Only fully vaccinated allowed at entertainment spots from August 1


Starting August 1, all patrons visiting restaurant, bars and places of entertainment will be required to be fully vaccinated and present proof that they are vaccinated upon entry to these places.


Information Minister Melford Nicholas said the Health Ministry will be issuing vaccination cards to fully vaccinated people shortly.


These cards will be used to verify a person’s vaccination status.


Meantime, Public Service workers refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine will now be required to do routine Covid-19 test every two weeks at their own expense.


During Thursday morning’s Cabinet Press Briefing it was revealed that workers refusing the Covid-19 tests will be required to stay at home without pay.

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  1. So the government is now saying only 34000 people can visit a restaurant or bar or movie house or casino? That should be good for business, and tax collection.

    • the very business people who sit and agree with this, they themselves will feel it because only the vaccinated people can buy from them. Hopefully come election day the unvaccinated people will push back.

    • Exactly, I don’t think they understand that the person who refuse to get vaccinated won’t do it no matter what. So they only thing they are doing with this is shooting themselves in the foot because now less taxes from these places mean less money for the government. The USA has already admitted that it knows the persons not vaccinated already will not ever get it so although they want them to they accept it. Our government here, basically saying we gonna make life hell for you unless you vaccinate. But yet a vaccinated person in quarantine right now, so its not like the vaccine makes you immune. Smh, these idoits just gonna destory the country, and turn the people against them.

  2. To “wicked nf”, Would yu please watch your nasty mouth. It’s because of people like you with an attitude that we are in all the trouble we’re in. Settle down. Take your meds. Get vaccinated for he sake of our children and our elderly.

  3. Done see soon killing season. People time to get stand up. Stand up for our rights! FU#$ERY

  4. This government cares nothing about its people .. any how it goes they get paid … they will borrow monies to pay themselves while the rest of the country suffer … call the election now

    • You’re such an idiot, if the government didn’t care about its people they would not do these things to get cursed by the public…. if they didn’t care the country would have been fully open and allow people to just catch covid and die….. a baby died from covid and its still a joke to alot of y’all…..

      • You are the obvious retard here.!!! You are baseless and only operating as a robotic mouth piece. You are programmed like many others in ignorance. The fallacies and propaganda peddled by the government and it’s controlled media have left you in a pathetically hopeless state.
        Try opening your mind, unshackle it from the global misinformation, and think for yourself. Use your common sense if there is any left and then let me know if this orchestrated globally forced vaccination makes any medical sense!!

  5. all they care about is giving people their poison …the vaccine does not cure the virus, it does not prevent it so what is the sense of the vaccine… you can’t force persons to take it no matter what

  6. The only way the government can protect the population is via vaccination. There is no other way.

  7. make very high fines for those found in venue without vaccination cards or with false ones, and venues found to have unvaccinated people on property subject to closure. 99% of those new cases in the US now are those who are unvaccinated. You really need more evidence than that?

    • U got ur stats so frigging wrong! I hate this barrage of lies and misinformation you clowns are propagating. Most of what cases are from the unvaccinated? Boss…go and come again.
      Don’t worry though, when the people are unjustly treated, villified, chastised and marginalized, then you better be prepared for the explosive reaction! Hope you and others can handle the plebian inferno!!! Flipping idiots!!!

    • Lol @ heavy fines. Who is paying them in this time when no money dey?
      Just cram up ebrybaddy at 1735 and done.

  8. Devil:There is no other way where man would be saved is through the vaccination, There is no other way, the father of lies

    The first time in life every country is preaching the same thing but these same countries cannot agree when it comes to wars but can agree with vaccination.

    Something is seriously wrong.

  9. There is a difference between caring for the people and caring for your pockets, citizens of Antigua and Barbuda our leaders don’t care about the people don’t be deceived

  10. Let’s see if those businesses will break even with this new policy. Also, we need to understand that not everyone can take the vaccines.

  11. All these kiss ma ass idiotic people who keep rooting for the vaccine, shame on you! You have your toxic blood running through your veins and now looking for company? Well let’s see where this will end. Pressure buss pipe!
    I ain’t like many others who hide behind an alias to write their comments on this forum. I stand up for what is morally right and just. This damn madness and Machiavellian terror being rained down on the people…the wise ones will resonate and backfire with such frightening rage, all of these puppet politicians and it’s asinine supporters will run for cover!
    Y’all trying to take food outta people’s mouths?
    Take a way a black man’s house, his car and even his clothes and you may get off the hook. But taking away food from a man’s table who has to feed himself and family is sacrilege and some scary shit!
    We will see who really has the power and the say in this matter. Who the fxxxk you people think you are to tell another human being what must be put in their bodies??? Yes…your toxic, venomous garbage which is a scientific insult! Your frigged up vaccine that people don’t even need. A vaccine that has no medical merit. A vaccine that does not cure shit but in fact causes more.
    Go ahead and push us…take us to the edge…because when we are going over the cliff , we are taking all of you with us!!! Damn! Can’t believe this fxxk!!!


  12. The unvaccinated come into contact with the vaccinated everyday .. on busses in supermarkets in everyday life .. what’s the difference during entertainment???

  13. Antigua people its time to stop talking and take action. We need to go in the streets and march for our rights. Its our right to choose whether we want this crap in our body. Dont force us because we are standing by our decisión not to take your poison. We the unvac should boycot all them places before they shut us out. STAND UP NOW UNVACCINATED

  14. Back in February and March respectively. I took my two Moderna Vaccines. I did that of my own free will. No one held a gun to my head and or forced me to take the Vaccine. This matter of the Vaccine in Antigua is going a bit over board. Where in the beginning persons who are not Vaccinated. Would not be allowed to go to Restaurants and Bars. Folks just order on line and have them bring it to you at the curbside. The days of using brute force and ignorance are over. Sometimes using honey would attract more positive reactions.
    Gaston Browne,as the leader of the Country. You would need to talk “with the people” in an even tone. Not being abrasive,nasty and condescending. Many in Nation would tuned you out,not listen,not hear you either. Become a great salesman as the leader of Antigua and Barbuda.

  15. Unvaccinated tourists are thy allowed to go to the resort bar and restaurant?

    The Cabinet is hell bent on creating the chaos the UN told them to create…..

    It is part of the plan…

  16. They are going to make it mandatory as soon as the FDA approves it… watch! The monies that these islands get from GAVI to vaccinate their populace is contingent upon a certain amount of people getting the jab. If they fall short with the voluntary push, they’re gonna force it. Get ready cause it’s coming.

  17. In the meantime tourists can come to antigua and go to any bar and restaurant they like, no questions ask. Different strokes for different folks.

  18. Are they using the State of Emergency to enforce that mandatory Vaccination? State of Emergency was once implemented in Antigua in 1968.It lasted for the blinking of an eye. The people did not tolerate bull crap back then.VC Bird lifted that Emergency soonest. The people marched by the thousands up to his residence up on the hill by Holberton Hospital. They surrounded that place. They were not afraid of the Police and or Defense Force. They were not afraid of Kong.They were not afraid to DIE FOR THEIR RIGHTS.

    • @wanna bee, plenty of those militant peoples are either old or have died out. Sadly, the majority of Antiguans today are docile like sheep. Instead of standing up, they will ask “a wa the opposition a do?”

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