OCTOBER 24: By-election day in St. Mary’s South


Candidates George and Simon Outline Their Visions for St. Mary’s South Ahead of By-election

St. Mary’s South, October 23, 2023 – With the highly anticipated by-election in St. Mary’s South set to take place today, candidates Dwayne George of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) and Kelvin Simon of the United Progressive Party (UPP) have issued heartfelt messages to their constituents, sharing their visions for the future of this vibrant community.

Dwayne George, the ABLP candidate, began his message by expressing profound gratitude to the community for the opportunity to serve them over the past 82 days. He highlighted the pride he feels for the positive impact he and the community have made together. George appealed to voters with a promise of continued dedication to their betterment and unity in their shared goal of bringing progress and prosperity to St. Mary’s South.

“I am inspired by your unwavering support and faith in me,” George said, “and I promise to act with compassion, care, and integrity every step of the way.”

In contrast, Kelvin Simon, the UPP candidate, focused his message on holding the current government accountable for the years of alleged neglect the community has faced. Simon criticized the Gaston Browne Government for the closure of healthcare facilities, lack of proper police and fire stations, poor infrastructure, unemployment, high living costs, and other issues that have affected the daily lives of St. Mary’s South residents.

Simon also highlighted the timing of the government’s recent attention to these issues, accusing them of rushing to address them only due to the upcoming by-election. “They think we will forget their 9 years of deliberate neglect,” Simon asserted.

He emphasized that the community deserves better and should not be fooled or bought by political maneuvers.

Simon presented a series of detailed plans to improve the community, including youth empowerment programs, vocational school development, support for farmers and fishermen, and the enhancement of sports facilities.

He pledged to work collaboratively with the community to realize these objectives.

The contrasting messages from the two candidates reflect the diversity of opinions and priorities in St. Mary’s South as the by-election approaches. Both candidates have underscored the importance of community unity and a commitment to making the area a better place for its residents.

As St. Mary’s South voters prepare to cast their ballots on October 24, the choice between these two candidates will be crucial in determining the future direction of this vibrant community.

The by-election serves as an opportunity for residents to voice their opinions and bring about the changes they believe are needed for their community’s growth and prosperity.

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  1. Mr. Simon all the Way. Is so Dwayne George say. But Dwayne George is just not ready. He could not articulate his plans on ABS. He needs some more time to learn his recitation. Maybe Burford can help him if Gaston is willing to make the investment in George.

  2. Shuggg I really want you too give Dwayne an EPIC ASS WHOPPING TODAY

    PPL OF SMS dnt be fooled excerise your POWER TODAT RESTORE SHUGGY


  3. 23% percent WIN margin last time in St Mary’s South.

    What will the percentage WIN be this time?

    Will it be slightly smaller this time around for the magnificent and Honourable Kelvin Shuggy Simon?

    Or will the turncoat Dwayne ‘Judas’ George be heavily defeated, and then removed by Gaston Browne and NEVER to be heard or seen again in the political arena?


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