PM Browne Unveils Plans to Double One Nation Concert Budget, Extend to Two Days, and Add Gospel Segment

One Nation Concert 2024/Sadique Armstrong photo

Prime Minister Browne Announces Major Plans for One Nation Concert

During his radio address over the weekend, Prime Minister Gaston Browne unveiled significant plans for the annual One Nation Concert.

The event’s budget is set to double from $500,000 to $1 million, aiming to create a more expansive and inclusive celebration.

Plans include extending the concert from a one-day to a two-day event, providing more opportunities for artists to showcase their talents and for attendees to enjoy a wider range of performances. Additionally, a new segment dedicated to gospel music will be introduced, reflecting the diverse musical landscape of Antigua and Barbuda.

These planned changes are intended to enhance the cultural experience and promote national unity. The concert will feature a variety of local artists, with performances spanning genres from calypso and reggae to gospel.

Watch the PM’s remarks here:

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  1. Why the fluck this idiot can’t do me a favor and just disappear. What is he going to do next.
    Antiguans time to take back our country and right now by WILL OR BY FORCE!!!!!

  2. Calypsonians prize money-cut down; steelband-cut down; soca monarch-same thing. Can’t find any money for our national cultural expressions but for One “foreign” Nation, increased budget-more foreign acts who must get evey cent before they go on stage-days increased from one to two.
    However, no money for civil servants pack pay; or pensioners; or local merchants.

  3. Gaston, are you hard of hearing???? How many times have people voiced disgust at the fact that we throw money away on this concert while the needs of the country ah get weh? Now you’re gonna spend even more money on it? Smh.

  4. Well if they are going to have it then sure why not include gospel. Not everyone is into the soca scene etc., and young people should be introduced to a variety of genres including those with uplifting messages.


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