Open Letter To MP Fernandez


Dear MP Fernandez


I recently learned of your clarion call to save LIAT. Personally I believe that there should be a regional carrier to serve the good people of the Caribbean for integration, economics and basic survival. Ordinarily I would join in and support you 100% but I am horrified having lived through this period while suffering with my family member and witnessing my friends and their family grapple for the past two years. While LIAT is being propped up, the  ex worker ants are being trampled.


A few months ago you announced that ex LIAT workers such as Pilots, Engineers, Mechanics and other Ground Staff could apply to thousands of jobs at Frontier Airlines located in the USA. These jobs were to include sponsorship of EB2 visas. To my knowledge many ex LIAT staff were motivated to explore that option only to have applications electronically eliminated because they did not have the right to live and work in the USA. Could you provide an update on this or furnish them with  information that could assist interested applicants?


To date those ex employees who have taken the so called 50% “Compassionate Offer” by the Antigua and Barbuda Government are yet to receive any other cash, land, bonds or information thereof. The expectation that everyone has to accept it goes against the basic individual right to severance. Are there any updates on when the rest of the payments will be made? Is it true that this offer was only made to Antigua Residents?


Also, there was a proposal by ex employees to your government to consider 70% severance. Were you one of the two ministers that voted in favor?


Sir, many LIAT workers, ex workers, families, friends, well wishers, empathizers and supporters live in your constituency. Some of us never worked a day at LIAT but believe me, we live this nightmare every single day. Every aspect of our lives are severely affected. Severance is key for not only closure but for affected families to We are anxious but receptive while looking forward to how you will address them in the near future.



A concerned constituent and

A concerned family member of former liat employee



  1. What has become of Deluxe Cinema? I remembered the days of that being the only such business in all of Antigua. Where did it go wrong?How could it have gone wrong? Is it because of bad business decisions and incompetence at the top why Deluxe went bottoms up.Then the Administration of Gaston Browne used our monies and bailed you and your family out of the abyss,known to all as Deluxe Cinema.That behemoth of a concrete slab building in St.Johns.A wah dem a go do with that building,bake bread.It would be a good bakery in my opinion.While that COMRADE AND HIS FAMILY WALKED AWAY WITH MILLIONS OF OUR DAMN TAX PAYING DOLLARS.SHAME ON YOU GASTON BROWNE AS FIANANCED MINISTER.Now,the poor people of Antigua and Barbuda are being paid late.That is what would happen when you do not save for a rainy day,spend monies like drunken sailors on shore leave.Then you would check your wallet and it is emptied.

    • Yet another reason to kick this terrible administration out of office at the coming election.

      I didn’t know about this @ BLACK-MAN 🤔

  2. Maybe if the people in power would work towards reviving a new liat, some of the workers would gain employment while they have their severances sorted out.

  3. interesting point: The ABLP say they boycott OBSERVER. But this same Max Fernandez always giving interview on OBSERVER. Hmmmmm

  4. Gaston Browne pocket full. He does not care about
    Anybody but himself. Acting as though people not entitled to their severance. What Gaston need to focus on, is the millions of dollars spent annually on political appointees and on projects that does not bring any return to our country. Pork barrel spending is also a problem. Politicians giving out one thousand dollars to constituents to vote, free concerts with taxpayers money and other forms of bribes. However, people who earn their living can’t get their severance. There’s a special place in hell for these wicked people. SAY NO TO LABOUR.

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