Open door policy for Dominicans does not extend to other nationalities


The right of entry for Dominicans into Antigua does not extend to other nationalities who were resident in that country at the time of the passage of Hurricane Maria.

It was announced over the weekend that measures were being put in place in anticipation of an influx of Dominicans in the wake of catastrophic Hurricane Maria which has decimated that country.

Reports are that there were 10,000 Haitians living in Dominica before the storm passed, and while the government will play a role in rescuing people in dire situations on Dominica, Government Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst said those individuals will have to make arrangements to depart Antigua within a reasonable length of time.

Hurst said also that the 500 Chinese immigrants who were living in Dominica will be brought here. He revealed that 150 of those have already arrived on a chartered Montserrat ferry and arrangements are being made to charter a vessel out of Guadeloupe to bring the others.

The Chinese Embassy and community here are taking care of those arrangements and have responsibility for them.

Hurst said most of the Chinese are business people, who have already expressed a desire to return to the nature isle to resume operations.

Others are Chinese workers who were hired by their government to work on Chinese projects in Dominica.

Hurst said that as soon as satisfactory security is established, the Chinese will return to Dominica to pick up where they left off.

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  1. Antigua will be in problems. …..hope it just the Dominicans please because we are one no more Chinese they just make money and dont sponsor shit

  2. these people Chinese dont support local businesses,have u ever seen a Chinese business advertising or sponsoring anything they dont. …..they help themselves only…..I know their government is genorous to the people of this region and i am thankful for that ,but we are to small to absorb all these people i can agree they run business and will pay taxes to the government. …but they dont buy shit here

  3. Dominicans to my knowledge has been the 1st immigrants to ANTIGUA…..but come on antigua is ONLY 108sq mls….. how much ppl can we hold n help…..
    PPL flea to countries where they can help themselves and family …. antiguans flee ANTIGUA but we dnt go to improverish islands…yet these ppl when they finish wipe their feet and leave dnt speak well of antiguan /antiguans they quik to say ” small island” not to forget the antiguan men who will be prey to these women who are seekimg help financial help…Help so that when you need help ur helped but be very Aware n Alert

    • Why don’t Dominican stay in their country and help to rebuild it instead of running to little Antigua?
      Antigua is already overrun by foreigners who despise us in our own country.
      As for those Haitians… send them straight back!

  4. As 4 the Chinese….Dave YOUR right they dnt do anything for locals besides give dem jobs at their supretts….but they are peaceful….
    As 4 the Haitians there the most .illiterate……their GOD is obeah(gardae) why you think god has no mercy on dem……..EVERY hurricane that goes there destroy the works of satan…


  5. We no want no haitians ya trust me …poor little Antigua wa happen to other islands like st lucia and st kitts smh

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