Off-Duty Policeman Injured in Armed Robbery at Roti King


An armed robbery at Roti King on Saturday night resulted in an off-duty police officer being shot and injured.

According to reports, two individuals armed with guns entered the establishment just after 10pm and demanded money.

The off-duty officer, who happened to be nearby, intervened and confronted the robbers, resulting in an exchange of gunfire that left him wounded below his right knee.

The robbers managed to flee with an unspecified amount of money and were not harmed. The injured officer is currently receiving medical attention.

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  1. Prime Minister Browne, the country is slowly spiralling out of control, and it looks like the criminal fraternity ah run tings (and this is not the first attempted robbery on Roti King).

    Why do you keep shying away from this awful and nasty rise in violent criminality in the country?

    Many right minded Antiguans already realise that you are not fit for high office, but my word man, what is wrong with you that you can’t tackle crime in Antigua with the same vigor as you do when you pursue LITIGIOUS matters?

    If you made the same approach as the above mentioned, the crime rate would be reduced in no time at all.

    Prove to autochthonous Antiguans that you care about the country and do something now!

    I’m already hearing from one or two diaspora family/friends who no longer want to invest or come back to home to live here.


    • U sound so dunce… so is Gaston that have ppl doing crime now??? Crime gonna be around weather blue … red… green don’t matter who in power.

      • @ Blame Gaston. A man calling someone dunce, but doesn’t know the difference between weather and whether usage. Go figure.

      • You cudda fool me. I always thought that crime was of a particular colour. I learnt that from 2004 through 2014 because that’s all I heard from the then opposition. When was that theory proven to be incorrect?

      • Ahhhh, another damn foolish fooley fool shooting the messenger instead of putting the blame where it lies!

        Readers will make up their own minds who really is the DUNCE @ Blame Gaston – you ignorant nutcracker …

        • One also notes the grammar isn’t your strong point.

          Listen mi boss, when you challenge the GREAT grammarian Brixtonian prepare yourself good.

          From the Sideline, can’t do it, Bluddy Bloke has disappeared into the ether, and tenman is an absolute lost case when it comes to debating sensibly, all because their worship of Gaston Browne is distracting them from making any sense.

          SIMPLE REALLY!

          • Here’s a cookie 🍪…now go back in your corner and continue to blame the government for your life… don’t focus on the right things and it will be another 20… 40 years…

          • @ Blame Gaston, any views on the CURRENT topic?

            Thought not, because you are so blinded by ABLP’S mismanagement of the country that you cannot see the woods for the trees.

            If there was an award for ignorance, or the support of the the self-enriched Gaston Browne and his cabinet members, you would win hands down.

            Oh BTW, thanks for the cookie 🍪


  2. Really getting wild out there. The heart of man is VISCOUS! EVIL!. Sad to say: It is only going to get worse. We aint seen anything yet. Signs of the end of times.


    For the people who perpetrate these hideous crimes: Your day of judgment will come sooner than you can imagine. It won’t be easy. You may escape the Justice system of man, but rest assured NO WAY WILL YOU ELLUDE THE RIGHTEOUS JUDGE WHEN HE CALLS your name.

    Your loot and your shoot CANNOT SAVE YOU. You live by the sword, you will perish in even greater tragedy.

    Wake up, you fools. Why gain the loot of this world and lose your soul. FOOOLS !


  3. Always telling reading the comments especially from brix.clearly it seems like Gaston knuckle him
    Was it Maria or some lady before her? One thing for sure the pm is not bothered by such and will continue to do what’s best for our nation. I am of the opinion that a (one) method to help is for us to quickly move away from so much cash (paper) transactions. Time to push for the population to embrace digital ec cash.

    • Here’s a wonderful hymn for you to enjoy tenman. I’ve adapted slightly just for you:

      🎶’ I Love You Gassssston, And I lift My Voice 🎵 … Oh My Soul rejoice … I Worship You … Oh My Gassssston Browne 🎶

      Let It Be a Sweeet Sweeet Sound In Your Ears …🎵

      Enjoy boss! 😁

  4. all these wanna be badman and when they get caught looking sympathy after they don’t rob shoot and kill ppl pickney

    Business places also need to ban young men from entering with pants under their ass.

  5. He of high places needs to be thrown overboard so that this nation can become great again. All the corruption and crime have become unbearable.

    Proverbs 28:11- The rich man is wise in his own conceit; but the poor that hath understanding searcheth him out.

    Galatians 6:7 – Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    Amen, so let it be.

    • @Smh. Yes the corrupt leaders with no plan have make our beloved nation of Antigua and Barbuda the laughing stock of the Caribbean. But the heartless P.M, the game player, will reap everything that he sow because God is looking down from above laughing because He knows that the P.M time will come.

  6. People,People,People, Criminals do not give one damn your Political Affiliations. They would see the cheese and go after it regardless of your politics. That Roti King seems to be a target for criminals.There are too many guns in Antigua.Gun Crimes are on the rise in my Little Paradise on Earth,Antigua. That and other forms of crimes need to be curtailed now,not tomorrow. Good luck,ANU.

  7. Is there a hatred of this owner? Roti king been in the news several times and seems to be an easy target. What’s the procedure? You call the CID, they get up, put on uniform, polish them shoes, sit outside and wait for a vehicle to return that will then transport to the scene of the crime.
    How could all these crimes take place without any arrest especially in St John? It’s like no business is safe, and don’t even talk bout security system, since security system and police must go hand in hand and this not happening.
    Criminals are in full control knowing they can strike any time and just dissappear. We need more vehicles, walking around on foot is a waste unless it’s Carnival or some festivity. You put two officers in a vehicle, map out their patrol routes, give them a few working radio along with gear and this is their daily itinerary.

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