OECS leaders discuss SVG’s La Soufriere in emergency meeting


Pointe FM: Prime Minister Gaston Browne is among OECS Heads of Government meeting virtually in an emergency session to discuss the volcanic activity associated with La Soufriere in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

According to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), the alert level for the volcano is now at orange, the third highest of four levels due to increased activity.

Sources say heads will likely discuss an evacuation plan for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, should the situation worsen. One source further revealed that if it reaches that stage, Antigua and Barbuda may be among several territories that will be asked to take in Vincentians that are affected.

Confirmation was sought from Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister, Ambassador Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst who said at the moment, the Vincentian government is not evacuating residents. However, he noted, “should that occur, we are obliged under the RSS and OECS treaties to come to its [SVG] rescue.”

The meeting was convened earlier on Thursday.

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  1. As we close off this historic year of 2020 and move into the new year; one can ask the question : WHAT WIL BE NEW ? Someone once said “News” should be termed “OLDS” because the news never have anything new. It is always the same old sad stories of human tragedies and pain.

    So ” what will be new in the new year ? ”

    The only truthful response to the question is the fact that things will continue as always with increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters, violence, ethnic tensions, criminal acts and yes….more devastating global diseases (pandemics). It was a not surprise when earlier this week; the World Health Organization (WHO); proclaimed that this Covid-19 “pandemic is not the last and is not the worse”. In other words, We haven’t seen anything yet !
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    Already, we are looking at the probable eruption of the volcano in the windward islands. This could be disastrous for the OECS. Greater displacement of people; which usually leads to cultural strife and conflicts. I always tell persons that one of the great blessings of the African Slave Trade is the end result that we here in the Caribbean now CANNOT VALIDLY IDENTIFY OURSELVES WITH ANY SPECIFIC ETHNIC GROUP OR TRIBE IN AFRICA TODAY. IF WE COULD, CERTAINLY WHAT WE SEE HAPPENING IN MANY AFRICAN COUNTRIES (TRIBAL CONFLICT AND STRIFE) WOULD BE PREVALENT IN THE CARIBBEAN . So much for all who want to be repatriated to Africa. Heck…do you really want to go the mess that exists in most African nations today. The Caribbean is blessed in that sense.
    The current Covid-19 pandemic is a far way from being over. We may go through all of 2021 much the same way as we have 2020.
    The short term outlook for this world is REALLY BLEAK !
    The truth is God has left us a handbook with all the instructions for healthy, peaceful and prosperous living, but we prefer our own way. How foolish it is that a creation (humanity) believes that it knows better and more than the Creator. Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever ! Yet, we are free moral beings. God would NEVER deny us of that right. NEVER would He attempt to force His will on us. That is not love….that is ROBOTIZATION !
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    When will mankind learn ?
    Yet; There is still great hope. The Creator’s handbook offers that hope. Once there is life, there is hope. It is left to each man/woman to make that choice: GOOD or EVIL ! LIFE or DEATH !
    I plead with Antiguans and Barbudans to chose LIFE !
    2020 should be a wake up call for humanity. We are close to the end of the line. Time as we know it is running short on us and swiftly so too.
    Just look around, these are not normal times. Those who choose to bury their heads in the sand and wish to will REALITY AWAY: IT JUST WILL NOT HAPPEN !

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    I do pray for a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2021 for everyone.


  2. We in the Caribbean belong to the tribe of benjamin, the north american blacks belongs to the tribe of judah which our lord and savior Jesus Christ is from we belong to the 12 tribes of israel according to the holy bible and historical books and relics. We do not come from an African tribe we are not African but israelites we are and because of not being able to read and write during slavery we to his day do not know who we are and where we came from but read Deuteronomy the 28 chapter and up will clearly identify us as who we are. Wake up black people and read don’t let the saying continue if you want to hide something from a black person hide it in a book! We are the israelites God’s chosen people out of all nations of people on the planet is who Christ Jesus came to save and not the whole world stop taking john3:16 out of context! Iuic youtube israelites united in Christ for more information

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    The choice is the destiny that we chose. The character that we build and develop in this life; that is all that counts. Every man has a right to decide his own destiny…so said; so true. From whence we came has no bearing on our destiny. We; between birth and death, must make those choices: to decide on our destination.
    As I said, A loving God does NOT force His will upon His creation. If that was the case, then it would not be love at all, but rather manufacturing “robots”. Then we would have a world of people living in a the way that they did not choose ( by free moral agency) and that is a dangerous recipe for serious rebellion.
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    So whether we believe that we are benjaminite, Jew, African, Russian, Chinese…..all stand equal. No ancestral background provides any group or race with special privileges.
    We are all on this sinking ship called : Earth
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    We face perilous times ahead of us. Still Hope is pleading with us to turn onto the good path and experience the different consequences. Common sense should surely tell us that our evil way has brought all this misery…so why not try the other way: THE WAY THAT THE CREATOR HAS OUTLINED FOR US FROM THE BEGINNING !


  4. I see the zealots are out in full force today. We are not tribes of any Israelites. The slavers did not offload their cargo in the Caribbean and US colonies by tribe, they did according to demand. The slavers also did their best to separate families and members of same tribes to prevent communication and mutiny onboard and rebellion on the plantations. How we miraculously became of the same tribe is puzzling. But don’t let the facts get in the way if your pie in the sky fantasies. Carry on.

    • And ofc the slavers didn’t offload by tribe but it’s where we have been settled and it’s God’s plan not man!

  5. @ dessalines and how do you know we don’t come from such tribes ? The holy bible is our book not the whole worlds book and it does matter which tribe we came from we are the israelites us the latinos and native american indians are israelites wether you believe it or not all the curses fit us every single one of them because to this day we reject God’s commandments laws and statutes and rather than doing the research which was hidden from us you’d rather bicker and say it’s not true and of course you love the enemy to say this without proof!@ world crysis end soon come here is a scripture to see what God says about other nations of people Deuteronomy 7-6-9 always the kjv because all bibles after that have been tampered with! Also here’s a next scripture to show you god hates the rest nations of people excepting us as the israelites Deuteronomy 7-14 revelations 21:12 and I can go on and on and on and just to let you know it’s not adventise, jehovah witness, catholic anglican nor moravian or any of these man made religions which were created by the enemy during slavery we are the real israelites the bible speaks of wether you want to believe it or not fight it or leave it that’s our culture and history real historical proof why don’t you guys do the research for yourself and see israelites united in Christ google/youtube our north american brothers from the tribe of judah bishop Nathaniel and have your kjv bible along with you to read along and be prepared to be blown away!

  6. And of course who has ears let him hear thats why it’s 144 thousand of us will rule the new coming kingdom after the Lord destroys this world with nuclear power by 12 thousand of us from 12 tribes because the rest of you are still in disbelief 12 gates in heaven for the 12 tribes with each of our tribes names written on these gates!

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