Officer Slack Pleads Guilty To Sex With 11-year-old


Police Officer Newton Slack, 50, pleaded guilty to sexual intercourse with an underage girl in the High Court today.

The crime was committed in Herberts in 2017 when the girl was only 11-years-old and under the laws of Antigua could not consent to sexual intercourse.

The judge told Slack he is looking at a substantial sentence.

The sentencing hearing was set for July this year.

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  1. Some men just disgust me to the core!!!. An 11 yr old!?…How? Just how can “annnny” man look on a child in a sexual way!!…Castrate them in public when they do these things!!.
    His last name really proves who he is.. “slack”!. (Nasty man)Shame on you and all other men and women who have done or is doing it! Judgment shall come upon you all!
    Im just disgusted! God eyes are wide open!!!

  2. Officer Slack is true to his name….S L A C K and should be dealt with severely at the punishment phase. I am sickened at these mature men who interferes with these underage girls. There are many other such cases that are covered up and should be bought to light. S L A C K will have enough time in 1735 to ponder and repent for his slackness.

  3. Is that a gold tooth in his mouth? Didn’t know Antigua mined gold. To think he is a police officer who is suppose to uphold the law. Jail him for a very long time. He is lucky he is luck he is not in some countries where he would be castrated or dealt with by the other inmates.

  4. Anr please take this comment down. The article is printed that way to protect the child from possible harassment by her peers.

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