Officials To “Deal” With Businesses With No Hand Washing Stations

Martin (File Photo)

Chief Health Inspector Sharon Martin says there have only been partial adherence to measures that remain in place to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

“Not fully because we are still seeing people walking around not wearing any face masks, a few business place still don’t have hand washing facilities set up, those that have people are still entering without washing hands.”

Martin says those few businesses without hand washing facilities, “we are going t o deal with them.”

She told state media that these business places will be warned again and will also be given a timeline to put measures in place.

Martin said she prefers hand washing over the spraying of hands with alcohol. When hands are washed the Chief Health Inspector says the company should also provide paper towels for drying of the hands.

She said it is the responsibility of both the business place and the customer to ensure that hand washing is taking place.

Martin also advises that businesses monitor whether hands have been washed before entering.




  1. They don’t even deal with half the current shit going on already, you think they will do anything about this?

  2. Ms Martin:Before you were to go after and deal with businesses not using wash stations.My advice to you would be to go after the Government owned and operated offices.For many of them have nothing in place.What if the businesses offered liquid and sanitary hand wipes as you entered the establishments.Do you still need a wash station.If you need to wash your hands proceed to the bathrooms.

  3. Ms. Martin, please begin at Ministry of Health main reception.
    Sanitizer dispenser often empty.
    Employees often have no masks or mask that only covers mouth not nostrils/nose.
    Distancing was good but has slacked off.
    It would be great if the Ministry of Health could lead by example.

    • For the most part Antiguans have dropped their guards already. When you visit business places, the staff hardly wear their mask. The just trust each other and they find the wearing of masks very uncomfortable. I think we need to have a renewed drive enforcing the protocols. And the sad thing us if God forbid we have one community spread all hell would break lose. And the PM would have to lock down the country once again. Therefore I urge the PM and Minister Joseph to look at this slackness that is taking place and do something about it. And yet start with the government institutions. Let health workers go around un-announced and pay several business places visits to see how people are abiding by the protocols.

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