One New Case Of COVID-19


The most recent reports received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Mount St. John Medical Center (MSJMC) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) has revealed one new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 case in Antigua and Barbuda as of Monday 5th October 2020 at 6pm.

Subsequent to the publication of the dashboard on Monday 5th October 2020 with the cut off time of 6pm, twenty-one samples were processed at the Mount St. John’s Medical Center’s Laboratory which increased the pending results from sixty-five to eighty-six.

All twenty-one samples processed by MSJMC yielded negative results and are reflected in the total samples taken and total tested columns of the dashboard.

Of the sixty-five samples sent to CARPHA, one returned positive while sixty-four were negative.

Meanwhile, one recovered case has been recorded bringing that total to ninety-seven.

Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is one hundred and eight (108) with eight (8) active cases.

The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes. 

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  1. Where is the CMO?
    Is the CMO in isolation or quarantine?

    Nothing from her in a while……

    Every body knows that Trump US President has COVID19. No secrets there…..

    • Melchesidec (BTW love the name)

      Trump HAD covid-19, he has been ‘cured’ after just three days by taking the proper therapeutics.

      Placing positive testing people in 14 day quarantine doesn’t sound like a good idea, shouldn’t they be receiving treatment for a few days and then released? I’m not a doctor but that sounds to me to be more reasonable.

      • Trump is not cured. He’s still infected. The treatment he got was ultimately to help prevent his infection from triggering a cytokine storm, which is the event that makes the disease fatal. But he’s still at risk because the dexamethasone they gave him suppresses the immune system’s ability to trigger a cytokine storm AND reduces the immune system’s ability to fight the virus. Walking out of a hospital without testing negative for this virus doesn’t make him cured.

        • @AJ
          Notice that I put cured in quotations. I’m saying that the therapeutics has made him well enough to go back to work. His doctor agreed.

        • @AJ
          You said the president took dexamethasone. I just listened to Trump say he took Regeneron and after 24 hours felt great. He said it felt like a cure.

          What you wrote was what the lying press told you… they were wrong again.

  2. One new positive case for covid-19, so what! There have not been any new DEATHS for months. There is no longer, if ever, been a scientific justification for continuing these ridiculous emergency health orders.

    If this were as serious as the government is pretending it to be, there would be bodies laying dead in the streets but we aren’t seeing that.

    This pandemic charade is exposing our leaders to be frauds and liars. We want our freedoms back!

    • @Will
      We are still physically enslaved.

      There is no justification for the state of emergency.

      The curfew is ridiculous at best. No data to support the curfew.

      The PCR machine cannot diagnose any ailment. The PCR machine was not evaluated against a gold standard for accuracy.

    • Anna wha aru min want. Fu lockdown de country. Now aru know how lockdown feel aru ah bawl. Tek dat inna aru know wha. Me want da curfew fu extend till da end of da year just fu hear aru bawl more

        • It is damn right funny as hell. Aru get wha aru min dey ask fu. Aru min want lockdown and curfew now aru get um aru ah bawl. I said wtf I said me want da lockdown go till da end of da year. Ah bayyyyyyy 😛😛😛😛😛

  3. Sunday, Oct 4, published Oct 5,Mondayo cases . Tuesday learned 2 tested positive , but report posted Oct 6 says 1 new case, as of Oct 5. Where does the two privately acknowledged positive cases

  4. @Melchisedec
    Agree with what you said on every point !

    Regarding the PCR test, if it is amplified up to 40 times it’ll show fragments of virus when patient is non-infectious. The test is worthless in determining if people have covid.

    End this curfew and mask wearing nonsense. Their is no science to support it. Those who say that the science does support it are outright lying to to ignorant masses to maintain their power and control.

    Looks like we the people will have to sue them to stop. But, on the other hand, there are the crazy people like governor of Michigan who continue even though the supreme court told her to stop. For them, the only answer may be to physically drag her tyrannical ass out the door!

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