Nursing council breaks silence on poor treatment video


The Antigua & Barbuda Nursing Council has released a statement in response to a video by a colleague who is claiming mistreatment and unprofessionalism.

After days of silence on the issue, the nursing council says it does not condone poor delivery of service to anyone.

The council says it also regrets how people have been condemning the type of care delivered by members.

It insists that the vast majority of nurses are trying to do the best they can.

The body says the condemnation of the profession on social media can have far-reaching implications for the health sector.

Watch the full video below.

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  1. I really hope that is not the full statement. That is not addressing the issue at all. The end sounds as though they want people to lie or keep quiet about the type of service they receive. Poor treatment equal poor reviews. If the top slack the bottom cannot be tight. We accept mediocre treatment to much with no accountability.

  2. That is not good enough. The number of negative comments indicate there is obviously a problem which needs to be addressed by those in authority. It’s about time we start speaking out. MSJMC needs an overhaul, that is our hospital we should not be fearful of going there……..

  3. Fix the problem now!!! It will definitely have more far-reaching effect on health-care if this is swept under the carpet. Quodos to Ms. Gillead for highlighting the mistreatment at MSJMC and making it viral to the entire nation of Antigua and Barbuda and abroad!!!

  4. That can’t be the full statement! The public need to know that going forward we can and will get better treatment. We need to know that proper supervision will be done! We need to know that disciplinary actions will apply were applicable! We need to know that our tax paying money is being paid where deserved! We need to know that our nurses and doctors are PLEASED to make us well! WE NEED TO KNOW!

    So nursing council please come better than that and TELL US!

  5. Nursing council says “please don’t make us look bad on social media”.
    What a joke!
    If you want to have good name, do better!
    The system is broken but the stinking attitude of the hospital staff (a lot of the doctors and admin dem awful too) is only making things worse. Do better!

  6. As far as I can see, this lady has a problem with foreigners. There are nurses who are born here who give bad treatment as well. Likewise, there are some foreign nurses especially Dominicans who are so nice. I hate it when people judge or classify people based on their nationality. As a professional who have so Mich love for your profession and country, media should have been you ur last resort. You should have gone to the council first but instead you acted unprofessional juat as the nurse who acted professional towards you. But then again. You knew what you went through so I won’t judge because there are unprofessional nurses wherever you go. Im a foreigner an I have love for humanity no matter where they come from.

    • It’s not about foreigners I have been to the hospital and there have been excellent nursing and attendance offered…..we have to get up and be consistent she got poor service poor treatment until they realize they need to shape up foreigner or local then we are in the same mess soon again consistentsy is key we demand proper treatment no less

    • Hmmmm, interesting that your comment should be “this woman has a problem with foreigners “….. Have you listened to what her statement is? Im a proud Caribbean National and I hear her speaking about Profession and its short comings….. If more of us would stand up and do the jobs they are getting paid for we would be better off as a country…… If you have no love for your profession then you’re in the wrong profession……. Have a wonderful day and I pray you never have to experience this type of treatment

    • This has nothing to do with foreigners…. This offensive nurse was a Dominican. Ms Gilead also admitted that she had nothing against foreigners. Please do not lose sight of her point. She was disheartened by the poor care given by a. nurse.

  7. I see no apology here, no “we’re going to investigate this matter, what I see is excuses. this has been going on for far too long but most people tend to keep quiet. Now a member of the same profession have brought it to the fore, her colleagues seem to be making light of this situation making

  8. First of all I must say that there are some nurses that do not have no love for humanity but there are some who are extremely loving and caring. But to classify all foreigners in one bracket is really unfair. From listening to this vedio I can say that this lady has something against foreigners. There are some foreign nurses who do their job exceptionally well while some who are born here give the worse care. Categorising people based on their nationality is wrong. As a professional u should have handled the situation better than that. You know there is the council that you should have spoken to first before running on social media. It clearly depecits that you are no better than the unprofessional nurse who attended to you. If you so love your profession as you stated, you should not help to bring it down. And I can say that I am one of the foreigners that love humanity and treat everyone equally and with respect no matter their background.

  9. With a response like this from the council god knows how serious they would have taken her… I agree the foreign remarks were off… but everything else is truth.. sometimes you have to make an example of people for them to get it … going on social media is unprofessional yeah ??? people LIVES are at risk .. I’m tired of ppl playing wary with ppl life.. this is a very serious matter that the council needs to take more seriously… FOH with this take it to the council bs this has been going on for too long.. I’m pretty sure others have complained it’s getting worse not better…

  10. Experiencing a great nurse is like finding a diamond in the rough here… thanks for exposing them and thank god for social media to bring awareness rather than going to the council who will cover up and sweep it under the rug and now wanna play defence and cry foul for being exposed in a manner not benefical to them. Its as if they want us to reward bad behavior and give them a pass because they in the business of saving lives with little resources. If your heart not in it…get out because you will always feel as if you’re being over worked and under paid and your attitude will reflect as such. Nursing is not about collecting a check and resources may be minimal however ….PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGET HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL.

  11. You choose the wrong forum to display your antics and display accusations at your own profession. Everybody knows how problematic and mouthy you are and how you can be an all out vagabond.
    Why did you have to just put your fellow nurses under the bus? You have admitted that you love people’s business and you can be out of character so why should anyone believe your comments.
    I blame the nurses in question for not documenting your behaviour in writing and ask her colleagues to do the same and hand it over to their shift sister or whoever supervisor that was on duty.
    You have brought our health care facility and nursing care under endless unwanted and unfounded scrutiny. Shame on you to call yourself a nurse Josette and even speaking about your monthly cycle to seek sympathy.
    I’m so disgusted at supposedly professionals like you. AUA needs to look at your mannerism and your whole conduct with this video. The devil did send you and that threat you made about “AH GOING DUN YUH” Should be reported to the police by the nurse(s) in question. You threaten a public service official within the line of their duty Josette and u know that.
    You have slandered the system and the young lady and if I were her I’d be looking into proceeding with legal action Against you. However you are a epic disgrace of a nurse bringing down the profession.

    Celebrate your 9days of uncalled for fame it soon done.

    • Oh please… You know that the young lady is telling the truth now you want to put her on blast.. Stop picking up for your friend!!! You’ll wanna hide what is going on up there!!! She should have documented her ordeal. If it’s facebook she has to come to make it public so what, facebook is everyone’s forum. Antigua News Room , Observer News and so many news outlet use facebook, why can’t she??

      • Agreed!
        Any forum that is chosen to OUT the problem is personal choice. The lady in question was a patient experiencing life in the flip side of the coin. Why should she not be free to speak out about her experience.

    • Who feels it knows….. I pray you’re never on the end of this type of treatment…… Say what you want, she’s brave enough to stand up and speak out about what the GENERAL PUBLIC Have been experiencing for yrs….. Thank you Ms Gillead, its on time and the honest truth…

  12. I hate msjmc the nurses are like demons… noooo sort of empathy… if I had to share the numerous insults,pain and unprofessionalism I have received up there. It’s sad. I have made up my mind to go private or travel within the region for health care.. the torture you receive up there is intolerable..Everything this passionate nurse in the video related we’re facts. Only Jesus can fix this.

  13. I don’t know how you was so sick and remember all what took place. is Satan riding your backside. and long time me here you na like foreigners . you don’t sound like a patient, your sound like a damnn preacher all you need to a bible is r like abss news you reading. stop discriminating the nurses. I had been at the hospital several times and yes miss Harris had already dealt with me and was a good experience. miss Harris should have put an injection in your baxcid your very nosy nurse to and just run your mouth blah blah blah. you did not have to take this matter in media you look like a damn soucoyant!!!!

  14. To the nursing council and MSJMC, stop playing politics. You know that people have been complaining about the service and care received at MSJMC for a very long time, but everybody seems to tag these incidences as lies. Was it a lie when the HON Ascot Michael came up there earlier this week cursing about the service and care given to the asthma patient??? Or was it just a coincidence. Cover that up now, because I was there and saw it all.

    • You speak the truth! Observer paper ran an article over 2 separate days which I reported with photographic evidence in January 2016 about the state of affairs personally experienced/witnessed.
      It’s high time the cover up ends. It’s not political it’s reality and everybody knows that not all nursing staff give poor care and have had attitude. The rotten apples spoil the batch!

  15. I would like to take this opportunity to commend the ER nurses who:
    1)Work double shifts because the hospital is short staffed.
    2) Risk developing urinary tract infections because they put their patients above themselves and skip bathroom breaks. 3)Are dehydrated because they don’t get a break to take a sip of water.
    4)Have swollen feet due to standing all day serving their communities.
    5)Are sleep deprived, toiling though the night saving lives.
    6)Endure physical and verbal abuse from the patients they render care to.
    7)Endure an entire shift without a meal.
    8) Chose to stay in the hospital when many chose to leave.
    9) Improvise when supplies are running low.
    10) Use their low income to fund their own education, acquiring greater knowledge and new skills to elevate third profession.
    I see you, I love you, and I will continue to support you.

    • The good nurses have to endure all you mentioned because there are to many in the service who are not contributing anything. They care more for the pay cheque than saving lives and that’s the reality. Bad nursing has been an issue in Antigua for years but no one has publicly addressed it like this.

    • I find this person is comments are lame and I would want to believe you are a nurse. Upon becoming a nurse you have taken an oath to protect and serve. Standing on you feet, taking out urinary Tracy’s, being away from families, taking the rrrrrssssss, and ffffffssss from some disgruntled clients, sometimes being so busy, you for get to eat are some of the requirements of the job. Thier is no way in hell though you can tell me that a nurse becomes dehydrated because that person didn’t get a chance not even sip a drink, bull shit. A committed nurse would tell you you are talking foolishness. Ask Nurse Southwell, Delabastide, Sealy, Sister Carty, all the older nurses they would tell you. A trainy nurse put a tube down a patient nose one time, and nurse Gretlyn from willikies passed and observed the discomfort of the patient. I saw the nurse return with a cotton swab, wet it and inserted the tube. The gentle man said thank you and went fast asleep. Kudos to the nurses that don’t look at their small paycheck, but feels that joyous feeling of seeing their patient live to see another day.

      • All of those things mentioned are not a situation a human should be subjected to on a daily basis. Those are side effects of limited resources and love for your vocation. MSJMC has some excelent nurses. I see them, I love them and I will continue to support them.

  16. Although eloquently explained. This is a problem with foreign nurses and it sad that is what stands out. The Antiguan nurses are just as rude and unprofessional. My question where was the head nurse and what will be the change because I am born here but after hearing this lady speak, as a foreigner I would be very uncomfortable having her treat me.

  17. This has nothing to do with whether you from Antigua or not MSJMC is exactly what she said it is there are good nurses and it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. SPEAK Jose the Speak the truth. We need a thorough investigation calling on the Minister of Health they need to do a course in customer service.

  18. I have been to the hospital o. 3 occasions since that wonderful building has been opened. I have had to wait 2 hours on one occasion when a gentleman that we would say no have nobody and the treatment by a nurse was very inhumane. I had to shake my head. At casualty where I think sympathy towards anyone gracing the entrance would be on the paramount is very much lacking. The nurses turn their nose up, they act as though you have a disease, some are down right rude. I have sat and see persons get through just because they they someone at the back, with that I get up and ask questions y. Kudos to the nurse who have taken another stand after all this is not the first complaint, it just that its from a colleague. Like she stated quality health care is for alllllll,.and its up to nurses to assist with our complaints. Good morninv , how do you do goes’ a long way.

  19. Fire people who don’t do their jobs..When was the last you anyone in the government sector got fired.
    Nothing is going to come of this nurse
    That nurse will still be there years to come with the others like her.
    When they do bad we will take to social media

  20. Remember the same profession you bringing down is the same profession that saved your damn life. Nurses needs to beware of horrible mouthy trouble makers and document the things they do while in their care because it’s a safety method to protecting themselves.
    Some of us patients can be so irrational we even abuse th ambulance system just to get through.

    I hope that you his is a wake up call yo all nurses to realise that protecting yourself being vilified by society especially when y’all work so hard and is under paid comparing to what doctors make and the same doctors don’t know a thing unless y’all teach them.
    Not even the dead that this mortician person deals with feels comfortable because of how she is.

  21. Jay R. Sounds like you know who Josette is, lol. She lube fu chat and mek trouble. I wonder why she did not take it to Nursing Board first, instead of Facebook. That was more unprofessional. It does seem that she have a problem with foreigners, but her mother and sister are foreigners in America and she say she have a Green Card. She better mind them no tek way she Green Card, lol.

  22. The situation needs to be addressed and is not new news. December 2015-January 2016 my uncle and cousin were hospitalised at MSJMC and I personally experienced the poor standards of care by some nursing staff and the overall poor standards of hygiene within the hospital wards/bays. When family members asked nursing staff for assistance to ease my uncle up in the bed so they could clean him and the nurse’s reply was “fun me back at that me” and walked off. On another occasion when family some with nursing staff that the patient was soiled and even the bedding needed changing the reply was “that’s why they have extended visiting house so family can come and look after the patient”. On another ward the bed sheet was being used in a string up fashion as a curtain, ward/bay bins were used for all types of waste, no sanitizing facility in the bay where several patients are awarded and nursing staff going from one patient without cleaning their hands. Sheets thrown in the floor during bed changes, staff going to other bags to strip sheets from unused beds and bring back to change the bed.
    I took to reporting the incidents to the local press and provided photographic evidence to support my report. The Observer ran the story over 2 days but the other daily never even mentioned it!
    Mr Percival when asked to comment on the situation and points mentioned in my report by Observer editor stated that he had met with the family and the matters raised had been discussed and the situation resolved. I stated then and it was published in the follow-up article that neither I nor any members of my family had been contacted by Mr Percival and no such meeting had taken place either.
    The articles can be found on archived copies of the observer paper, and I can personally state that the first day the story ran “the paper sell out” as word spread about the article.
    So come on folks, the nurse in question was just another patient experiencing what all other patients do on a daily basis at MSJMC.
    Those persons in administration at the hospital responsible for nursing staff, cleaning, patient care and the related Ministry of Health need to take a serious approach to the overall state of affairs at MSJMC.

  23. This is what should be done:
    An investigation into all the complaints stated after what the nurse posted.
    Look at the comments…OMG.
    This reach all the way in a staff meeting at a hospital in NY.
    The head of the Ministry needs to call a meeting with all staff….everyone involved in care.
    Have a forum also with both parties involved.
    Now the truth is if the top slack the bottom and middle can’t be tight.
    I am extremely uneasy to go to MSJMC myself.
    I was accidentally given another patients medication when I had surgery.
    I reported the matter to nurse Jno Baptiste and she shrugged it off and said the nurse is human and was probably tired.
    What a thing!!!!!
    What a thing for a head to say.
    Nothing becomes of matters that are reported that is why the nurse took to social media.
    It is sad very sad.
    The hospital needs a overhaul.
    This attitude is disgusting,disgraceful and causes unease.
    It needs to be nipped in the bud!
    Then again is it too late?
    This only got response because it was from a fellow nurse and it has reached all around the world.
    There is only one public hospital in Antigua and we ought to be scared to go there as nothing is done when it comes to compaints.
    Oh yes let me not forget….if you as as a patient go there and you complain you get the attitude from the nurses and also you are not going to be attended to in a professional manner…or your placed on the back burner.
    People are afraid of retaliation when complaints are made.
    It is the bloody truth!
    The truth always remains the truth.
    May God help us all because if the top slack the middle and bottom can’t be tight.

  24. Mr Minister Joseph fix this fast. Dont cover it up. Investigate, discipline make and example of poor treatment and service.
    Hold them responsible for there actions. Nurses, like any other work place if it is too much for you find a next job and stop complaining

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