Open Call for Antiguan Tech Students Interested in Web3

St. John’s Multipurpose Cultural Centre will be home to MARMA J CON January 7-11, 2023

Web3-focused nonprofit, Marma J Foundation to bring a free educational event to the Caribbean January 7-11, 2023.

At the MARMA J CON conference, and hackathon, Antiguan students will have the
opportunity to build real-world solutions to local problems using Web3.

While munching on free daily lunches, students interested in emerging technology will
learn about blockchain applications like cryptocurrency, NFTs (non-fungible tokens),
and DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations).

Notably students will be able to hear directly from and receive mentorship by Web3 industry experts in the NEAR and Ethereum ecosystems.

Since starting the Marma J Foundation in 2021, co-founder Chloe Lewis has stayed true
to her Antiguan roots and mission to leverage Web3 technology for social good.

This emerging technology encompasses blockchains, cryptocurrency, collaborative digital-
based solutions and collective decision-making, all of which can significantly improve
self-sustainability for local and global communities.

Lewis speaks to the importance of empowering local youth to drive technology adoption:
“While decentralized technology has been around since the 1980s, I see Gen Z and Gen Alpha as the leaders in ushering in this tech’s most radical and positive transformation at the local level.”

Lewis added with enthusiasm, “So grab your nieces learning InfoTech, call up your computer science friends at Antigua State College and UWI—Tell them MARMA J CON is for them!”

Two years ago, the Antiguan and Barbuda government passed the Digital Assets Bill of 2020, which was heavily contributed to and supported by Senator Aziza Lake, who is a
Marma J Foundation partner.

By building tech solutions in community with local Antiguans and partners such as the Environmental Awareness Group, Marma J Foundation aims to show the Web3 community and world that grassroots activism is the heart of decentralized technology.

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  1. Big up youths, go for it, it is about time someone come forward that understand this new technology.

    The mainstream media spread FUD about this new technology while they themselves are secretly investing in it, then they will begin to say positive things when it is out of some of us reach.

    SBF was one of the bad actors that needed to be weeded out of the system, the technology is a great technology, but like everything els there are bad actors.

    These big banks on Wall Street like JP Morgan has being charged in the past and had to pay millions of dollars for fraud and scams, using the all mighty FIAT system that is backed by nothing.

    So why because of some bad actors in the cryptocurrency ( Digital Assets) system it is bad? DYOR and just do not invest more than you can afford to lose, not financial advice.

    Hope Antigua and Barbuda technical youths will learn, become innovators and master this technology, because that is where the whole world is heading, and there are lots of benefits in it.

    Again Big up youths

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