Omicron will help Antigua achieve herd immunity by July, PM says


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  2. Gaston Browne,how do you know that Herd Immunity would be achieved by July? You could see into the 7 months away future .Are you an OBEAH Man? So tell me the numbers for the Mega Millions for tommorow night.

    • Mi kno dat yuh kno na fu get x-cy-ted bout dis car dem jus ah regroup fu com wid subben else.

      News: China Reports Community Transmission of Hemorrhagic Fever.
      It allegedly has patients bleeding from bodily openings including eyes and ears.

      There was a “conspiracy theory” last year…
      dat dem min a mek wan quackccine fu Marburg Virus…. It mek wid RICIN.

  3. Yes, all of them are scrambling to state the obvious so they don’t look foolish. Even Bill Gates is doing it. Herd immunity has always been defined as the result of widespread exposure to a pathogen, not a useless vaccine. This immunity is actually achievable, no thanks to Bill Gates and his experiments.

  4. I dont understand this statement from the PM. On the one hand he has been telling everyone to get vaccinated to stop catching and spreading covid, now he seems to want everyone to get infected, which is the only way to achieve herd immunity. My guess is he is desperately hoping either one of the 2 will happen and he can avoid actually doing things to stop the spread of omicron, like providing stay at home pay for most workers and closing the schools

  5. Yes, naturally acquired immunity can bring about herd immunity. A person that becomes immune naturally to Omicron cannot get Omicron infection again. Unlike the vaccinated, who cannot prevent infection from Omicron.
    Once enough people contracts the infection, then you’ll have a large amount of immunity in the population and they can no longer be a host for the virus. It will become evident when no more infections and being reported.

    He got this one right…

    • People have been reinfected with Omicron — people who got Omicron and then got Omicron again after they recovered. So you’re wrong.

      • No, you’re wrong. There have been people who have been reinfected but not by the same variant. Show your proof that an unvaxxed person got Omicron twice.

      • If you’re referring to vaccinated individuals then you you could be Right, but notice my comment was about unvaccinated people.

      • I heard the CDC director say with my own ears last year that they have no record of “unvaccinated” people being reinfected. Now, obviously it does happen but the point is, even they admit it is very rare, a lot more rare than “vaccinated” people being infected and even rarer than this myocarditis the shots have been giving them.

    • @Cannabis indica
      BINGO… you got it right bro.
      At the rate that Omicron is spreading around the world, the NON-VACCINATED will become immune (if not already immune) way before July. The poor VACCINATED people will continue getting sick with their vaccine damaged immune systems.

  6. An air balloon 🎈🥸 head with a mustache has the answers will never let the specialist do their job, keeping talking what he hear not what he knows.

  7. Avatar photo This fool and his herd immunity again.and he gave a month this time. We have a small single prop plane air force and now herd in immunity in July what's next.

    Ahh Gasper the 👻🤡 ghost clown I mean Gaston at it again?
    The crap that comes out of this fools mouth
    This Tyrant andTraitor is the biggest theif in the Caribbean and never see a mike that he doesn’t like.
    No wonder Mia Motley is the greatest Caribbean leader alive Shuups .

  8. Gaston Browne is a moral monster. Herd immunity through infection and vaccination, when only 60 per cent at best of the population is vaccinated, and when some of the vaccinated will themselves die, inevitably means death on a scale that it is hard to imagine even the cruelest tyrants accepting. This is why no new restrictions were instituted last week, even as the need for them is so glaringly apparent.

    • I hate to come to the PM’s defense but he is actually right on this one. He is NOT SAYING that everyone should catch Omicron but rather that widespread immunity is the likely result of it’s high transmissibility. Now if you look at some non-Pfizer-sponsored news you will see that Omicron produces mostly mild symptoms. Even our own dashboard confirms that there is no widespread carnage. Based on the likelihood of the side effects and deaths being grossly underreported, I would even venture to argue that Omicron is less deadly than the “vaccines”. Omicron also does not require a mandate to administer and possibly produces immunity to the other variants as well. For all intents and purposes Omicron seems to be the closest thing we have to a real vaccine. Can we just take a moment to thank God for how all this has worked out so far?

  9. Maybe as the PM who is and should be the main advocate for the vaccine she should not have said this out loud . However, I myself was thinking this very same this .

  10. Nuremberg 2 goes public in a couple of weeks.
    De 🐈 iz outta da bag!!!

    A little birdy told me that all quackccines will be STOPPED shortly, “due to new data on safety.”

    “First time detection of the Vaccine Spike Protein in a person who died after Vaccination against Covid19.”

    “My biggest fear now is that it’s going to get violent. When the truth comes out we must do all we can to stop and show compassion to those who got it VERY wrong. This is not individual failure but that of a corrupted system that needs to be dismantled and rebuilt TOGETHER.” — Dr. Aseem Molhotra, Cardiologist

    They KNEW these quackccines were not safe!!!!
    They didn’t think anyone would be able to PROVE how deadly they are, imo. Them pulling back now is just to recalibrate and refortify their position before coming out with another CON.
    Stay vigilant — because the WEF has no intention of scrapping their 4th Industrial Revolution plans — and Kill Gates will not give up his depopulation (fetish) agenda.
    #internetofthings (IOT)
    #internetofbodies (IOB)

    • That was something that was made up to push vaccines. Antibody levels are not the only indicator of immunity. It’s been two years and they’ve been trying to cover up the fact that reinfection among naturally immune persons is extremely low. Even SARS 1 survivors are resistant to COVID-19

  11. There’s no herd immunity possible against this type of virus. In order for herd immunity to exist against a virus, the vast majority of individual immune systems must be able to block infection when exposed to the pathogen and this effect must be long lasting. That doesn’t happen with SARS COV 2 because no matter if you get vaccinated or get the infection, your antibodies created against the antigen drops rapidly within a few months…to levels that cannot protect you from reinfection. On top of that, the virus mutates constantly. Herd immunity requires a pathogen that takes years to undergo significant mutation. Each antibody is like a key that fits in a lock. If the lock keeps changing, the key becomes useless.

    Omicron infection won’t protect anyone from what’s coming next. If you understood how the virus has changed, you’d know that both omicron and delta are descendants of the original virus but they are not directly related to each other. Both omicron and delta may produce variants in the next few months. Or we may have more new highly mutated variants appear just as omicron appeared out of nowhere.

    Sorry, but the pandemic isn’t going to fade away, especially since the new protocol for releasing sick isolated people back into the population will keep the pandemic going indefinitely. Right now, we need to keep an eye on the long term health effects of being infected by this virus. Even the asymptomatic people are coming out of the infection with reduced kidney function and diabetes type one and two. Imagine what will happen if you keep getting infected over and over again.

    • Antibodies are the least of your protection after you have natural immunity. Natural infection also affords you memory T and B cells that are durable. They are responsible for churning out your antibodies when needed.
      Why do you think people still have immunity from the first SARS 18 years ago and was shown to be immune from covid?
      My question now is… Is Omicron really a variant of any of the previous covid variants?

  12. You sound practically gleeful that the virus infections will never end…
    What will hopefully end very soon is the FEAR. Nobody was afraid of the common cold before the globalist started pushing their fear porn. Coronavirus IS the common cold. The common cold also keeps changing it’s outer covering constantly too.

    This virus has a 99.98 survival rate.
    FEAR is the real killer…. it is causing people to take an EXPERIENTIAL shot that is proving to have lifelong crippling side effects and death as a consequence.

    You gave yourself away when you said, asymptomatic people. There is no such thing. It was made up… it’s fake. The proper term for asymptomatic people is HEALTHY people.

    • LoL..are you seriously that clueless? You sound absolutely gleeful about how fearless you are about this virus. Guess what.. it’s a virus. It’s never ever safe to catch viruses. Especially ones that are constantly mutating to change what they can do. The virus doesn’t care how little or how much you fear it. It simply infects cells that have the membrane bound proteins it needs to get inside. It’s clear you don’t actually know anything about viruses. Survival rates of acute infection don’t tell you how dangerous a virus truly is. HIV has 100% survival rate of the acute infection. Yet we all know what happens next with HIV ten years later. Just the other day researchers finally found conclusive evidence that Ebstein Barr virus is the actual cause of Alzheimer’s. This was supposed to be a harmless virus too. If you had studied Microbiology you would never come to your ridiculous conclusions because you would have known better. You actually think being asymptomatic is a sign of health? So sorry for you. Asymptomatic infection is also found in persons with compromised immune systems…like HIV for instance, or in persons with bone marrow cancers etc.

      This is not about fear. It’s about exercising due cautious because we’re still dealing with an unknown pathogen whose long term effects are still completely unknown. What we do know is that while the vast majority will absolutely survive the initial acute infection, some people are still remaining infected in other parts of the body despite clearing the virus from the lungs. Some adults and kids have now been rendered diabetic because of a single Covid infection. What happens after your tenth infection? Some now have reduced kidney function post-infection. So be fearless. Just don’t be fearless and clueless. If you’re concerned about the vaccines you should be even more concerned about the virus. The only thing the vaccines do is make some of your cells produce spike proteins for a limited time so that your immune system can react to them in the same way that it would if you were infected. So if you are claiming that the vaccines are causing health effects, then the virus would cause the exact same effects because they are both exposing you to spike proteins.

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