One Year Update on Andre Simon

  • 1 year that Andre has been in intense pain
  • 1 year of not being able to speak or move
  • 1 year of not being able to walk
  • 1 year of not being able to hug his son

Andre’s medical challenges are significantly linked to the availability of financial resources. Without money, it’s extremely difficulty to get the ongoing care required.

But, it’s important to highlight that we could not have even made it this far without your prayers, financial support and encouragement.

Someone asked me today if I believe that God can work a miracle. I responded that I have seen God work multiple miracles on his behalf.

  • To survive that crash is miracle
  • To start breathing again after 6 minutes is a miracle
  • To have his lungs healed is a miracle
  • To keep fighting for over a year is a miracle.

The Simon family would like to reiterate its gratitude to God and to you for sticking with us through the year.

We ask that you continue to give and support Andre.

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  1. Sending love and prayers for continued healing. If each Antiguan donated even US$10 that would probably help them reach their goal much faster. Times are tough, cost of living is high, people can barely afford their own essentials each month. It can be hard to support all the charitable causes as much as we would like to. The family should keep the fundraising events going regularly and make them as accessible as possible. E.g. keep hosting weekend family fun activities, dinners etc. People might occasionally be able to scrape together a few dollars to attend a event. Or, they could start a lucrative business and give a large portion of the profits towards the medical expenses each month. I believe he can recover from this. May God continue to heal him.

    • @ hugs&prayers
      A five USD donation (XCD13.5) is also an option, or even pooling of funds. For instance, each person can give XCD20, which after a 10%tip, will amount to USD 20.00
      Also persons can choose not to tip the gofundme site. I think many people get turned off when the tip of 22-25% is added automatically
      We wish the family all the best. We, who are looking in from the outside, can offer hugs and prayers also. I can offer financial advice: healthcare in the usa is astronomical. I can also offer some healthcare advise: please continue to listen to the nurses and doctors.
      STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: continue to UNITE, as a family, as best as possible
      Continue to discern which way to go, by prayer, AND know HIS WILL BE DONE

  2. I use to see the box by Bloway bakery I donot see it any more please bring back the box .

  3. NOTHING is impossibe with God, be encouraged. Andre will live to tell the story of how he survived this ordeal

  4. Why should the family have to “keep the fundraising going”??? Is it because he is NOT a politician???

    Didn’t Jackie Quinn receive funding from TAXPAYERS MONIES to cover her medical expenses is the USA??? Why can’t Andre Simon and other picky head people be afforded the same?🤔

    You ever hear Jackie advocating for him and others to get help from MBS to the extent that she did???

    You think a “parstah pickney” should empathize with others???

    • @ Smh. Didn’t a Mr. Browne receive thousands of dollars to be flown out because he claimed to have gas? Have you ever heard him ‘campaigning’ for Andre Simon? Stuups. With $#@ like this person, I pray that God acts afew times like man. A question though, as much as I always try to give to this cause, wouldn’t it perhaps have been cheaper in Cuba? What about the guy who caused the accident? Can’t a civil case be made? Andre, my prayers?

  5. I’m confused about what state is he in. Is he responsive or not? Last I heard from a nurse he was in a vegetative state but the family is holding on to hope but there is little to nothing that can be done. Can the family be forthright and tell us the true state he’s in? Requesting money tirelessly without know what to be done puts everyone in a state of hope but if we do face life, these things do happen and although we want the best for Andre, I do not think he should continue to suffer if he is really unresponsive or responsive with a nick of hope. Keeping him suppressed may not be good for him

    • Antiguan, There are videos on Facebook showing his responsiveness. Unless things have changed for the worse, he does not appear vegatative. People can ask the public for whatever they feel like. No one is forcing you to give to a particular cause. You are always free to scroll on by. But, others might be interested.

  6. Omy he really needs help
    Let’s continue in prayers an other areas in which needs our immediate help

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