Omicron less severe than Delta but still poses danger for unvaccinated: WHO


(Reuters) – The highly infectious Omicron coronavirus variant causes less severe disease than the Delta strain but it remains a “dangerous virus”, particularly for those who are unvaccinated, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a news briefing, director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said more than 90 countries were yet to meet the target of vaccinating 40% of their populations and more than 85% of people in Africa were yet to receive a single dose.

“We mustn’t allow this virus a free ride or wave the white flag, especially when so many people around the globe remain unvaccinated,” he said.

In its weekly epidemiological report on Tuesday, the WHO said cases increased by 55%, or 15 million, in the week to Jan. 9 from a week earlier – by far the most cases reported in a single week.

“This huge spike in infections is being driven by the Omicron variant, which is rapidly replacing Delta in almost all countries,” Tedros said.

He said the majority of people hospitalized around the world with COVID-19 were unvaccinated and that if transmission was not curtailed there was greater risk of another variant emerging that could be even more transmissible, and more deadly, than Omicron.

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  1. Is Reuters an unbiased news source?
    James C Smith, former CEO and Director of Thomson Reuters Foundation is a top investor and board member of Pfizer.

    Follow the money!!!

    • Can you name an unbiased source? I penned an article 10-11 years ago and had it printed in the DOB. The premise of my argument was that there is no thing as an unbiased media. There is always an agenda. Sampson who was co host then on VOP tried to take me to task arguing that the media can be unbiased. So my question to you is there anything as an unbiased media?

      • Did you notice a question mark at the end?
        Did I state that there unbiased media? I mentioned Reuter because the article is a f piece from Reuters.
        Reading comments just to respond but not to understand is counterproductive.

      • @Watchdog…it depends on what the media is reporting on. There seems to be more bias, and BS in reporting politics, religion and culture. Reporting sports and adventure tends to be less biased.
        The media is controlled by #Medium’s with an agenda, and this is where the bias and BS usually comes from.

  2. Say ma name – say ma name…🌿
    Nature will ALWAYS have an answer. No human being suffers from a synthetic chemical deficiency 🍋🍊🍒🍉🍍🥦🥒🥕🍠🍆

    Cannabis Compound Prevented Covid Infection in Laboratory Study…


    • The WHO is controlled by the China Communist Party.One year after Covid came out of Wuhan,China.The WHO went and made a cameo appearance in WUHAN and vanished back to Geneva to their cushy abodes.

  3. Yet here I am, unvaccinated and haven’t got the first Covid strain, delta or omicron…. so how does that work?

  4. I am fully Vaccinated,with three doses of the Moderna Vaccines.The Delta and Omicron Viruses are dangers to all,the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated.Then again,I do not listen to the WHO,CDC,and the likes of Fauci.They are all Political Hacks, Rompswabs and Moonbats.

  5. Unvaccinated this, unvaccinated that, the world’s authorities are still trying to put the blame on the unvaccinated.

    We’ve been banned from travelling (and this wicked GLOBAL tactic hasn’t worked), including entertainment, eating and drinking out, and yet, it has been now proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that’s it’s not the UNVACCINATED spreading the Coronavirus at present.

    The unvaccinated have been in LOCKDOWN for sometime now, and we are still under; it seems the more we – reluctantly – comply the more we are attacked.


    And as for the totally discredited Director General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who is doing his utmost to stay relevant during this pandemic, he’d do well to remember:

    When a big nasty rat ramps ’round a puss craw, one day he gwine en up in a puss jaw …

    • … and you keep on keeping on, revealing the facts to Antigua and the world – HISTORY WILL PROVE WE ARE ON THE RIGHT SIDE!

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