OCS student stabbed eight times


A classroom altercation between two 2nd form students at the Ottos Comprehensiveve School has turned bloody.

According to reports, one student is in police custody and another has been hospitalised with eight stab wounds.

A knife was allegedly used to commit the act during a remedial class.

It is not certain why the two boys were fighting but based on reports it could be a long-standing feud.

Antigua News Room will bring more details as they become avaibale.

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  1. these kids are sicken right now, who the hell walk with knife to school. school is place where you go to learn your lesson and get a education. OCS always having some kind of stabbing up. this school needs a security officer or a police officer to search there bags. now look at this you putting your parents in hot water now.

    • FYI These things are not unique to OCS alone. The “media” just makes it its business to highlight this particular school. You, the public, will never ever hear about such things taking place in other so-called “elite” schools. So give the school a break! Everyone who works there has been, and is doing, his/her best to deal with the wide variety of students there. You push them out and the teachers and administration have to deal with them….all the whole bunch of apples, good and bad.

      You also need to remember, or at least try to take into consideration, that some of the students do not have proper family structures in place. They live by what they know. What they know is street life…survival…society has taught them that harsh lesson, not OCS.

      So, before you cast judgement on the Ottos Comprehensive School students, staff and administration (once again…my “reading” public) kindly bear in mind that such things do happen on a wider scale all over the island, and even worst, in the world.

      The media just LOVES OCS……

      P.S. News reporters..it would be extremely refreshing if you would visit the school and find out about some of the many POSITIVE things that the school, and students in particular, have been/and are doing. Teachers won’t give up on them, even though you may have.

    • skyy I never asked for your grammar or spelling check, since you think you are a scholar, we are talking about these kids for today. as my ten year old son told me. parents needs to listen to their kids when they come home with problem to them.

  2. Ifvabfoundation is faulty, boobs agree that one day what has built on it will eventually caved in??? Yes it will, so let’s stop putting all the blame on the kids… It’s time we start looking at the very foundation… Yes, some adults may have raised the child up in a respectable manner but there’s always something around that influenced them…. There’s TV programmes they are allowed to watch, the music they are allowed to listen to… It’s time we call spade a spade and stop entirely blaming the youths… Even us in the society have a role to play in the up bringing of these youths… Are we taking the time to listen to them, they too have issues to deal with whether we want to admit it or not…. By the way we can place security guards all over the school, it won’t make much of a difference because the problem is a spiritual, mental one… Then there’s prayer, the Bible… Are they been taught the word of God… Then there’s the church, instead of fighting against each other, have activities that would stimulate positivity in our youths…. Take the fight to the streets for our kids… Pull down, uproot evil altars erected to keep our kids in bondage… Arise our sluggard church and clothe yourself in saw cloth and ashes for our youths and stop the religious politics… My ppl we are losing our youths, let’s wake up and play the role we are called to play in their lives… Let’s stop allowing the media, TV to raise our children… Let’s take back our children… LOVE iand prayer are the answers..

  3. Many times children take weapons to school for protection. I knew a student who was bullied and threatened and beaten up every single day – by the school bullies. He had no choice. He was afraid for his life and terrified every day at school. He didn’t want to go to school. He was miserable. It affected his life at home. It affected his school marks. It affected everything. I’m not saying this is the case in this article, but it very well could be. I’m wondering if there are any teachers keeping an eye out during recess and lunch breaks. I’m more than sure there aren’t.

  4. People always ah blame church when parents fail to do their job in raising children the right way. They so want to show how we should be following the church and encouraging them to do the right thing. I bet if the church called a halt to carnival and all the fetes , the same people would blow a fuse. Don’t blame church man. We have to lead by example.

  5. I must endorse the comments of my colleague. It was just last term we were showcasing the talents of the students in our care and NOT ONE media house decided to promote the positives. However without a call you are here to bring down the name of the school. This is the school with the most if NOT ALL the level 4’s and 5’s. That is the students who cannot read or count to more that 20. Most teachers are not trained in any school to deal with these children but we are teachers so we try our best with no real appreciation from the general public. We at Ottos have to play Police, lawyer, doctor, counsellor and more to these children who for some do not have much parental guidance or even food on their tables. I beg the public to stop casting blame and to begin speaking into being the good of our beloved school, OTTOS COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL……as we gain SUCCESSS THROUGH PERSEVERANCE.

  6. Hmmmm .i really wonder why i have never seen any WHITE INDIVIDUALS attending that school …..and don’t get the spanish people them mixed up for cucasions .

  7. Agreed once something goes wrong society is quick blame the church this is so wrong ,God ain’t no sea saw up and down. We need to be parents an we need to teach our children to be children. And in order for us to that we need to know God for ourselves and what he expects from us as parents then we can train them up the right way..its time we get back to basics.

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