OECS Authority Issues Statement On BVI Situation


The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) has noted with great concern the evolving situation in the British Virgin Islands involving the arrest of Premier Andrew Fahie on alleged drug conspiracy charges and the release of the UK Government report on the Commission of Inquiry (COI). CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP

Like all persons charged with a criminal offense, Andrew Fahie is entitled to the presumption of innocence, procedural fairness, and a free and a fair trial within a reasonable time.

The OECS has noted the position taken by the duly elected Government of the BVI which, while welcoming the recommendations arising from the Inquiry, rejects the intention of the British Government to impose direct rule on the BVI.

It is clear to us that, in principle, it is ill advised to impose direct colonial rule and the history of such imposition in the Caribbean has never delivered the desired result.

The OECS concurs with the elected representatives of the people of the BVI that abolition of Parliament with direct rule from London represents a retrograde step in the evolution of the democratic process that is inconsistent with the United Nations Proclamation of Human Rights to be free of colonial rule.

The UN Declaration on granting independence to colonial countries and peoples – Resolution 1514 of 1960 is an international commitment to which Britain is itself bound.

The historical responsibility for strengthening governance in the BVI must rest on the shoulders of the elected representatives and the people of the BVI themselves. That ultimately will be the guarantee of good governance and full, transparent accountability.

We strongly urge the British Government to work with and support the elected Parliament in this process of rectification.

The OECS for its part, is willing and ready to provide technical and other support required by the BVI as an Associate Member State in addressing the governance issues that need attention.

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  1. COLONIAL RULES smh 🤦‍♂️ OECS is full of 💩 if it’s an issue let’s go all the way and drop the Governor Generals plus anything that has to do with the UK. What a day that would be for politicians to run wild but hey it’s happening already, how much more will be caught? What we need is more colonial rules to keep the politicians looking over their shoulders and just maybe we would get better governance and accountability.

  2. Soon they’ll be coming for EVERY corrupt leader in the Caribbean. It’s a great move. Get the scamps out.

    • The wheels of justice can be slow. But as you can see. The ALPHABET BOYS do not act hastily. They let you live your big life. Travel the world. Come and go as you like. All the while painstakingly build there case.

      When the lifestyle does not match the salary. They will look and I mean look deep. So those that think that they outside of the long arms and the net that they cast. They’re sadly mistaken.

      They’re time will soon come. ie R. Allen Stanford, Leroy King, Jack Warner and associates….the trail always has a start, middle and end.

  3. On reading the Commission of Enquiry Report, I had to do a double check that they were talking about BVI and not Antigua.
    Crown Lands, Immigration corruption, illegally issued passports, corruption in the justice system, including the police, corruption in the customs department, ministers and public officials involved in corrupt activities, grant monies not accounted for. Funds to buy BVI airways not accounted for. And more.
    I will them thieving and corrupt politicians and their accomplices that Uncle Sam knows everything and what they don’t know, they can make up when they are ready for you.
    A reporter asked the governor why he waited until after the arrest of the Premier to bring out the report when he had it for a while and whether he was involved the premier’s arrest, of course he said no. But enquiring minds will believe that the arrest at this time cleared the way for the governor to take control and complete the inquiry. Officials are going to jail, whether in Miami or BVI.

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