Old Treasury Building Will Become The Home Of The Industrial Court


The old Treasury Building, located at the corner of High and Cross Streets, will become the home of the Industrial Court as soon as the building has been retrofitted to meet the requirement of the court.

This was discussed by the members of the Cabinet and Chief of Staff, Lionel Hurst, reports that it is expected that two court rooms will comfortably hold there, as well as offices and other amenities to meet the needs of staff and Judges.

In a previous Cabinet meeting held in the first week of September, the Minister with responsibility for the Industrial Court indicated that the physical state of the building, on Friendly Alley, is deplorable and that Judges and staff find the working conditions there to be unacceptable.

According to Hurst, the court became backlogged but the new location is expected to allow for the backlog to be quickly eliminated.

The Treasury has gone to the State Insurance Building at the southwest corner of upper St. Mary’s Street in a building that took many extra years and millions of dollars in cost-overruns to complete.



  1. Yet another Social Security bad investment of our contributions. Why not sell the building to government. And Asset according the IFRS is not and Asset if you do not have control of that asset. Maybe we will sign a symbolic lease agreement on rent we will never get. Just like the former USA airbase. To many dead assets and non performing assets on their book. It’s more like window dressing the balance seed. Reminds of Stanford valuating Guiana Islands Lands at US$3Billion. Could only happen under GAAP. I urg the new auditors for Social Security to this time around do their job and state fairly the Assets and Liabilities of the Funds as per IFRS. As many assets are impaired.

  2. I think that the Government/Social Security should lease the former Air Force Base/Air Station to the American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine. This is another way that Social Security and the government can make some good revenue. Because having that facility there and not utilizing it properly, it would deteriorated rapidly. Social Security cannot afford to keep up with the maintaining the facility and landscape.

  3. Max Hurst,the Court became backlogged.Because of a lacking in continuous adjudication of cases.Not because of the size of the existing building.It does not matter if you moved to Recreation Ground.If you do not changed the system.It would remain the same.Backlogged of cases.

  4. It will be interesting to know who makes the final decisions of Social Security financial health….. Is it the Social Security Board or is it the minister of finance? Clearly investment seems not to be on the agenda of Social Security….. Lets hope that its not a case of square pegs been placed in round holes….

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