Officials Deny Preferential Treatment For Overseas Doctors In Medical Internships


(Hurst Cabinet Notes)

The Medical Director was told that one young man made the claim that a majority of young doctors who are allowed to join the internship program at the MSJMC are from countries other than Antigua and Barbuda.


The Medical Director provided the facts showing that to be a false claim. The annual number allowed is 12 and there can be as many as 26 applicants.


Every applicant cannot be accepted, or must wait for a succeeding year to gain acceptance to the internship program, he informed.



  1. Which countries are ALL of the current interns at the hospital from? Give us a total rundown of all 26, not their names, but their citizenship. Thank you.

  2. Antigua and Barbuda born citizens should always be at the front of the line and get first priority, if qualified. When the Antigua/Barbuda list finish, only then foreign doctors can be considered. Simple as that. Citizens have the priority.

      • Who the heck is Sherfield Bowen??? What’s that dude got to do with hospital doctor internship?????

        • @Charles:That two legged donkey(GR8 )is trying to derail this serious issue at Mount St.John. Antiguans and Barbudans should all be first on the internship list.That Hospital is financed with our Tax dollars.Our MBS dollars are pumped into that place to keep its doors opened.We should never be second class citizens inna Antigua and Barbuda.

  3. Show us the grants that have been paid back by students ! Why is nobody looking into this SCANDAL ! Years ago they graduated and never pay 1 dollar. Maybe because nobody asked them. I guess that makes it ok.

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