OPEN LETTER TO: Matron Christopher — Fiennes Institute



My name is Cheryl Bird. I live in the U.S. I am the daughter of Vere Bird Sr. (the previous Prime Minister of Antigua) and I have come to know Mary John through a prior situation. Mary John has communicated with you previously about Mr. Wilette James, an elderly sick, and homeless man who is in an emergency situation and needs some assistance from the Fiennes Institute or some other Antiguan governmental agency.

I have just found out from Mary John about Mr. Wilette James who is a disabled man with a hip injury who is not able to care for himself and has been living on the streets of Antigua for quite some time now. Mr. Wilette James please needs to be urgently admitted to the Fiennes Institute because of the health and serious drastic humane situation that he is in. He is not able to do anything for himself and he is sick and disabled. He has a hip injury and cannot move around on his own.

Wilette James today is not able to hold his food down when he eats and watching him on the videos he is not able to function on his own. Today he has no feelings when he does anything. He cannot move by himself. He is being moved by any person who is willing to humanely assist him as he lives on the streets of Antigua. An elderly disabled sick homeless person.

Mr. Wilette James is living in front of the Craft Market on the sidewalk and he is please in need of an emergency admission to the Fiennes Institute or some other governmental Antiguan agency that can please assist him until the Fiennes Institute can. This is the humane thing to do.

After Mr. Wilette James had hurt his hip he was taken to the hospital but because of his age, he was advised that he should not have surgery so he is in a disabled situation. He is not able to walk or move on his own. Somebody has to help him as he lives on the street to move.

Matron, this is a humane emergency situation for a human who needs help. Even if the Fiennes Institute is not functioning as it typically is there has to please be some governmental establishment that Mr. Wilette James can please be placed in until the Fiennes Institute can take him. He is an elderly disabled sick man who is homeless.

Again, I know about Mr. Wilette James because of Mary John and I am please asking if you can assist him in any way because of the extreme emergency circumstance that he is in. Any assistance that you can please provide Mr. Wilette James or any referral for him to another Antiguan governmental establishment is appreciated.


Cheryl Bird

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  1. Why not give a donation of $100,000 to the Fiennes Institute so that they can take care of Mr. Wilette James?

    Mr. James is homeless and the Bird family of which you are apart owns land and houses in Antigua. Why not give him a house to live in at least temporarily until he can find his own house?

    The suggestion that someone take care of Mr. James is not new or special. People ask other people to take care of things they think should be taken care of. The hardest and most important part is the action of caring. However, for some people the thought is what count, not the actual action.

    • @ Bilbao…The Fiennes Institute is the “poor house” as it’s locally known. They are supposed to house and provide services too people in need and destitute. That’s suppose to be their mission and they should have programs for people in need. That letter was an appeal for assistance from the Matron, who should do her job in ensuring that people like Mr. James don’t fall through the cracks.

      Everything does not have to be personal or political. That was a personal appeal for a person in need. Maybe you should also make a donation as you suggested.

  2. What happens to the Transformation Ministry? I thought they would jump into a situation like this one.There are too many homeless persons in the Capital,St Johns. Kudos to Cheryl Bird,a lady from The Mudd.For bringing this matter to the front burner.

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