Open letter by Georgia Derrick

The Voice of the People hosts are in awe of their Mama Bear.
Let me tell you about my Mama Bear.
It was her financial resources that backed the daring of Winston Derrick and Fergie Derrick when they started Observer by Fax in 1993 and in the early days of The Daily Observer.
Her home at Cockleshell Inn doubled as headquarters. She gave up access to her phone for the days it would take to disseminate the facsimile paper. Later, when the paper began printing, her house continued to be the business premesis.
She was fully committed to the establishment and maintenance of Observer.
She packed up her children, at my dad’s insistence, and left her life in Antigua so he could work without concern for our safety. He sacrificed, and she did too.
Dad died in the early hours of a Saturday morning, and the move to disenfranchise her began as soon as the following Monday, ironically on his show, Voice of the People.
From that day up to now five years later, even with a judgment in her favor, the current management has locked her out of the company  to which she contributed immeasurably.
The last-shower-of-rain management has sullied my father’s name while capitalizing on his work and the goodwill he cultivated in the 10 years after Fergie’s death.
They have ignored every offer to negotiate, to find an agreement that preserves the dignity of the staff and the organization, and to be decent human beings.
My Mama Bear has displayed strength even she did not know she had.
My Mama Bear continues to face this challenge with grace, like a true champion.
The full story has not been told.
I urge the public to continue to ask hard questions.
Dare to find the answers.



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