OPINION: A Sense Of Urgent Compulsion

Sherfield Bowen

by Sherfield P. Bowen


I feel a sense of urgent compulsion to lend my absolute support to the inoculation process. I am guided in this by the recommendation of our leading Medical Practitioners. I am in full support of our Political Leader who leads by example.


I am therefore encouraging the People of St Phillip South to avail themselves of the current vaccine. In fact, I encourage one and all across the Country to get vaccinated. And YES, I will be following our Political Leader’s example in taking the vaccine. However, my immediate concern, at this time, is to ensure that the most vulnerable in my constituency are prioritized in this process, bearing in mind that St Phillip’s South produces the Largest number of centenarians in our twin island nation.


So as long as their needs have been addressed, I commit that I will be next in line. In this regard, I utterly condemn the clandestine and deceitful approach exemplified by our Prime Minister, who (supposedly) partied with the rich, took their vaccine behind our backs, kept it a secret from us, and made no provision for our People until the Prime Minister of DOMINICA showed us some sympathy. What a Hot mess!


Was the importation by this “big family” even lawful? Were those dispensing and or administering this drug properly licensed in Antigua and Barbuda to do so? Did this “big family” even bother to consider how the laws of Antigua and Barbuda affected upon their decision to protect themselves, and their friend in the “White House”, from the rest of us?

My second point of interest concerns the sparring between some parliamentarians as recently played out in the House of Representatives. I think it is going to continue, and it should. The battle of “the Rump” where each is seeking to “out” the other as to who is the most corrupt. With reckless abandon, let them go at each other. City West said that St Peter is most corrupt. Well, well, well, please tell us about St Phillips and Public Works contracts and procurement? Tell us about the Sale of Government Materials. What is going on there? We want to know. This “cruel necessity” is vital to your survival, St Peter.

The Prime Minister is worthy of congratulations. He, in the Parliament of all places, made it clear that he would not tolerate any member of his government being involved in corruption. With that said, he told us a little bit about St Peter. Did he not say that this most corrupt member cannot be a Minister again in any government that he, City West, heads? Mama Mia!


Now, if what City West said was true, we must commend him for taking such an uncompromising position. After all, a Godly society must join in the condemnation of corruption, whether they are simple-minded or sophisticated, whether in the Magistrate’s Court, or Customs, whether in the Parish of St Phillips, St Peter or in City West. Corruption robs us all of needed services. It denies prisoners of the necessary resources for food and spending on rehabilitation. It robs the Police of its ability to get forensic evidence tested for use in Court. As a result, innocent persons are condemned, and guilty persons walk free.

I am truly buoyed by City West attacks upon St Peter. We all should be. Clearly, St Peter must return fire. Do pray tell, St Peter! Because such an uncompromising leader would not tell St Peter and his colleagues to enrich themselves creatively while in office. Or did he? A leader who takes governance seriously, as implied by City West in his Parliamentary contribution, would not therefore support any of his parliamentary colleagues, nor himself, in using the resources of the state to enrich themselves or anyone close to them.

Such a leader, a good leader, would ensure that the prescriptions of the Integrity in Public Life Act and the Prevention of Corruption Act, for example, are not transgressed by himself or any of his parliamentary colleagues. And so, it is with solidarity, and unflinching support, that I endorse City West in his statements against any public official who engages in, or seeks to engage in, any corrupt practice.


I am therefore comforted that no evidence will emerge showing that any of the Rump government members, or his or her close friends, or spouse [or paramour], or other family members, for example, has benefitted from the awarding of contracts for rental of property used for government services, or for the housing of Cuban workers brought in on our government’s behalf. How about selling government lands at premium prices, but first by “buying it” at a peppercorn rate and then realizing millions from the sale, whether at Laurie Bay, Long Bay, Willoughby Bay, Talmaut Hill, or any other Bays or Hills.


Because as the Members become corrupt, then the entire system becomes corrupted, a la Magistrate Court, Customs, etc., etc., and soon leads to shooting with intent to Kill, and Murder. We must keep the memory of Nigel Christian in our hearts and the safety of Cornel Benjamin in our prayers.


As a nation we must force the purge. Not by bloody or brutal methods such as seen in Washington DC recently, but by reasoned conversations culminating at the Ballot Box. Those that sit at the Right hand of Mr. Speaker, those who answer “Aye” to the questions, it is high time that we put them out of business as usual. They have dishonored our Honourable House with their contempt of all things virtuous; and defiled our noble traditions of fair play and substantial justice with their practice of every vice. This is a factious crew; mortal enemies of good government practices and transparency. And, just like Esau, they have sold our country for the proverbial “mess of potage” Just like Judas, they have betrayed us for [large quantities] of silver.


And so, if we were to rely on the proclamation coming from City West, they have turned our once Honourable House into a den of thieves. Yes, those people who in 2014, were swept into office by the People to get redress for their grievances, have now become the people’s greatest grievances. They were expected to be guided by the Code of Conduct set out for public officials in Schedule 2 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 2004 and by Sec. 18 of the Integrity in Public Life Act 2004, for example…


Our country is now calling upon us, the Redeem Team, to cleanse the Horse Stable at the Big White House on the Hill at Queen Elizabeth Highway; to drain the swamp of corruption there; and to put an end to the iniquitous combine in the House of Representatives. With God’s help and the Power of You, the People, we will pull the plug.


In the meantime, Can City West tell us more? I call upon St Peter to exhale. Let it off your chest, man! Do the right thing. Tell me about St Phillips. Answer the question: who is REALLY the most corrupt Member? In due course the Jury will hear from All Saints West.

In the meantime, let all the Comrades sing out their souls, one against another! Attack St


Peter, Attack.

Raise the scarlet standard high

Beneath its folds we’ll live or die

Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer

Raise the red flag flying let us hear

With heads uncovered swear we all

To bare it onward ’til we fall

Come dungeons dark or gallows grim

This song shall be our parting hymn

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  1. All this coming from a man who killed a young woman. Let me be pellucid, Sherfield Bowen is NOT a murderer. However, he killed a young woman. Let him deny it.

    • How about commenting on the points raised in the article? However, since you stated that he is NOT a murderer the only conclusion is that he acted in self-defense. Would you kill someone if they were trying to kill you?

  2. Look who is talking. SHEFFIELD BOWEN should shut up and be a ASHAMED of Himself. We in St.Phillips would never vote for You.We are still MOURNING. SHAME , SHAME.Sheffield…AWFUL PERSON.

    ANR should not publish anything from SHEFFIELD BOWEN.

    • What I heard from Gaston Browne and Asot Michael in Parliament is abominable. They should just resigned. There should be an investigation based on what I heard. Corruption,yes Corruption is rife in the inner bowels of the Labor Party.

      • @ BLACK MAN
        You have surfaced.Thought They ran you out of town.You are still with your STUPIDNESS.Get a BRAIN.You Cliwn.

          • @G.PHILLIPS:Are you pleased with what you hear in Parliament involving Gaston Browne and Asot Michael.That land deal and non paying of real estate taxes.The land was sold for $50 million not $5 million.The taxes would have been 10% equaled $5 million.So Gaston,please go and get are we money from that sale.I have sold properties in Antigua.The first thing I would tell those authorized to transact business on my behalf.Make sure all taxes are paid first.Because I am not in a position to get tax waivers from Cabinet.

    • You can throw up as much smoke as you like. But one day corrupt politicians will have to account for their deeds. The only thing I am sorry about is that we don’t have firing squads or deal with them as they do in China.

  3. As I read this article my heart grieved for both sides. I know both Families . It is UNFORTUNATE this CATASTROPHIC ACT took place. With all due respect for Mr. Bowen He should not be running for Political office. I am surprise that UPP would place Mr. Bowen.on Their ticket with such BAGGAGE. UPP should have known that ABLP is the best at CAMPAIGNING and WINNING elections.Mr. Bown will be used as a POLITICAL football by the ABLP.BIG mistake by UPP. UPP you do not need this baggage for election 2023. ABLP along with Mr.Weston will destroy your UPP in 2023.Bad advice UPP.

  4. Fortunately and rightfully so, the #Essence and #Science of Our foreparents rattling bones speaks volumes of #Wisdom to many of Us. Not political diatribe by the inductees of the Oligarchs, Plutocrats and Medium’s.

    The Village Pharmacy(#The Neem Tree) is wide open, in the open for business!

    Grannie Jumbee dream me, and tell me, “boy, mamba r we cure dem #Scury wid lime! Tek time, walk fast pass dem rass!”

  5. Most of you people are deflecting by criticizing the writer rather than analyzing the message. It has to be the same individuals writing this foolishness or Antigua has a lot of foolish people. Your politicians are accusing each other of stealing the country’s assets and all you are doing is going after the messenger. Is Antigua a real country with real people?

  6. WE ARE MOSTLY FOOLS you could not have said it better. This country is sinking in corruption as the alarming recent exchange in Parliament between Gaston Browne and Asot Michael indicates. However, not a word from the ALP and Gaston’s apologists such as TENMAN, FROM THE SIDELINE, CARSON, JUST SAYING, PHILLIP G, ERICA. RUPERT MANN, PETE, FREDERIC LAMPTON, LYNDA.G., KLASS and even REAL TALK. Are all these people one and the same? Only God knows.

  7. @ TABOR
    Tabor I criticize when it is warrated. Unloke you Tabor UPP and Their Candidates are always correct. Tabor you are one sided. ABLP forever.

    2023 election..ABLP 17. UPP 00

  8. Charles Tabor ..If you were the Leader of UPP , would you have placed Bowen on your ticket ? Why not attack the FOOLISH decision by your Party and stop Defending the Defendless. You know the ABLP supporters will be attacking Him. If you believe these attacks are Bad at this moment …You wait until Election. Be prepared.

    • DESPERATE times call for DESPERATE measures. Wonder if ´Bullgarnee´ can run for political office too.

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