Only 10 beds available to the public at SLBMC


Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Teri-Ann Joseph said she was concerned that Sir Lester Bird Medical Center could soon run out of bed space.


The doctor said the hospital had a total of 140 beds for the general population, excluding beds in the Oncology Department and some set aside for dignitaries.

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  1. Around the world, hospitals are filled with people desperately ill and dying from Covid-19. You know who’s not filling the hospitals? People suffering side effects from the Covid-19 vaccines! Wake up people, get vaccinated!

    • Thats a lie.
      The majority of hospital admittances were from people who had the vaccine.
      Everything was quiet before then.
      What’s your game?
      Get your facts straight.

      • Thats not true, over 70% are un vaccinated… it’s worldwide the same phenomenon, why should it be different in Antigua ?

        • Stop listening to fake news….the majority of people I’m hospital are the vaccinated…Israel has the highest per person vaccination and had massive spike in covid still…..they now know the best defense against all so called variants is natural immunity…..people wake up!

  2. This is the purpose of the vaccine. To keep the beds empty for persons that have non preventable illnesses. Please get vaccinated and protect your health. If not simply waive your right to a hospital bed and die at home

  3. The issue is persons are not taking it serious by having parties in the name of Vaccinated and isn’t it ironic that only after the vaccine trials in the UK, Brazil. India etc we see these new strains. Vaccinated people are getting sick being hospitalized and dying worldwide which had a head start. We will soon know how effective they really are here when the rubber hits the road of time. I am waiting for the trials to end so far God has been merciful to me and I thank him. Everyone can spread covid Vaccinated or non Vaccinated so it’s not going anywhere. I am not against anyone getting Vaccinated but against the hypocrisy

  4. What about the Nugent Avenue building? The IDC unit up at Holberton? From day one it was stated that no vivid patents would be housed at the general hospital, so what’s happening?

  5. Wettttt dem down so there NONE and let dem watch their kids and other family member die right infront of dem…

    Im fully vacinnate so idc if your NOT…
    The vaccine dnt STOP covid it jus make the symtoms less severe but still refuse to take and die like useless flies…IDIATTTTTSSS!!

    When you were a child did your mom know how the vaccine was gonna affect you ……but she still allowed you to take it.
    Its high time we stop the bs.

    • People have a choice and should be respected. Do not wish death on people. You can encourage without hoping people drop like flies. Who knows, your vaccinated body could end up under a cement truck!

      • i dont respect your choice to drunk drive and kill others. same reason i dont respect your choice to refuse vaccination

      • yet still u wishing me dead also…so how the fck ur comment made sense….ur basically saying the same thing….you all men fckiin men …womenselling dem mouth n arse but arubtill fck dem without condon n dnt fraid sickness but a VACCINE…HELP ME MEK THIS SENSE

  6. The real conspiracy theory is the vaccine isn’t really a vaccine. Too many medical ‘professionals’ have followed the crowd, or the money, or both. They’ve got the basics fundamentally wrong and are playing Russian roulette with our health. Just ask them what treatment they offer if a person tests positive for covid? The basic answer is none, even though numerous studies from around the world show that repurposed cheap drugs like ivermectin work in combination with zinc and vitamins c, d, etc. The protocols are out there.

    Anyway, time for some facts:

    • IKR, you are wasting your time with the sheeples. They will post links from the FDA… little do the know, that the approval the FDA gave for the Pfizer vaccine is not for the one that they being used in most places.The vaccine that was approved is “Comirnaty”which is not widely manufactured or distributed yet.The current one being used is still under EUA… Go and read the actual letter. Then they talk about what the CDC says, not knowing that if you die within 14 days of taking the vaccine, you are counted as UNVACCINATED by the CDC. They clearly have no clue about what’s happening in Israel. The Pfizer vaccine efficacy against the Delta is around 30%.The vaccinated in Israel has to take a third shot in order to be considered vaccinated. These people have fallen for the mainstream narrative, not knowing the the MSM is bought by pharma.The biggest advertising $$$ in the media comes from pharma.

      • Indeed. Also these largely untested vaccines are only permissible (with producer immunity thrown in) under emergency use rules, in the US and UK, on the premise that no viable alternatives exist. Hence the fire aimed at anyone who proposes alternative treatments, such as HCQ or Ivermectin. For if these work (which they do) the money go round stops.

        Anyone who wants to get vaccinated that’s fine. However persons ought to check out the risks of adverse injury before they inject the experimental treatment, far higher than any other vaccines issued in recent times, as the US VAERS reporting information confirms. Persons should also be aware that the vaccines do not prevent catching covid or even death. Booster jabs are now being promoted as it is now discovered that the effectiveness of the jabs wane after three to six months.

      • @Mr C – your link suggests that natural immunity to Covid is stronger than a vaccine only AFTER one has survived the disease. Are you suggesting that people take their chances to see IF they survive Covid, rather than getting a vaccine that nearly guarantees they won’t die from the disease?
        Also Ivermectin is a deworming medicine for horses and cows. It is not recommended for use against Covid, and it has serious side effects…AND WE ARE HUMANS, NOT LIVESTOCK. I wonder if the same person who came up with this quack idea also whispered into Trump’s ear that people should somehow ingest bleach to sterilize their insides against Covid. Another brilliant idea from the Interwebs! Don’t do your ‘research’ on Google or Twitter. All you’re doing is finding someone to corroborate what you already believe. Unless you’re a scientist, running a peer reviewed study, you only know what you’ve been told by someone else. You don’t have better access to data than the CDC. You have Google and a flimsy grasp of science or logic. You don’t know how anything works, let alone the human body at a cellular level. We have experts for a reason. Trust the doctors, trust science.

        @Sugarapple – Comirnaty IS the Pfizer vaccine. Once it was approved by the FDA, it was rebranded and the name was changed. Comirnaty is an agglomeration of the words ‘Covid-19 immunity’, ‘mRNA’, and ‘community’. Its the same vaccine.

        • There is ivermectin for humans as well as ivermectin for animals. There is nobel prize winner for the discovery of ivermectin. Ivermectin is on the WHO list of essential medicine; it has been used by hamans for over 40 years, to the tune of 4billion doses, with a record of only 20 deaths. Ivermectin is use in Africa to treat river blindness. It is labeled as an Anti parasitic drug. It’s used in the USA to treat scabies. Go and research the trails done in Peru on ivermectin for covid. It’s seems you’re the one getting your research from google …. From the FDA letter of approval:
          “The licensed vaccine has the same formula as the EUA- authorized vaccine and the “PRODUCTS” can be used interchangeably to provide the vaccination series’ without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. The “PRODUCTS” are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.”
          U go and read the letter instead of google!

        • Ivermectin is an FDA approved drug of over 40 years standing for HUMANS and billions of doses have been safely administered. It’s on the WHO essential drugs list. On the other hand the experimental emergency use vaccines are not FDA approved, increasingly don’t work. As the VAERS information shows, in just over a year Covid jabs have caused more injuries and deaths than ALL other vaccines put together over the past 14 years – nearly 0.5m reported injured and over 10k deaths. Covid itself has 99.7% survival rate. Antibody tests are essential as persons may already have natural immunity but idiot government’s persist in jabbing everyone in the absence of such tests, including persons who may have had Covid before, knowingly or otherwise. I’ll listen to the real experts you can keep watching the idiots on CNN.

  7. I would trust a drug with a 40 year history of safety over a vaccine that was developed with a new technology that’s experimental, and no long term safety data. Pharma is not pushing ivermectin because Ivermectin is dirt cheap.

    • Somebody call a Vet, cause you are beating this horse to death! On second thought, just give it some Ivermectin and see what happens?

    • AstraZeneca vaccine uses the technology used for the vaccines I’m sure you’ve taken.

      You do not have to take the bew technology ones. Luckily you have available right here one that uses a method which has proved itself long time.

      Please research. AstraZeneca is not an MRNA one. So, you can feel confident in taking that one.

  8. Yes, the Astra Zenica is not mRNA, but it is NOT like the traditional vaccines; It, like the mRNA ones, instructs the body to become a spike protein making factory. Do you know for sure, if you catch a cold caused by a coronavirus if the body will start making spike protein? When does the making of spike proteins gets shut off…do you know? This Astra Zenica vaccine is just as EXPERIMENTAL as the mRNA ones.

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