Online services that make studying in college easier


Technology and the internet affect not our daily life but put great influence over academics. Even the students feel the significant impact of the internet and technology in their studying behavior. The role and use of online sources are not bad at all. They are helping to improve the outcomes and reduce the hassle for the students to find out the content. Moreover, in the Research Prospect, multiple online services for help students to achieve their academic goals and online tool like plagiarism checker help to avoid plagiarism complications.

No doubt with the time the over workload over the students getting higher. They require more time to spend over studying in finding material, making notes, doing research work, and much more. In the current scenario, the use of online services is helpful for students in making things easier for them.

The tools are effective to solve problems, offers research formatting services, evaluation in the plagiarism checking, and even use as a home tutor. You can dig out more information about the online services available for student assistance.

Here is the major is really helpful online services for the students to make study better:

  • Google Scholar

Google scholar is an impressive and helping online tool that helps researchers or students to comes up with their research work. To make the research work effective and useful it is necessary to search for the in-depth information relevant to the topic. The more you will be able to find the gap, the more you are in a position to grip the topic and present something value-added.

With random internet surfing, you will not be able to find enough scholarly material that will support the research work. For that purpose, google scholar is your best support that offers easy access to the content. It is an effective tool of search engine that will help you to reach the scholarly literature.

With the google scholar, you can find out the previously published research papers to study and add as supportive material in the research study. All the material is original, with a proper source like journals, government reports, and others.


  • Purdue OWL

In the research paper writing, another challenge comes in the form of citation and referencing. In different universities or colleges, multiple citation styles and formats are following. If as a student, you fail to follow the respective style to cite the work then it can put you in serious trouble. When there are no tools available students have to do it manually that raises the chances of errors. But thanks to Purdue Owl, the citation becomes easier without the errors or mistakes.

The software support almost every citation style includes MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. Before going for the citation you can search and check the sample available by the tool related to the respective citation style. You can choose the one and then proceed further.

  • Grammarly

Another challenge in college or university work is to present content without grammar or spelling errors. When a person is working on the multiple pages’ project that makes it difficult to keep a check on grammar and spelling to avoid errors. In such a case, the poor grammar content will cost in the shape of bad grades. To avoid such a situation and make things easier, Grammarly premium version is available to give professional assistance.

Grammarly is a website that design to proofreading the content and highlight grammar error. More you can check your content for spellings, context, sentence structure, or even for the plagiarism. It provides a huge opportunity to highlight mistakes and improve the quality of your work. The tool will not only highlight the mistakes but also suggest a possible solution for the overall improvement.


  • Google translator

When you are doing self-learning, preparing assignments, or working on a research work then it is important to get an understanding of the terminologies. Mostly the content is hard to understand and needs to translate for pronunciation or understanding. In such cases, google translator will help a lot to increase the readability of the content.

With the help of google translator, it is easier to convert the content in any of the languages and make it easier to use in the assignment and research work. Google translator offers language conversion in more than 100 different languages.


  • Evernote

At the studying online or working on the research paper will need the assistance or organization of the data or notes. For such purpose, Evernote is a helpful tool to combine all the information and searches at one point. You can sync your mobile or laptop together with this tool to open the source file anywhere easily.

The tool is amazing for the user and helps in the research work, presentations and assignment work, and other study-related tasks. Even this tool helps in routine tasks management whether they are related to studying or not.


  • StudyBlue

The tool name StudyBlue is helpful for the students to do the collaborating study. It is effective in sharing the notes, guides, study material, and develop a personal library to access file and share it with other any time. The purpose of the tool is to provide students a way out to share and receive the join study material quickly in mutual study or projects.




Final consideration!                 

The use of tools to make study and research easier bring the revolution in the academic industry. When it comes to the research work and other self-assessment tasks, for the student it is not possible to approach the instructor all the time. To deal with any challenging situation such tools like Essay lab make thigs easier.

But when it comes to choosing the tool to make online study easier, it is important to pay attention to the requirement and use of the software. Remember this software developed by humans and you cannot expect 100% accuracy from these tools. So, use online services but never underestimate your capabilities to evaluate and make the right selection.

Author bio: James Ocklay is a tech journalist at Essay Lab and 123essays in UK. He helps students and businesses set and achieve technology goals, and writes columns for such blogs, as metalwriters.




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