Officials prepare for the arrival of even more tourists


As Antigua and Barbuda prepares for an increase in air arrivals this month, the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment has put measures in place to make the screening process for Covid-19 even more efficient.

Ministry officials, led by Health Minister, the Honourable Molwyn Joseph, installed nine new health declaration desks at the V C Bird International Airport on Friday.

These purpose built desk will assist health officials in carrying out the necessary screening of arriving passengers more efficiently while at the same time maintaining social distance.

These desk even have an extra layer of protection, the plexiglass, which will serve as a barrier between the health officials and the passengers in addition to their masks, face shields and other personal protective equipment.

The installation was completed ahead of the increased number of arrivals expecred from the three airlines which arrived in Antigua on Saturday.

In addition to the installation of the health desks, the Ministry has also made arrangements to have additional personnel on site to mitigate against a lengthy processing time.



  1. Hmmm… I wonder if the hotel workers can apply for a job with this preparation for visitor arrival increase at VC bird airport or maybe ex-LIAT personnel…Hmmm

  2. I like the colors, but that plywood looks real tacky. One of the hardware stores couldn’t donate some marble countertop/siding?
    Cheap and tasteless is the first thing that comes to mind….just like some of the risky/dumb ideas we have come up with to make money. #virtualvacationing

  3. My plywood, remain at your station please. Perhaps when we are out of teak, oak, mahogany etc, we’ll give you a shout.

  4. With the haste of getting tourists back to Antigua, let’s say to heck with Covid 19. One thing that will probably save Antiguans from this scourge is that many would be tourists don’t have money to travel. Hope many tourists from Florida stay home with the high number of cases there.

  5. Corian (registeredtrademark) or granite or marble. These (not wood) are better for areas where one has to wipe and disinfect regularly. Also, Corian does not encourage fungal growth.

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