OceanGate Announces the Loss of CEO and Four Explorers in Devastating Incident

L-R Hammish Harding, Shahzada Dawood, Suleman Dawood, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, Stockton Rush

SOURCE: Ocean Gate – OceanGate, in a solemn statement, has declared that CEO Stockton Rush, Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood, Hamish Harding, and Paul-Henri Nargeolet are now presumed to have tragically lost their lives.

These men, known for their adventurous spirits and dedication to exploring and safeguarding the oceans, will be deeply missed.

OceanGate extends its heartfelt condolences to the families of these five individuals, emphasizing the profound impact they had on the lives of those around them.

The news of their loss has deeply affected OceanGate’s devoted employees, who are currently experiencing exhaustion and profound grief.

The entire OceanGate family expresses gratitude to the numerous individuals and organizations from the international community who worked tirelessly and provided extensive resources during the search mission.

Their unwavering commitment to locating these five explorers and their relentless efforts to support the crew and their families are greatly appreciated.

The entire community of explorers mourns the loss of these courageous individuals, as do the family members who have lost their loved ones at sea.

During this incredibly painful period, the families respectfully request privacy and understanding from the public.

The tragic incident has cast a somber mood over the explorer community, reminding everyone of the inherent risks involved in venturing into the unknown depths.

OceanGate and the international community stand together in honoring the memory of these remarkable individuals and in offering support to their grieving families during this most challenging time.







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  1. Wonder if that $1.0M they paid collectively could have helped with some noble cause or whether corruption would have meant any true intent wouldn’t get served!!!

  2. All I can think is refugees capsize no one cares – some billionaires on joy rides go missing – it seems like multiple navy’s are instantly searching

    • Not even the people who smuggled them here cared one bit. They have collected all the money from those poor souls and left them to take some dangerous risks to get what was promised. Criminals they are.

    • @big up – whether it was the rich or the refugees, both accepted the risks of their actions.

  3. This just shows you how corrupt the deal is with these Africans that were promised a deal to be brought to Antigua with the understanding they will provided with fresh passports and a passage on to the USA . They brought them in under the auspecis of being ” rich business tourist’ but when the deal went south and the real victims ‘ the so- refugee’s ‘ start complaining and demanding that the Antigua Government and magic Mike keep up their end of the bargain, they turn theirs backs on them,and then try to wash their hands from this fiasco. That’s when they start calling them ‘refugee’s’ appearing as to be doing these Africans a favor by bringing them out of Africa.
    They were not refugee’s! A deal was struck with this Antigua Government, and GOA turned it’s back on these people, and that’s the reason they start rebelling and hiring boats to leave on, because they say to hell with this corrupt government. Smart people know what happened here. Why would any so-call refugee choose a struggling island like Antigua to be it’s refuge? Why, because they didn’t make a deal as refugee’s with the Gaston Browne administration, they made a business deal as the business people they are, and then when they came, some very high people bailed on them. How many refugee’s you know have that kind of serious money to be moved around like that? Very few, and these people had thousands of dollars in their procession which they used to payoff boat captains and a few others to get them around from point at to point be.

    Let’s not be fooled here, no matter what good intent this government seems to have, in this money hungry world that we live in today, no one do these kinds of things for anyone unless serious money is involved, not me, not you, and certainly not this Corrupt Government that have made similar corrupt deals in the past with similar results…just simply messy and tacky on all levels.

    So now you’ll see that this African fiasco was no good deed that was intended, it was a corrupt deal gone bad, real bad and fast.

    The Gatson Browne administration is only stirring up the Shuggy Simons foolishness so smart Antiguans will chase after this story and forget about the autrosities of this so-call ‘refugee’ corrupt deal.

    Wake up Antiguans, please wake up. This island is not going anywhere fast with this current administration in power, trust me on dat.

  4. @Islanman26 – you asked “Why would any so-call refugee choose a struggling island like Antigua to be it’s refuge”?

    Simple, because there are parts of the US that are so bad that even the poorest refugees from Venezuela want to be moved to Canada because they can’t deal with the filth and crime in places like New York City.

    My wife and I are considering your beautiful island as our next home. For all your problems you have a wonderful society by and large of wonderful people…that’s good enough.

    Always remember my friend that it can always be worse that what you experience

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