OPEN LETTER: To Sidelines From The Grave Of His Friend



If you are my friend as you state, how come with me just over one year since dead and you are embarrassing my sons and daring to degrade my ex wife with your personal grudges.

You are an old man, as my friend you have to be old, because I was old when I died, now, do you really think you are doing me a favour,  and protecting my sons by your constant ranting about Makeda, and suggesting they are waiting for her to die to grab the inheritance!

Clearly you too feel that she is wasting time with the property and should sell Antigua’s prize property to the Chinese or any foreign investor whom the Government sends to her, or for that matter sell her commitment to patriotism, but you all would not understand.

Clearly age has embittered you, old man you are defending the past when women were forced to accept rubbish from men. You should know because you obviously have been stalking her for a long time, she has been signing her own cheques for as long as you have been accepting yours, because you sound like a frustrated old man.

You need to wake up and smell the coffee, Makeda is a modern transformer who in raising sons  became the Dad when necessary and accepts no bs from any man, and that includes her sons, and obviously you too!

You sound so cut up and pained by the existence and flourishing of this woman, that one wonders what you are doing while crying on your iPad.

You clearly have an axe to grind, and swipe after swipe is not even making her wince, much less stop her from doing whatever has aroused you again!

If it is sex, you are both too old for that, and having lost your morning, even if she were to look at you, or have a conversation, it is unlikely you could arouse yourself to the occasion, or she for that matter.

If it is envy for her property, where were you when Stanford, Lester, Baldwin & now Gaston were all taking turns bludgeoning her and her sons in her business life, even though she refused to die?

You are a mean, bad minded man, whose opinion is twisted and not good for an old man, a Catholic you say, no wonder you mis-interpret life with self-hate and flagellation. Go to confession, admit your sins to the erotic ears of your priest!

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    • From The Sidelines must be still smarting from the fact that Makeda did not take him on in their young days working with Lester Bird

      • @Antiguan Patriot

        BARBUDA COUNCIL paid a certain “expert” to do a “Human Resouce audit”, WHERE IS THE REPORT? $50,000.00 and NO REPORT???

        • Are you sure it was $50K. I thought I heard Walker mentioning something more in the region of $100K. But anyway. That is how they used to milk money out of Government while not elected. Lovell’s wife had three government related contracts as a consultant. And they were pricy.

  1. Makeda, you sound bitta! Ah you write dis yah. Ah better you min use you time fu bond wid you pickney and gran pickney an dem.

  2. The BITTA, OWL woman from ST. KITTS need to help Dr. Drew and de labour party come up with a plan to export their “tree mutton”.

    U know use a awful human being when u own children reject you!!!

  3. All I want is Makeda’s property at the airport.
    PM Browne please do this for your biggest supporter.

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