Omicron is here and spreading, PM says


Even in the absence of scientific confirmation, Prime Minister Gaston Browne says it is a fact that the OMICRON variant is already in Antigua and Barbuda.

Listen to Browne here speaking at the national thanks giving service on Sunday.

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  1. Of course; Every dunce, every idiot, every imbicile expected to hear this from you as soon as January rolled in. Stop while you’re ahead beacause your audience is waking up to the farce.

  2. Who needs CARPHA, PAHO and the WHO when Dr. Jekyll knows it all? Remember he got his third shot even before boosters were available. I’m sure he has had his fourth and fifth jabs already, too….

    • Woman, that kind of speculation is pure nonsense, and you know it. Stick with the facts. You’re not a “Mandingo”, that’s for sure….and that’s a fact.

  3. Prime Minister you are correct. UPP and Their Leaders should be in attendance . UPP Leaders would not attend because Of Their evil minded People.

  4. Y’all leave the PM alone. He can smell a COVID positive person from 12 feet away. We need more noses like his on the field. LOL

  5. Embrace the science believers. But, Tell me where in the Bible was dinosaurs mentioned, or the planets and galaxies?

  6. This man is dillusional and crazy. He is such a liar and is never held accountable… why would you spread false statements.. he is just like trump

  7. If that’s the case, where are the covid numbers to support your claim? Are the numbers so grave that the dash board can’t hold them and is therefore missing in action?

  8. If you know there is no science, how do you know omicron is in Antigua. Do you know and not telling us? Or is this just to scare people into taking the jab?

  9. This man oh, this man. Health personnel say the are not sure so if he knows it is why not share it with them. Maybe he has it. Gaston, behave like a Prime Minister and not a Post Mortem which is PM too.

  10. These UPPITES are really infected with poisonous Politicalitis viruses. Why you people are so ignorant and idiotic? There is no need to loose your brains about your political opponents. Goodness.. Gracious.. it’s 2022 and the way you guys are behaving will not make your team better. Sometimes it’s best to take chill a pill.Omicron is spreading like wild fire and you’ll are huffing and puffing at the sentiments of what the PM says. GB really controlled the narratives. Please protect yourselves and love one’s from the inevitable of Omicron infections in Wadadli.

  11. Only in Antigua.Why dont the CMO Sealy Thomas break the news to us.You see i dont often listen to pathological liars in this country.Even in the house of God some people still play politics.The opposition is so right not to attend no service with Hypocritical people.God is not to be mocked, come on only Newyear Sunday people in Govt remember God.

  12. Gaston Browne,please look into that crystal ball and tell me the Powerball numbers for tonight’s drawing. How could you as Prime Minister make such a dumb statement without facts.If Omicron is in Antigua,it has to be factual,not fictionally created by you for attention seeking. I am fully aware of your narcissistic ways,always seeking attention. If the people were to re-elect you. They would deserved what they got and what they are about to get into the future. Selling out of our patrimony,to the Chinese and others of different epidermis types to ours for peppercorn prices.

  13. This is now the time for people to take personal responsibility for their own life. If they do not wish to be vaccinated, if they don’t wish to follow the protocols established. Well so be it. If they catch Covid, please do not go and seek help at the hospital. Just stay at home and nurse yourself. Get the medication you think will heal you. If it gets worse, sorry to be so cruel. But just stay at home and die. Don’t overload our healthcare system. Other people need medical help for other things. Have a prosperous 2022. And may the good Lord bless you.

  14. Mr Prime Minister, I would love to know the school you attended and the name of the teacher who taught you, because it’s very amazing how you can see this new variant in the country. How amazing, also which eye technician you had check at? And also what type of food you were given for lunch, because I’m looking for some super Sonic high power vision. Sorry to tell you Sir only the Most High Yah can see that far . So please stop trying to bribe people with your nasty .
    I saw a woman I have know all my life she took this crap and now her skin is turning white where as she is a very dark person, now the woman don’t look herself. So please stop it as a big man. Lots of people are getting sick from this and now you telling people about Omicron

  15. Goodness.. Gracious… There are over 200+ positive cases now and you’ll that are with Politicalitis are spouting some much do do about the PM. Please protect yourself and loved one’s from this very contagious Omicron strain. Everything is not about you’ll filthy dirty politics games.

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