FULL REPORT: Ollyn Martin is Mr. Antigua 2018


Ollyn Martin has once again become the bodybuilding king of Antigua and Barbuda after out-muscling all competitors in the Antigua and Barbuda Amateur Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Association’s (ABABWA) National championships last evening held at the Multipupose Cultural Center.

The heavyweight last won the title back in 2011.

“It’s been a while since I’ve won the overall so it’s a big big step for me moving forward,” said Martin of his victory.

Martin dominated a three-man field consisting of himself, Cleofoster Francis (2nd place) and third-placed veteran Dale Gardner.

He then went on to defeat tough lightweight champion Elvis Bailey and middleweight champion Rodney George.

Notably absent, however, were last year’s middle and heavyweight champions – Orson Martin and Kenny Jacobs (last year’s Mr. Antigua) respectively. Both athletes were suspended by the bodybuilding association late last year – Jacobs, for breaking code of conduct rules within the association.

The reason for Martin’s suspension is still yet to be revealed by the association.

Of his competitor’s absence, Ollyn said that, “Victory is sweeter when everybody is under the tent, yes. But a win is still a win. Hopefully next year everyone will come under the tent and we can really see who’s who.”

Ollyn will most likely be selected go on to compete in the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation’s Games in Mexico, July 27 – 29. His best finish came in 2009 when he placed second in the heavyweight class.

Other bodybuilding results on the night are as follows:

Classic bodybuilding

Bernard Percival Jr. (1st, middle), Shaquelle Thomas (2nd, Left), and Richard Thomas (3rd, right)

1st Bernard Percival

2nd Shaquelle Thomas

3rd Richard Thomas

Chief Judge Errol Williams has described Percival as the association’s “next pro card winner”. Percival Jr. wowed and enthralled both audience members and co-competitors alike as he showed his class during his routines. Percival too, is very likely to be selected by the association to represent them at the CAC games.

Masters Bikini: Hazel Went

Masters Bikini winner Hazel Went (3rd from left) posing with the other night’s winners

Masters Bodybuilding: Dale Gardner

Perennial Masters Champion, Dale Gardner

Figure Class

OJ Maria Harris (1st, left) and Sher-Rhonda Braithwaite (2nd)

1st Oj Maria Harris

2nd Sher-Rhonda Braithwaite

This decision by the judges left many in the crowd in shock as many thought that Braithwaite simply “checked off more boxes” such as ‘back’, ‘midsection’, etc. Harris herself seemed surprised by the decision as she broke down in tears and could barely hold her composure to receive her first place awards and pose for pictures by members in the media.

NEW CLASS: Bikini Wellness Class

Shari Brown (1st, middle), Shaunette Roach (2nd, left) and Karen Lloyd (3rd, right)

1st Shari Brown

2nd Shaunette Roach

3rd Karen Lloyd

Bikini Open Class

Bikini Open
Kimberly Ephraim (1st, middle), Geanna Jules (2nd, left) and Melissa Seaforth (3rd, right)

1st Kimberly Ephraim

2nd Geanna Jules

3rd Melissa Seaforth

Kimberly Ephraim held onto her crown as she is now 6 time bikini champion despite a strong charge by newcomer Geanna Jules. Jules’s first time in the competition has many of the audience members engrossed with her turns and posses and she sought to take hold of the coveted title held by Ephraim.

Ephraim, however, showed great poise as she withstood the surge from the upcoming Jules.

Ephraim, also, will likely return to the CAC games this year.

Bodybuilding Lightweight

Elvis Bailey (1st, middle), Jonte Barnes (2nd, left), and Danley Hunte (3rd, right)

1st Elvis Bailey

2nd Jonte Barnes

3rd Danley Hunte

Bodybuilding Middleweight

Rodney George (1st, middle), Adriel Joseph (2nd, left), Alfredo Allen (3rd, right)

1st Rodney George

2nd Adriel Joseph

3rd Alfredo “Tunkie” Allen

Men’s Physique A Class

Steve Simon (1st, middle, Josh Matthias (2nd, left) and Brad Benjamin (3rd, right)

1st Steve Simon

2nd Josh Matthias

3rd Brad Benjamin

Men’s Physique B Class

Anthony Nurse (1st, middle), Tony “The Tiger” Jacobs (2nd, left), James Thomas (3rd, right)

1st Anthony Nurse

2nd Tony Jacobs

3rd James Thomas

Defending champion and prohibitive favorite going into the night’s competition Tony “The Tiger” Jacobs fell in defense of a title that he has won every time he choose to compete in that class. Anthony Nurse found favor with the judges and many in the audience as his musculature and form proved just a bit too much for the ‘socarobics’ star Jacobs.

The Men’s B Class physique truly turned out to be one of the most competitive classes for the championships.

Men’s Physique C Class

1st Kenroy Christian

2nd Euston Dickenson

3rd Shaine Anthony

Junior bodybuilding Class

1st Jonte Barnes

2nd Adriel Joseph

3rd Danley Hunte



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  1. What is the definition of “Bikini Wellness”?? Sher-Rhonda Braithwaite must be still pissed at the judges.

  2. Honestly, the show overall production was on point. Kudos to the team!
    Now, In my honest opinion the judging wasn’t 100% fair. Like in the ‘body figure’, it’s either those judges were distracted by the noise or they were all drunk. That was my going home moment. THEY NEED QUALIFIED JUDGES!!!!!

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