Nurses want stronger effort to end nurse migration

Soria Dupie Winston Photo for Honours

Nurses Association Labour Day Message:

Fellow labour unionist, colleagues in the nursing profession, and all workers in Antigua and Barbuda, I deem it a privilege and an honour to celebrate with you Labour Day 2021.


As our country faces challenging times and we learn how to cope and function within the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic, the front-line workers, our nurses, as well as other healthcare workers, continue to labour tirelessly and sacrifice for love of humanity and country.


Moreover, nurses in Antigua and Barbuda continue to function in a pivotal role at all levels of the healthcare spectrum, in order to mitigate against the effects of this dreadful pandemic that threaten our daily lives and sources of existence.


This indeed was driven home when our fraternity was dealt a hardblow when one of our fellow colleagues became a casualty of COVID-19 while being in active duty.


To this end, as we celebrate Labour Day 2021, the Antigua and Barbuda Nurses Association is looking forward to seeing our government come to the realisation and recognition of the invaluable and selfless contribution that nurses have made and continue to make towards national health and safety.


Firstly, we look forward to our government showing gratitude for the invaluable services rendered, and justly rewarding such service.


Secondly, today, celebrated as workers’ day, we call on our government for support in seeking and implementing innovative ways to retain our most skilled and valuable nurses, to ensure that the healthcare facilities and services in Antigua and Barbuda can meet the healthcare needs of the populace.


Finally, we also call on our government to ensure that the working environment in which nurses and other healthcare providers work are maintained and fully equipped with the necessary tools and equipment needed to provide the best quality of healthcare services.


In conclusion, I take this opportunity to salute all nurses and nursing personnel in Antigua and Barbuda, the Caribbean and the world.


The sacrifice, love and care that has been exhibited, especially during this global pandemic, is exemplary and commendable.


I encourage you to continue fighting the good fight; I encourage you to continue running the race; and, most importantly, I encourage you to remain faithful to the great and noble profession of nursing. I conclude by wishing all workers in Antigua and Barbuda a Happy Labour Day!

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  1. Oh you resurface now. Your antivax fame has run out so you want to be in the lime light again…poooh

    • The good lady was reacting to the action of the coward. The coward is the Prime Minister who got the best vaccination for himself and took it when nobody was looking. Remember. You yourself didn’t believe.
      Maybe you could see where all the hesitancy with the vaccines started. It started with the coward called the Prime Minister.

  2. Your nurses have not take the vaccine so you don’t have to worry about migration as no country would want them.

  3. work on your unprofessional attitude, lack of compassion, basic human decency, empathy and bedside manners while you´re at it too. SOME -not all-of you are an embarassment to your profession. Haggish, piggish and no respect and dignity towards the patient.

  4. Nurse I agree that we need to stop the migration of our nurses. We spend our taxes to train them and then this. I also agree that the attitude of most of our nurses leave much to be desired. An encounter with some a dem add to yu ailment. We love them but it is time enough that we see some improvement in customer care and service.

  5. LOL yeah blame the nurses . what you complaing about with the nurses is a island wide national problem . When I visit Àntigua what i encounter is an embarassment when it comes to customer service make no mistake that profession is a strong form of that . When you go out for dinner , supermarket ect it slaps you in the face with their rude , arrogant and and sometimes downright disrespectful attitude .

  6. Why are Nurses migrating? Why would any sets of persons Migrate? Life conditions in their Country is one of the reasons. Poorly structured working conditions,like the lacking in promotions. The chances of making a much better salary doing those same responsibilities in a larger world. Many of you would say the Nurses are unfriendly. However, friendliness is a two way street. We as patients need to be friendlier towards those Nurses without any preconceived notions. After all,those Nurses are Humans like all of us. Treat them with the respects they deserve. Perhaps then and only then we would see a vast difference in their attitudes.

    • oh please! Stop makin excuses for their SHITTY BEHAVIOUR. You must be one of them. The patient could be friendly like Mother Teresa, E nah change de fak dat the nurses behaviour need drastic IMPROVEMENT.

      You think a fast food employee nah know how fu deal with unfriendly customers. Wah you point be

      • No excuse is been made This is why attitudes will ever change in Àntigua because of Knuckle heads like you . Fast food , Hospital , Supermarket anywhere you go in Àntigua you run in to similar behavior it’s more pronunce because it’s a hospital . Maybe your bar is low.

      • @HMMMMMM: My late mother was hospitalized in the USA.I went to visit her from out of State every weekend. I had conversations with those attending to her. Both Doctors and Nurses. They did tell me. They wished all of their patients were like my Mom.I enquired,how so.They did say,she never gave them any issues at all. She in return spoke very highly to me of them and their treatment of her.That is why. I did speak of that two way street.Did you get it?

  7. Ask Ava Charles-McKenzie a.k.a “Sassy” about her experience at the hospital with a certain well-known nurse. Even the male orderly could not understand why the Nurse was being so INHUMANE to a helpless patient.

  8. Yep customer service need one overhaul in Antigua. But inna me brain a tickle fu ask dis ⁉️❓ Is it at all possible that the local nurses ha one difficulty wid management. Nurse Winston if you go a yu birth country an the head a de hospital and couple a the other heads come from one nudda country you nar go want fu jump ship??? Just asking. I have not one thing against foreign people but me have one problem when d powers dat be put dem picknie as servant and plenty a dem foreign boss na nice. Dem pressure the Antiguans and mek way fu dem own people. Dem all to have flying fish people in a de hospital and local trained people can’t get no work in dey. You can go flying fish country and work? Think again. So Dupie if you want talk fu the nurses tell the Minister a health put dem back inna first place.

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