One man in custody in connection with Nigel Christian’s murder


One man is in custody in connection with the murder of Nigel Christian, Antigua News  Room has confirmed.

The suspect, who was picked up this morning, has secured the services of a lawyer.

Christian, a senior customs officer, was reportedly abducted by four men from his home in McKinnons around 5:30 pm on Friday, July 10, 2020.

He was later found on a dirt road at Thibous in the vicinity of New Winthorpes with multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body.

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  1. This is just the beginning. Hope they got the right man. If so, soon he’ll sing like a canary, and hopefully all the idiots involved will be arrested, without exception. When found guilty (after a fair trial, of course) they’ll surely face the hanging noose. Nothing less would be true justice.

  2. If Burger, who killed two and showed no remorse, was spared the noose, how can anyone else be sentenced to death?

      • You Mary-Jane. IF this guy is gulty, he must hang. Since you say he was “paid to take the rap”, you better put up or shut up. Get your little self right down to the police NOW, otherwise stop making up things. That could turn and bite you in the ass.

    • I agree with your comment that someone was paid to take the rap. All these people who are investigating the case will be burn in hell. Them all know who killed Nigel Christian because they have the evidence. God will deal with them all. I wish dead man could talk else Nigel would have done says who killed he. Lord Jesus please send us an angel to reveal the true killer to Nigel’s family.

      • Cousin, as a good citizen give us the names. Nothing less is acceptable. Well, who are they???? Let’s get them arrested, tried and if found guilty, executed by the hangman’s noose. Give up the names,since you claim to know. Talk!!!

  3. Do not just arrest. Charge that person. So we the public would know a name and face.Make sure that this was not just an arrest to calm the public.

  4. Well farmer Browne already told us that there would be an arrest shortly. It appears that they can only arrest after consultation with farmer Browne. Lord help us in Antigua.

      • I know you need to see this as a grand conspiracy. However Everton Welch was not excogitated. The issue was his sentencing, not his guilt. The following is an axcerp from the judge:

        “This court has taken all of the above into account and carefully considered the facts, the law and the submissions of learned counsel. While the offence was a heinous one, the defendant was 17
        years old at the time of its commission. The defendant has demonstrated significant and positive advancement while incarcerated. He has served what amounts to 19 years in Her Majesty’s Prison and he has taken advantage of opportunities there to better himself. It now falls to this court to determine a fit and appropriate sentence at this stage of the case. In light of the totality of the circumstances, this court is of the view that to incarcerate Mr. Everton Welch any further would not serve the interests of justice. The record will reflect 19 years, time served and the defendant,
        Everton Welch, is hereby released as of this date. see THE QUEEN
        Respondent/ Complainant AND EVERTON WELCH Applicant/ Defendant
        Dr. David Dorsett, Counsel for the Applicant/Defendant
        Mr. Anthony Armstrong, Director of Public Prosecutions, for the

  5. You all need to stop talking and go and run the show..first them not doing a good job finding the criminals. Them arrest someone oh a no the right person he was paid to take the fall..There seems to be alot of information out here. Go and let the authorities know what you are saying on here. Help with the investigation

  6. Judge Judy always says if it don’t feel right it probably ain’t right . We are waiting for the end of this script .

  7. A single person out of the few that executed Nigel? Not adding up.

    Where are the rest and will this person sing?

  8. They did the samething years ago in a former custom officer (Dollyhouse) death, so why not with Nigel Chtistian death. Tell me who was the government in administration when Dollyhouse was found dead in his house with his head mashed up. I was just a child in Primary School when my cousin Dollyhouse was murdered. My spirit is still unrest because an innocent young man was charged for my cousin Dollyhouse death while the real still walking free.

    • Please stop, the issue with Everton Welch was not about his guilt but his sentence. The following is an excerp from a OMG news release:

      “Dorsett (his lawyer) said the man has already served 18 years behind bars. The attorney explained that the 18 years include the 17 years that Welch has been incarcerated in addition to the one year he spent on remand, awaiting trial.

      Dorsett said Welch has been reformed and rehabilitated and has been involved in varying activities inside the prison, including being treasurer of the Prison Welfare Association.

      Dorsett said that at the time Welch, now 34, entered prison, he was under the age of 18 years. The attorney cited two cases from the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court of Appeal which states that for a person under the age of 18 years, a maximum prison sentence that can be imposed by the court is 15 years.

      According to Dorsett, Welch has already served the maximum 15-year sentence. He begged the court to sentence the inmate to time served and have him released.

      Reverend Dennis Ormsby, the assistant chaplain at Her Majesty’s Prison, was called as a character witness to testify on Welch’s behalf.

      Ormsby told the court that he has known Welch since he entered the prison and that he has worked with him during that time. The reverend said the man has converted to Christianity and is reformed.

      Ormsby said that Welch has a new heart, thoughts, attitude and behaviour. The reverend described the inmate as a good person who has been rehabilitated and has changed since they first met.

      Director of Public Prosecution Anthony Armstrong, while replying to Dorsett’s submissions, agreed that Welch has been incarcerated since 1994, but reminded the court that there are a number of established legal principles as it pertains to sentencing that must be taken into account.

      The character of the prisoner, the nature and circumstances of the offence, in this case murder, the nature of the execution of the offence and the particular circumstances that surrounded the prisoner committing the offence, according to the DPP, are vital principles that should be considered.

      The director of public prosecutions asked the court to consider all the mitigating and aggravating circumstances in coming to its decision. He told the presiding judge, Justice Richard Floyd, to also take into account the fact that the prisoner was in fact convicted in 1994.

      The director of public prosecutions also made arguments disagreeing with Dr Dorsett’s interpretation of the two appeal cases that he relied on.

      Justice Floyd has reserved his decision in the matter.”

  9. What had Nigel done to these or this guy that he went to his (Nigel) home took him from his mother presence and murdered him? Couldn’t he or they forgive Nigel and let bygone be bygone. The pictures of the two guys that were charged with Nigel murdered they look so young. Why did they let evil power over take them to go end Nigel life? Didn’t they had a good home training from their fathers telling them how best to handle matters without taking someone life unless is self defense? It shows that they were better 😡 angry with so much hatred towards Nigel that according to the news article, Nigel Bobby was loaded with bullets. What had Nigel did to deserve such curial death.

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