Observer radio personality charged with more financial crimes


Media personality, Janice Samuel is facing prison time after being charged with over a dozen counts of obtaining money under false pretences.

These latest charges are in relation to over $100,000 that police allege the woman illegally took from H2one Ltd in Hodges Bay between March and July this year.

Samuel, who co-hosts a program on Observer Radio, was remanded to Langford’s Police Station today pending a bail hearing tomorrow.

Just last week, Samuel received a two-year suspended sentence after admitting to stealing money from Connies Comfort Suite, where she worked as a consultant in 2016.

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  1. I believe she was a trojan horse sent to discredit the observer snake pit. Well played top

    • You have such a great imagination that I think you should consider writing conspiracy novels. I look forward to reading some of them.

    • Really!!!!! Don’t forget that the snake pit was already discredited. Like you forget 10 years of history. Don’t forget monies being paid out by board of education for works that was never done!!!

    • @ juju beard
      My brother old people use to say and they still say it….”It is better to be considered a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it”

      The top dawg is not responsible for personal decisions made by the snake pit.

      I am almost certain the snake pit would frown on your comment.

      ANR should consider bringing back the agree disagree tab….

  2. This woman is a complete fraud. She is also wanted in the UK for embezzlement and ran away and abandoned her children. She is fake, fake, fake!

    • she was not raise like that. Beth must be turning in her grave. Not to mention her mother. Sister J please stop it. i dont know what else to tell you but you need help. can u imagine how all this affect your children? they can read and i know they are stupid. u keep runnin it must ketch up with you one day and it look as if today is the day.

  3. She was a regular guest of the host but she never worked there-as far as I know. Never really liked her being there because I never thought she really understood the Antigua society.

    • “I never thought she really understood the Antigua society.”

      Neither does PAUL QUINN, but do you see him teefin?

  4. She is a common and notorious theif! She needs to go to jail and be removed from society. If not she will do it again and again!

  5. As someone mentioned newsco is duty bound to investigate their finances to see if they too was also fleeced….

    Newsco should go as far back as hurricane Irma. Can they account for all donations from the public?

    Management of Newsco should make a news worthy official statement urgently on this matter.

    The official press statement must include accountability for all publicly donated funds.

    Janice also collected money to purchase a special bed this was done on the Snake Pit, this to must be looked into.

    The statement must also include the vetting process of program hosts and guess.

    Albeit nothing is full proof but perception is the boss.

    Is this necessary? Does Newsco has the balls to do it? Will Newsco publish their findings? I know the woman is troubled already why add to her burden eh…..

  6. “KLEPTOMANIA is a complex disorder characterized by repeated, failed attempts to STOP STEALING. It is often seen in patients who are chemically dependent or who have a coexisting mood, anxiety, or eating disorder.”

  7. Wow- Is this the same person through Observer media who used to preach about integrity and Accountability???? WOW- Mask unveiled and it reveals a classic Kleptomaniac..Compulsive Thief.. Woman you need professional help or a de-hexing..

  8. Where is the bus that the Movement was to buy? It was to help certain ole ppl like the one who needed the bed… I guess that particular ole WISE person was not able to see through Jaunice. Who’s the idiotic woman now, Mrs. T? Shows when others speak, you should find the logic in their THOUGHTS. Go placidly, even ‘the dull & ignorant have something to say’!

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