One More Person Tests Positive For Covid-19

Positive blood test result for the new rapidly spreading Coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced that one more person has tested positive for COVID-19.

He said the tests results were just received. The prime minister did not provide additional information on the patient.

This means that Antigua and Barbuda has recorded 26 covid-19 cases. Browne also reported that someone was cleared of COVID-19 today, the same day the positive result was received.

He told Pointe FM that nine tests were sent for testing and one came back positive.

“It is unfortunate in the sense that we thought we’d been able to announce if not today but probably tomorrow or Monday that we’re totally covid-free but unfortunately there is an individual who just tested positive

“And again it shows the cautiousness of my government we never said that…in as much as there were no other confirmed cases other than the one that we knew, we said that it is likely that there could still be covid.

And that is why we didn’t relax certain restrictions, even the restriction on beaches…we did not relax it.”

“So we’re back to one. One confirmed case, but it’s still a good space to be in, in that we literally would have contained covid and the people of Antigua and Barbuda should be proud of the health officials and even the people in the general population ,they would have shown some level of responsibility and would have conducted themselves in such a way that we would have been able to contain covid.”

Presently there is only one known active case in the country.


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  1. Last night (Friday) on ABS news, the CMO said that the results of the last set of tests that were sent to T&T came back all negative. She also said that there were no outstanding tests. Is it safe to assume that this test result was produced locally? Or is it that the CMO doesn’t know what’s going on?

  2. The fact is, is that with our limited resources, we’re not doing enough testing to know fully the extent of infections in the State.

    We say that Antigua and Barbuda has “x” amount of REPORTED cases.

    The fact is, is that there can be more unreported cases.

    Can’t can’t afford to drop our guard and be careless

  3. This one new Covid patient must have caught the virus from somebody else in Antigua as we have had no visitors for months. So, it is only logical to say the Covid is still out there amongst the population. How many people have it? We will never know without proper community testing. Cayman did community random testing and found 17 new cases in one day. Why not try this locally?

    • Because the government is not interested in finding out the true number. They are in such a hurry to reopen.

  4. @Not So Common: What you have said made too much sense.Only by having community random testing.Could you have a sense.As to how many cases are on the island.The less testing done the better the results.Then they could say Antigua is Covid 20 free.

  5. Not so common .. good idea to allow people to come in and test randomly. There is also more to the covid symptoms than just coughing, which is what Antigua seems to be primarily looking for when they question people

  6. Gaston’s days are numbered. He can’t even help himself. Covid has confirmed what we suspected all along…that he’s all smoke and mirrors. Economic powerhouse wah? Let’s review the last few weeks.

    First, Gaston said we shouldn’t be embarrassed that we didn’t get a covid loan because “it’s grants we want” (OK, economic powerhouse). That is, until the very next day when he turned around and…received a loan.

    The government almost let hotels off the hook from paying your tips and severances…

    Nor could this economic powerhouse give its citizens a morsel of meaningful stimulus. Gaston allowed St Kitts’ leaders to laugh at us, and tell their people how much better they’re doing than us. This economic powerhouse couldn’t even respond with a stimulus package of its own. All Gaston could do was condemn the comments by St Kitts as if they were totally fabricated lies (we look stink fa true). They’re right—they are doing more for their citizens than A&B!

    Next, Gaston has allowed the nation to massively undertest because he didn’t want us/himself to know the true situation with respect to covid (willful blindness). Gaston led Antigua to believe we were virtually covid free, when we now know that is not the case. And now, rather than seriously diversifying, this one trick pony of an economy will double down by opening borders prematurely…before there is testing and before any protocols are in place. No other island is doing anything as foolish as this. You think Mia mottley Is considering opening Barbados June 1?

    Any notion of Gaston as a money printer for the treasury is a joke. You know how every month you move money from one credit card to the next so you can pay your bills on time? That’s PM Gaston Browne. The man is skilled at moving money around so we can barely pay our debts. Dat ah ARL.

    I’d love for him to reply to this and try to trump up his accomplishments. In reality (forget the biased political spins), his accomplishments amount to little more than fulfilling the basic obligations of any old nation.

  7. The minister said we are virtually COVID19 free and I believe.

    The minister said there are no ne6e cases in a month and I believe.

    They say listen to the authorities they have the correct information.

    So who do we listen to now?

  8. Worse news we could have, no visitors in over 42 days, and now we have a new case. It is here already, and tommorow we open up the airport. God protect us, this gov won’t.

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