Observation: God Does Not Live Here Anymore


Observation: God Does Not Live Here Anymore

St. John’s and its surrounding neighborhood have run God and commitment to goodness out of town, whereas the honest people of the countryside have decided to suffer but not yield to temptation.

The people who work their ground and feed the nation with their humble produce have stood their ground, demanding that honesty and goodness return to the consciousness and the hearts of our people.

This election has exposed that money can buy votes, because even if the U.S. $4Billion is not part of the money for buying votes, there has been enough chatter on the amounts given to purchase the votes of many in St. John’s and the surroundings.

The lands of our small island has assured many who do not look like us, encouraging them to open their purses, and more importantly to open up the coffers of their foreign homelands with loan generosity.

The arrival of the migrant Africans on several charter planes which originate in Europe, has caused a strange atmosphere of concern which is clearly being used as a distraction, while the cost of the enterprise will now attract US investigation.

These strange happenings gain us little respect in the region or Internationally, and will cost our nation reputation damage of high proportions, as we try to explain how and why Antigua got involved in this corrupt migrant transit en route to America.

The world is watching the movement of large amounts of hard currency between countries without the permits of monitory authorities, and, using their facilities, instead of ‘cash planes.’

It is most unlikely that the US is not interested in $4B (US) their money, planned to arrive in Antigua on a ‘cash plane.’

More importantly are the migrants, and their ominous charter plane, whose admissions confirm their ultimate destination as the US border via the Latin America trek.

Will these ‘happenings’ cause us to lose US visa and other courtesies? Will our banks come under further surveillance?

God really does not live here anymore!

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  1. Outstanding observations @ God doesn’t live here anymore. Yet, with all that you have highlighted, the ABLP still SCRAPED by with a victory. Baffling!

    All it says about us is that despite our personal and collective economic suffering(s), Antiguans still decided to choose the devil they know instead of a REAL political change of course.

    I understand that in general it’s human nature to stick with the status quo, but if it is detriment to your wellbeing – then change it!

    Sadly we failed the test (again), and none of us can EVER again complain about the lack of resources, equipment, finances and infrastructure being held back to all tax paying Antiguans.


    Again, congratulations to the ABLP, how you managed to pull this one off I’ll never know. Politricks at its best!

    • … Furthermore, the 18,000 plus eligible voters that decided not to turn up to vote have a lot to answer for, and giving Gaston Browne his mandate of more of the same.


      • @ Brixtonian
        Maybe God does live here. The UPP not winning the election may be God working in mysterious ways. Think about it, the country is broke and they won’t be able to pay the bills. When civil servants and pensioners can’t get paid, they will know who to blame. They will probably have to go to IMF. Could you imagine UPP taking over a bankrupt government and having to go to the IMF because they can’t pay the bills. The treasury is empty. Gaston will be exposed for what he is. He won’t be able to incur any more debt at will as he now has an opposition and not fourteen yes men.
        There will be a lot of problems coming and continuing. UPP is in a good place. They shouldn’t have to clean up Labour Party mess and have the hypocritical labour supporters blame UPP for their mess.

        • Excellent point @ Think about it.

          I have mentioned on many previous occasions that the way that the ABLP was spending the public funds in the run-up to the election was concerning, especially if the UPP had won.

          UPP would have needed at least 2 terms to rebalance the financial figures.

          I know I make joke about Gaston’s magical money tree, and how he was spending like there was no tomorrow. However, you are absolutely correct when you mention that the ABLP now have to sort out the economical mess that THEY alone have created.

          I agree that Gaston would have had his ready made excuses to blame the UPP for our economy not recovering as expected.


          Enjoy your day 🤜🤛

  2. I’m sure everyone has their own personal reasons for how and why they voted, but I think by and large the people made the right choice. The ABLP is currently the more capable party, but without enough oversight, there is some temptation towards financial corruption… allegedly. Having more opposition in Parliament should allow them to walk the straight and narrow as they continue to solve the nation’s problems. The UPP was not fully prepared for Primetime on their own. They now have the opportunity to get some much needed Parliamentary experience. The people have spoken and we now expect even better solutions than before. If not, well there’s always the third party.

  3. Ah now r u a notice, dem ting Yah kno!
    Most a de church and dem, dat preach and teach bout gad, forgiveness, Holy Ghost and Christlike, most a dem innah de same areas, dat u a describe! A wah dem, look n see, collect money, duty free, free ebrie ting and no do fart.
    A Lang Garling time, Tung and de surroundings a tun and a run so! Seen! Tap de hypocrisy!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  4. Antiguans are just blinded thats all blinded by money bags of money haded out to them,they are willing to accept bribery instead of looking out for the interedt of Antigua . Antigua deserves better than this but people are judt too low lifted. Its really unfortunate whats happening. I pray that every thing will unfold before their eyes but i doubt it will make a difference. I applaude the Barbudans for the stanď they have taken i really do.showing these politicians we will not be fooled no matter what. Now thats wisfom and integrity which i appreciate and admire. God bless you Barbuda.

    • Very good observations @Blondi, especially when you mention about how we aren’t looking out for the best interests for the country as a whole.

      I also agree on what you say about the Barbudan’s independent political stance. Which furthers my previous recognition on how the indigenous population wants to pursue change for themselves and the country – just like the courageous autochthonous electorate in the village of All Saints.

        • “… your comments are now relevant”. 😂😂😂

          Thanks for that @ Curious 👍 I always knew you were an ILLITERATE fool!!!

          The word you were looking for was IRRELEVANT you backward and nescient cretin.

          This explains why you can never string two words together – you nah born yah, Antiguans are intelligent …

  5. If God had forsaken us harld would be premier and Asot the deputy. We were spared that humiliation by the grace of God . We must now repent and redeem outselves. The Ax has cut Cabinet from 14 to 8

  6. GOD DNT LIVE HERE TRUE TRUE YOUR SO RIGHT!!!! imagine everyday Yu all get up talking bout politics straight like nothing else matters!!!! What about the mother of three girls three young girls who was rape by four men an stab an tied up an left for dead alyo mother C***t not talking about it but get up a tslk bout politics an how God dnt live here just because ABLB won why you UPP lost election!!!!! Take Yu all lost an sit down an drink water,so much happening around Antigua an you choose to talk about
    politics an who won…….it’s shame an disgrace

  7. You all won five seats an still complaining,you all so ungrateful!!!! So much things going on rather than to worry bout who won election

  8. Long time God for move he r&ss. Because YOU nuh get the results you want, you say people took money for votes and people in St. John’s nuh fear God? You’re narcissistic no wha to think that because people don’t act like how you want they are godless. You are calling people who voted for a person who took someone’s life upright??????!!! You and God fu gweh!!!

  9. The Good Book says “The powers that be are ordained by God.” It also says “God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.” So, although God seems to play a role in selecting leaders, it doesn’t actually say that He supports those He selects. He could allow a person at top for various reasons at different points in History. God selected Herod. Herod had Jesus killed. It was a part of God’s plan. Doesn’t mean God was on Herod’s side…

  10. Shouldn’t judge voters’ morals for their choices. They voted based on whatever information they had or believed. There are questionable characters in all the major parties. The allegations against a couple of UPP characters are worse than those against some from the ABLP. I would not knowingly vote for someone who I was 100% certain did something wrong. Perhaps strong Christian men should offer themselves up as candidates to give the electorate better options. But, there are no perfect Christians either…

  11. Really sour grapes. The people of this nation continue to choose the ABLP but with some reservations. Lessons need to be learnt from this all. One thing about ABLP is we are a learning institution and will come back even stronger, come next election. Now we have broken the record in terms of GB being the first PM to serve 3 terms, next record to break will be consecutive time in office as a party. The great public service we performed by retiring Harold Lovell as a loser (he has won 2 out of 9), will be remembered by generations to come

  12. time and again this upp news agency writes crap influencing ignorance … whatever you people say the fact is ; THE LABOUR PARTY BUILT THIS COUNTRY,, WHAT DID THE UPP DO BUT BANKRUPT US AND EMPTY THE TREASURY ??

  13. Party minded can often times blind an individual. UPP didn’t bankrupt the the country your mind is bankrupt for lack of knowledge listening to what you have been told without thinking for yourself. You all keep playing the same record IMF but don’t see all the other loans we are in because of this leader. The same CIP that generate revenue was started under UPP, you need to be honest and stop following and believing everything you hear.

  14. So because alp win the election God abandon Antigua? Are you for real? Its quiet clear from the low voter turn out people really don’t give a f*** about the politics here. If people really wanted a change there would have been a massive voter turn out like in 2004 and 2014. People are over both parties cause they are all the same.

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