean Jonas. Once they have a little power they wield it around. And not to say how much he lies. Chet is also getting enough of him. You know one of the reason why we almost lost the last election is because laborites stayed home. They are fed up to see these new comers taking over the party. We may not be vocal on the radio but we are vocal amongst our peers. When you see what happens now is all former UPP come to sweet talk the PM and saying that they have jumped ship and before you know it they get big position. That to my is a slap in the face of the Laborites. Lamin didn’t jump ship when the UPP was in power. Is only when the Labour Party one. He wants to be at the winning side. But as I said his motives are rotten to the core. Give a man a little power and he will show you his real character. And do not throw me those biblical phrases, cause I can tell you, Many will say Lord Lord haven’t we cast out devils in your name, and the Lord will tell them, go away from me I never knew you. And the Lord warns us about those coming in sheep clothing. Make sure that you will not be deceived.
    Here is another story of how Lamin is wielding his little power. CMC is used to pay their small farmers cash, because these small farmers do not have time for banking. And so to do other small service providers. I learned that Lamin has put a stop to those cash payment and suggest that the can change their check at the cashier in CMC. So CMC issues a small farmer a check and then the farmer has to go stand in line at the cashier and cash the check. Have you heard anything more dumber then that. CMC cashing their own check. So they are now their own financial institution. So these checks will have to be deposited in the bank as they make up the daily sales amount. Why don’t you go to the bank and deposit your own check into your own account. Debit and Credit at the same time. I suggest you write the check for $1000000.00. Would make a lot more sense in the end. These are dumb things you use to get from the UPP. Cause they have no brains. That is Lamin. No brain. But he wants to show how he has power. It’s his decision, and his alone. Not the Board’s decision. He doesn’t seem to have a clue about corporate governance. And since Gaston Browne is the Minister of Corporate Governance he said mentor him about that. A Chairman doesn’t get involve in the day to day operations of a company. That is why he has a General manager with the management team. And he can call them to account to the board. But when the management decisions are his, who then does he calls to account? And as I was told the shelves are empty for quiet some time because of him. This is arrogance to the max. overzealous. Regis is also chairman of a board but you do not hear these kind of stupidity.
    And you say Lamin is getting his bachelor soon. Bachelor in political science isn’t anything. And know he is only pursuing tertiary education at this stage of his live because the PM advised him to so do. In other words, again he is doing things for the wrong reason. Regis is far more educated than him and didn’t need the PM to tell him that.
    Once again I am bias and do not hide it. Regis is a far better candidate and he has been taking care of the community even before there was any talk of running for office. A true community man. And he doesn’t need any photo op.

  15. Running on a UPP ticket Lamin may have gotten 1300 votes. Because all the UPP voters backed him. If he will now run on a Labour Party ticket, after a very divided primary, I don’t think he will get more then half of the laborites votes and none of the UPP votes. So he will surely lose in the next general election if he is the candidate. In my mind he has no business to divide the party like that. And he should humble himself and take a back seat. It’s not about him. It’s about the party. No other member that came from the UPP or the ONDP divided the party. Lamin does.

  16. Lamisha ain’t winning shittttt BET!!!

    All the monies he is going to pay promise to pay WILL NOT GET HIM HIRED AT THE FIRM

    Who is Lamin Newton an arrogant liard woman beater and full of himself

    Imagine the PM said on his radio station that when Lamin came to him he was an imbecile bcos of his mentorship Lamin got better at public speaking got more articulate starting expanding his vocabulary and is now going UWI ….

    Lamisha is so arrogant full of herself that noone wants to see or hear him maybe Colin Oniel is gonna help him campaign via radio ??
    Ah so he lie oh can he lie

    Lamin it’s a fck no for you

  17. https://nolanhue.com/about

    Regis Burton, the visionary behind Nolan Hue has been fortunate to experience many outstanding opportunities and it has been his vision to create similar opportunities for young people worldwide. With a BSc in Management Information Systems from the SUNY College at Old Westbury (NY), President of the Student Government Association, Alumni of Harvard Business School Summer Venture Management Programme and a Queens Young Leader Regis Burton is an everyday Human Resources Professional who works for the Antigua Public Utilities Authority, and serves on the Board of Commissioners for the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

    Lots of reasons why Regis is not in it for the money and the fame. He is pure from the heart. He has been doing community work for years. Lamin is in it for the money and the fame. Ah money he look for.
    Regis for ASW


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