One new COVID-19 recovery, four active cases

Coronavirus cell disease. Coronavirus flu background. Dangerous cases of flu. Medical health risk. Vector illustration.
(Dashboard Update for December 22, 2020)
The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment has received no new reports from the Mount St. John’s Medical Center (MSJMC) or the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) as of Monday 21st December 2020.
One new recovered case has been recorded bringing that total to one hundred and forty-four.
Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda remains at one hundred and fifty-three (153); which is inclusive of four (4) active cases.
The dashboard has been updated to reflect the changes to the government’s quarantine and self-quarantine columns of the dashboard.

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  1. The release says no new reports were received from MSJMC or CARPHA.. don’t recovered patients have to return 2 or more negative samples to be declared ‘recovered’?

  2. Is Antigua going to ban flights from the UK? I see other Islands doing it just to be safe?

    But I guess we can’t because it’s money first the safety and the people after … long after…

    SMH… yes the way this pandemic is being handled in Antigua, definitely deserves knighthood.

    Great job government.

    • Jason this is what the US is saying:
      “US public health officials are not currently advising the White House to intensify restrictions on travel from the United Kingdom, even as a slew of countries moved to suspend flights from there after a new coronavirus variant was discovered.

      Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN that while the US must “without a doubt keep an eye on it,” he warned, “we don’t want to overreact” and said he would advise against suspending flights from the UK if the matter arises during a White House coronavirus task force meeting on Monday.”

      This is what BDS officials are saying:

      Flights from the United Kingdom (UK) will not be banned at this time.

      But Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic indicated they were being vigilant about the new COVID-19 strain, which has caused some countries to impose restrictions on travel to and from the UK.

      “The advice from WHO/PAHO is that we should not restrict flights coming from the UK at this time because what is known of the variant does not suggest we should do that. To be honest, this thing has been around I believe from September and it is not only in the UK, it’s also in Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries.

      Jason so why should ANU ban?

      • The US where over 3000 people die every day of this disease?

        The US where medical professionals who work in ERs and ICUs say this is the worst disease they’ve ever seen.

        But yeah, Antigua just let everybody and anybody in. That is really going to work out well.

        Maybe it would be better to follow all of the other countries who have banned UK visitors. You know the other countries who are actually appropriately handling this pandemic. Something that both the US and Antigua have so far declined to do.

        History will not be kind to this administration.

        • Yes that’s your hope, that things would get awful. Can imagine you every day waking up hoping the sky would fall. Interesting part you missed is Barbados is not blocking UK flights

          • The reason that I and many other people are angry and disgusted by the lack of appropriate management of this pandemic is because things WILL GET VERY BAD for everyone with this lax approach.

            My life and all of our lives are being put at risk by people who are too greedy and incompetent to rise to the occasion and handle this pandemic appropriately like leaders in many other countries are doing.

            It seems that people like yourself who keep defending (and are probably paid to do so) these incompetent and unconscionable decisions are the ones who don’t seem to care how many lives these decisions will cost.

            But like I said, history will not be kind to this administration.

            In the end, excess mortality rates will be calculated. And we will have calculations of morbidity rates.

            How many lives will be lost and health devastated so Sandals and the like could profit?

            Shame on you and those you defend.

      • What THE HELL DOES THE US HAVE TO DO WITH ANTIGUA. You aren’t even referencing our Caribbean counter parts … u run gone a amerka!

        You are one of those people that a dead fi America…



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