Officials Announce First COVID-19 Death, New Cases


A 48-year-old man has become the first person to die of COVID-19 in Antigua & Barbuda.

Chief Medical Officer Rhonda-Sealey Thomas told a news conference today that the man was admitted on April 4th.

The man arrived at the hospital with a cough and other symptoms. He also had pre-exisiting medical complications namely diabetes.

He died two hours later.

Sealey-Thomas says the news was sad.

There are now 19 positive COVID-19 cases in Antigua after five came back positive, one was a repeat.




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    • Um because the test was done before and unfortunatly we have to send the samples to Barbaos to be tested so obviously the results came back today. My goodness the way we as a people behave. Always being negative.

  1. This is the ALARM some people need. The ignorance and stupidness out there is unbelievable. Hard headedness is going to destroy many. This is serious business. May the gentleman Rest In Peace, and may his soul be forever in the hands of Jesus. Many more will die. It’s time get right with God, including all the politicians. Otherwise, soon the death angel will visit every home.

  2. RIP.This is so sad.Please all,adhere to the physical distancing of 6 feet.Especially those of you with underlying health issues.

  3. They are lying about covid 19 deaths ,the death is not related to any coronavirus, they are trying to scare us into thinking that this coronavirus is dangerous, y’all do y’all research people. This coronavirus was planned a longtime ago, people wake up

    • @Concern citizen – If you have worked or are working in an Intensive Care Unit looking after Covid patients, or have a Phd in viral science , I will take you seriously. Since I know what you’re speaking is rubbish, forgive me if I ignore your internet fuelled conspiracy rhetoric. As Mr Trump is finding out… You can’t trick science.

  4. We’re is the proof because the doctor said so how we know they’re telling us the thruth. What they’re trying to tell me that they don’t know about 5G radiation or electromagnetic radiation that affects the body by causing flu like symptoms

    • Where is your proof ? So every doctor and scientist in the WORLD is in on this conspiracy… Laughable… So how does 5G affect the body…. What is your education level.. do you understand how “electromagnets” affect the body? So “they” trying to scare us? What are you doing? The same damn thing… Excepts they have actual proof where you have …. Nothing but stupidity

  5. May his soul rest in peace..hope some of us realize the importance of social distanting..ppl this is very serious we need to follow the guidelines as a people if we gonna beat this ting as a nation..we gonna have time to get back to our normal life very soon…lets ride it out together!

  6. We knew this day was coming… May his soul rest in peace, and may his soul be a reminder to those who think this situation is a joke!

    This pandemic does not recognise wealth, status or social standing. We are only as strong as our weakest link, and for the sake of the country as a whole, we have to be responsible for everyone!

    The person you look down on, may well be the person that acts as a carrier and passes this on to someone you love. For those that think it’s ok to carry on as normal because you are not at risk, you are wrong. For God’s sake, and the sake of your loved one’s, follow the advice and stay at home. Look at global media, and see what is happening. Antigua is now experiencing the fatal effects of this virus, which means there will be more death, unless you follow the advice being given. This is not about politics people, this is about our lives.

  7. COVID19 strategy

    1 Zone the country by establishing the parishes and Barbuda.

    2 Create strategic check points maned by soldiers not police offices at borders for parishes.

    3 No one is permitted to move outside of parish.

    4 Establish medical icu facility, hospital, quarantine, police, supermarket and media etc in each zone.

    5 Curfew 24/7 with a hotline to call if supplies runs low. At no time should anyone one be allowed on a public road without calling the toll free hotline first.

    6 Supplies should be delivered to homes period.

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