Old Road Man Remanded For Allegedly Shooting At Fellow Villager


Marlon Phoenix of Old Road was remanded to prison on a charge of shooting with intent to murder.

Police alleged the man shot at another Old Road resident, Ickford Carr during an incident in their village on March 27.

Phoenix could not be granted bail when he made an appearance in the All Saints Magistrate Court today since Magistrates do not have the jurisdiction to offer bail for gun-related offences.

He is due back in court in August for committal proceedings, in which the magistrate will examine the evidence and determine if it is sufficient to send the matter to the High Court for trial.


  1. Please don’t feed into the Old Road stereotype with this backward “moonlight-pan-tick” behaviour. The year is 2020. Learn to resolve differences in a mature and healthy manner without resorting to caveman behaviour. Not even Barbuda people gwarn so and they are typecast as backward too. C’mon Old Road people – don’t you have mangoes to pick and sell?

    • @Hmmmm
      Pure ignorance in your comment. Old Road people are probably the only set of people on Antigua that could survive without the rest of the country. No I’m not from there more do I have any affiliation. It’s just facts. One man’s action does not reflect the entire village. No more than it reflects on the entire country.

    • Wait a wha do u. That moonlight story is from urlings people by the way. This thing happens all over antigua. Shootings in grays farm potters point and villa. But quick to judge we country people. Yes some are uneducated but there are plenty educated ones. An farming is in our blood so what or grand parents and great grand parents farmed lands and yes we pick and sell mango. Sure u same one come round here to look mango.

    • U Sound So Stupid Oldroad Ppl Can More Than Survive ! Even if We Sell Mangoes ! This Comment is just PURE IGNORANCE!! Chupz

    • Shut the hell up if you don’t know what to say, its people in general….. not oldroad people…. stupid…. so stay unknown …..

    • I wish some of you all would let your identity known so people can meet you all and box aryou head off aru body. Damn fools.

  2. @hmmmmm
    Why would you say something like that? Should I assume that where you’re from that everyone makes stupid statements? Smh

  3. Please don’t dignify foolish comments eminating from the mouth of a Fool…Hmmmm look into the mirror and you would a reflection of that fool…

  4. @ Hmm U Sound So Stupid Oldroad Ppl Can More Than Survive ! Even if We Sell Mangoes ! This Comment is just PURE IGNORANCE!! Chupz

  5. Do u here much happening in Old Road when it comes to my village i dont give to shit who u are we are backwards check under ur mother u will see where we are duty piece of shit

  6. This shit burn me OLD ROAD me sure u hungry no shit way u day the same damn mango will do ur stinking ass well

  7. Old Road is one of my favorite places in Antigua.The people around the southern end of the Island are very nice.I also have many relatives and friends from that area of the Island.Why are you folks concentrating on the remarks by a jackass.What is wrong with selling mangoes.Not one damn thing.It is best to sell mangoes than to be taking handouts from politicians.

  8. Antigua government immigration policies allowing Jamaican’s and DR’s in are going to bring Antigua down into the criminal wastelands. When is a new Antigua political party going to finally stand-up and say the truth?

  9. @hmmmm. Who are you? Where are you from? You could not be that sweet Antigua Black pineapple associated with the area. In your evil plan to turn brother against brother you resort to your base and baseless attack on the dignity of Barbudans and residents of Old Road with your racist, ignorant stereotypying just so that you can sit back and watch offended non-thinkers behave bsdly. Some statements should just not be dignified by a response. Show your superiority over the likes of hmmmmmm!

  10. The entire Antigua as a matter of fact the whole Caribbean and black Americans are dunces all of you are still slaves and your behaviours and customs are the result of slavery you dunce set of negroes always fighting against one another which the white man started first and you’re carrying it on forward to nothing good! Segregate yourselves on a little piece of rock stating which side of the country does better than the other you people are a bunch of blind idiots you dumb black people wake up and open your eyes!

    • Wow i see that massa allowed ur great great grandma as his bed mate ..n she probably hid som reading materials n ur raped n degraded bloodline enbled u to learn to read n u now think cus massa had ur poor folks inside raping n buggering ur forefather’s genes out ur gran gran while ur great great grandfather watched !YOU THINK U R SMART! contrary my friend!! Dont feed into thinking white whores weren’t raped too during slavery!! N ur superior cus ur white or ur educated cus ur blck n went to college n learnt abt king n his struggle!! U talk down at ur own race or another race ..ur equally an asshole!! Ur not racist!! Your just an intolerable piece of sh*t

  11. The ” dont u have mangoes to sell ” was a direct jab n insult to the villagers of OLD Road i dont condone cus ppl refer to wadadli as third world n poverty ridden because of da same line of thought as ” hmmmmm” but if u r attentive to what his /her comment also says… There is a stereotype attached that he/she states not to feed into also indicating matters can be resolved differently!! In addition, da Barbuda jab ..not cool!! U sent positive msgs n killed it with ur insult so nobody paid any attention to da positive part bcus u were attacking. Ppl!!!! Its either , or HMMMMMM!! world has enough a**holes dont be just another one!!

  12. Yes Old Road people need to stop manifesting the stereotype. Barbaric behaviour is not appropriate in this day and age. Behaving worse than Trump.


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